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I love Instagram funny posts on pics, bios and videos.... There are hilarious IG photos there that know what I'm thinking and feeling, like they have a direct line to my brain. And post the things I can't... It's a little weird sometimes.... Is it weird or not that I follow my principal on instagram? Today I Just found out our principal has an instagram! What do you think about the rumor that Instagram is dying? I think they were saying that for two years. I think they'll say that for at least two more years. I also think that what they're really saying is teenagers don't use it anymore, and I think that's fine.

Funny Instagram Pics slideshow!

funny Instagram Pics

Cupcakes and friends party, all I want for my diet plan

Everyday I do it regularly

A no makeup Instagram beauty

I am so awesome

Kids are always right

I love my hairstyle, is it funny?

Can you see me?

Yes it's OK to shine

So what are your grades?

All right stay insane

We are so cute

Every time I go to the book store

Sorry teacher!

Draw me clearly!

You can also buy fake instagram followers to make yourself look more famous than you are. And you can buy fake Facebook accounts to comment on your sponsored ad posts. Next time you see an ad for one of those insipid "obstacle race" companies and the comments are all from cute girls that all look like Snooki making the duck face in their avatars saying "hey ____ let's do this" and al their photos are of people partaking in extreme-light activities... Those are fake accounts pumping a company. Nothing you see in advertising is real. Lady Gaga asked her fans to click a link that leads to a "playlists" that plays "applause" 100 times in a row. Then they could just walk away from the computer and the song would record 100 views of the video which is how it got to half a million views in a few hours.
Nops, life is like a drama!

I can'y bear your love!

I am number One

Zoombie attack on Instagram

Live a happy life

Yes I am beautiful

A great funny Monday quote

Please stop, lol!

time to run!

I don't have a cat too!

Describe your hair using a movie name

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A decade or two ago, you'd have to spend money on ads to get listeners to buy albums and get billboard numbers up. It's so much easier to just take the listener out of the equation and buy numbers. It's marketing. People care about views like currency so the people who can manipulate that perception will. Much worse is happening elsewhere. And anyone who expects marketing to be upfront and honest is deluded. Why are we surprised a place like Instagram isn't the bastion of honor and truth in the world? Has anyone ever read the comments section of these funny picture posts on the Instagram? You know what is really weird about instagram and Facebook and all this technology is how you can look back at photos and knows you were doing well and then everything went south.
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