Granddaughter Poems for Birthday Wishes

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A grandchildren birthday is a pleasant feeling both for a grandpa and a grandmother, as a grandpa, playing with my granddaughter makes me feel better about every bad thing in my life when I am playing with her, I just go to a another place that makes me forget everything and everyone around me when ever I feel bad or I am upset about something. I just put on some music and call my sweet baby girl and I go to work by the time I forget what I was upset about I have a great granddaughter. I love you baby. Keep your chin up and that adorable smile on your face. You're amazing and you know it. I love you so much and I can't show you enough every day. I'm so grateful to have you in my life. You're my world. Life's too short for unhappiness.

Today's we are celebrating our granddaughter birthday, she is a very special person. Amusingly, if you asked me to tell you what is special about her, I wouldn't know what exactly to say? But there is just something special about her. Though, I have not had more than 2 or 3 lines of chat with her everyday, and I have not even met her more than once in a week in real life. In as much as I write poetry to improve on my creativity, and this poem is specially written for her, I still insist that she is indeed a special person.
Granddaughter  Birthday Poems

Granddaughter Poems for Birthday Wishes!

An innocent smile on innocent face
There are many smiles stay on your face
Some hallowed some swallowed play on your face
Some rolling and wallowed suits on your face
Some prejudice compiled fits on your face
Yes there are many smiles I love to see on your face
Fraudulence obtained, sometime complete drain
We have to think a while, there are many smiles
Artificial and quite crazy, full with art of hypocrisy
In which world is so fertile, there are many smiles.
Shocking and freezing, only for teasing
Very harsh and very dry, merciless to make you cry,
Every day in new style, there are many smiles.
But I am looking for, an innocent guitar,
For your birthday, all gifts are so small
An innocent princess, an innocent smile
Happy 21st birthday

I love you grand princess
For the coming day all I want is....
For us to be happy with each other,
It doesn't matter where and what,
I’ll be happy even if we waste the whole day
You play crazy stuff in my presence, just you and me,
At least we were together, no matter why
For us to forget the world around
Create memories and grow old together.
This I promise only for you
Roses are red ‎violets are blue
I’ll never love someone the way I love you
Happy 2nd birthday my love

This baby girl is the reason I smile
The reason I trust
The reason I love
The reason I always have strength to face a new day
The reason I am proud of who I am
The reason I have someone who believe in me
The reason I forget the past and focus on the future
The reason I have someone I can call my own
The reason I am no longer a second option
The reason I am not afraid of my loneliness
The reason I am healed in each and every pain I had in the past
You are my girl and my reason to breath
Happy 3rd birthday sweetie

Let my words warm your heart
Just like the sun treats the earth
I want you to ignore the rhymes
Even if you don't, it isn't a crime
Birthdays, like the letter E
Comes once in a year
Firm, like "E" in the middle of a sea
Whispers a new age in your ears
Promise me today
As my Pen bears witness
That you'll smile everyday
As I wish you a life without sickness

You are beautiful
Just like the taste of a stale soup,
Your past has lost its taste
Empty your cup from same old juice
Let in a fine new wine, new ideas
If you ever get pregnant anytime
Pregnant with quadruplets of great ideas
Nine month is too long a time to deliver
A forced labor is no good either
Shake off the traces of past regrets
Sweep off the pieces of broken promises
Don't litter your life with promises broken
For they can hurt, just like broken bottles
If thoughts were errand boys
They should be weak and weary by now
For through them, I send you good wishes always
For I love you beyond my poems can express
Happy 11th birthday

One thousand words
Is never ever enough
To tell the whole world
How much you worth
Your beauty begins
From the loving smiles
That graces your face
And the golden words
That blazes your lips
One thousand words
Is just but a sentence
To tell of your worth
Happy Birthday to my adorable granddaughter
Happy 20th birthday

I shall hunt for your love
Beneath the wind that is lost
I shall embrace you until you grow cold
The sun will die and we will go home to feast...

I shall walk slowly but steadily
Into the bosom of your soul
We shall harmonize the melodies
Of lonely birds that coo
The sun will die and we will rest in peace...

I shall wander into the bizarre night
I shall sing a kind of silent lullaby,
Then you'll suck my love until you fall.
But today will be a page in the history book...

We shall disobey the world
When we sit outside the birthday party
Listening to stories told by the moonlight...
You and I alone sweet pie!

I will dance for you
Until the earth kiss the skies
Roses become violets and sky blues
And her feet, dance in reverse
Mountains start flying to stars
Until the rivers flow backwards
And seas, wail with thirst
Until the sun awakes at dusk
And the night embraces the dawn
I'll dance for you
Happy birthday my lovely granddaughter

You are my perfect gift
I think I found a perfect baby girl
The achievement award for my whole life
Who makes my life complete
Ever since the day I found her
She’s all that I dream
No other so lovely I never seen such a face
That is no words that can explain
The feeling she gives me every time when
She smiles and I look in her eyes
I feel in love with a beautiful girl
Since she came in my life I just locked
The door of my know why?
Because with her I have everything
I ever thought I want in a girl
Happy birthday 6th birthday my baby girl

A birthday poem for my granddaughter
Love is like, the union of two red seas
Far beyond what our blurred eyes sees
Time has come again
To litter the corners of your heart
With scribbled lines of passion
Rid your heart of its emptiness
For I shall etch on it, lines of love
That time in its arrogance, cannot erase
It was you that troubled rivers,
And made them forget their source
Your glowing shadow, led the gods astray
I heard how the world by you, was lit
Long before you were born into it
Your first breath reeked of wealth
They spoke of your soft heart
Softer than the softest of velvet's
I soon, shall live and own it alone
And all the wishes I have for you,
Shall be whispered through my thoughts
For you have within me, built a home
Happy 18th birthday

My heart told your heart
It had a parking space
And luckily yours
Was in search of a garage
My heart knew your heart
Loves taking walks at night too
And slyly beat the lane
Of your favorite stroll
Our hearts love same colors
And while looking for rainbows
We found each other that way
It was because both our hearts
Love sunshine best
And always whispered
To summer to stay
Your heart sent my heart
A secret message
And mine deciphered the code:
'I have been waiting for you, let's go love'
When it comes to matters as this
There are no reasons.
Just maybe...
Hearts just know.

Have I told you yet...?
How much you mean to me...
Have I told you yet...?
How much happiness you bring...
Have I told you yet...?
That you mean the world to me...
Just in case I happen...
I want you to know that
You’re the best that's happened to me

There is a world we can't control and our grand kids are belonging to that awesome world. It comes to us in waves and it whisks us forever immortally. There it is and in one opened eye it vanishes. Swirls of color guide us through the unknown making it ours. When you love someone truly, let petty pride and die hard principles die a painful death. Love is just another name for empathy, compromise and trust. The dreams that have found us, there is the beauty that lies dormant and forgotten. Beauty; it is what our dreams bring us. Today is granddaughter’s birthday. I wish I could write something better than this for her; but I'm feeling very low on muse.
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