Funny Congratulation Messages for New Baby

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These welcome baby quotes and congratulation messages for newborn babies are little funny, naughty and joyful, so feel free to post these newborn sayings on their parents Facebook statuses.  Welcome new life by these newborn captions on the Instagram, update your Whatsapp status with a new baby girl or baby boy greetings, or text these funny words for baby cards. I do believe parents need to play a role in their child's appearance if they want to avoid the consequences that go along with following the crowd. At the end of the day, if we as parents allow our children to dress in a manner that feeds into stereotypes; can we continue to pretend that ignoring the obvious will somehow negate its effect? If you know it's a stereotype, why do you allow your children follow it? I.e. sagging or wearing hats. This is the manner the media chooses to portray criminals whether young and black or white. We need to be more accountable to our children. They need to understand they first impressions mean a lot.
Funny new baby wishes

Funny Congratulation Quotes for New Baby

 A little bit of heaven just came down to earth. Every time a baby has born flower smiles, the rainbow dance and a new star of hope lights up the skies.

Words cannot express how happy I am for the two of you. She is so beautiful and perfect, a true blessing from God. The best time of your life is about to begin.

Attention new dad and mom, it’s time to schedule your night duties for the next three years, anyways congrats a lot since the arrival of new baby flowers in your garden.

Kids are the future of the world. So why not allow all the flowers and butterflies to welcome this cute baby. Your baby girl is beautiful, and she will be the joy of your life. All my best wishes!

Welcome to the world, welcome to existence! Finally, she's here Congratulations to my brother you're a dad now and I am an uncle.

Why can't newborns stay newborn for longer?

Newborn is a joy, love of life and a big concern.  Heartily wish you to enjoy her with care.
First newborn baby girl is like a Lilly flower blossom in the heart of a vast desert; let’s grow this little flower with love and care. Welcomes to the word baby, May God bless you always.

Family and friends, Ii am so happy to tell you that on 28th at around 21:45 our baby boy finally showed up! Thank you for all the love, prayers and support. We cannot stop staring at him.

I'm just not really sure why my daughter is so wide awake at 4 am, but she's so darn cute and we can't stop laughing at each other. Now this episode of happiness is just arrived at your home too, so congrats for becoming a parent.

What a Beautiful tribute to your son. A million congratulations to your new found joy in motherhood dear and May God bless you both on this new path of life.

So there's this new study proving that birth of 5th baby relieves stress which is true but if you take a few breaths and relax your face at the same time it works just as we'll.

You most likely won't remember the words that were said, but you'll always remember the way that you felt, I am so happy for the loveliest moment of your life.

There's nothing quite like opening a can of formula in the middle of the night and having it explode in your newborn baby face then waking up to find formula powder in your ear and coating your hair.
Congrats a lot on the appearance of your very first baby girl in your lap, hope you will happily ready to clean her diapers and bear her night crying.

You will love when people tell you; you look like a new mom. In all reality, that means misshapen and exhausted looking beyond recognition.

New Baby Funny Congratulation Sample Messages:

I must admit the most favorites, memorable, lovable, neatest, and best, mommy moments are when my sweet child is snuggled up on my chest fast asleep like she was still in my belly and were so close, she's a part of me still.

May God shower His blessings through this baby to his family and all the children of Adam! I Pray that he grows up to become an honest, noble, educated, humble and of good heart. May God fill true happiness and true knowledge in the heart of this little flower!

I disagree with common core math as a prominent teaching method. I believe that it is an interesting tactic to attempt children and parents (who can't seem to think differently) in an alternative way and aren't but we always trying to stimulate the brain.

A new baby is like a great opening of a world of happiness, full of cuteness, smiles, love and joy. Welcome to our world. We love you so much and we are happy that you came into our life.

After a week of long wait finally this was the day that brought me into tears of happiness. This should also be the day that I should thank you for our love bond forever. You know how happy I am because God sent me another angel to keep me company. I love you baby red.

Sorry, I cannot post a congratulation card on the arrival of your cute little angel; let me fill up your Facebook timeline with beautiful photos of diapers, toys, baby songs and poems. God bless you all with utmost happiness. Congratulations, now you become grandparents in the first try.

It’s most likely that the reason babies like vinegar salt citrus or spicy is because it makes the taste of milk sweeter and any good mother knows you shouldn't give a child sugar until about a year so by introducing these parts of the tongue you are introducing natural sugars, not over processed candy. I am just saying, congrats a lot for your first baby girl.

What To Say In A Congratulation Cards For A Newborn Baby:

My newborn sister who decided she didn't want to fall asleep until mom did is now spread eagle in the middle of the bed. Looks like dads sleeping in the crib when he gets home from work, congrats mom and dad for bringing such a lovely angel into our family.

I'm just not really sure how a family can neglect the newest and most adorable member and expect us to still want to see them. Sometimes family doesn't understand the joy in our hearts is ours and sometimes you just need to focus on you and yours.

So completely true, how children should be raised: you get a toy box and a dresser when it gets too full you give away something to someone less fortunate.

Words can't express how happy I am for you. She is just adorable and looking ready to tease you 24/7.

Welcome to our world baby boy of my only brother, I wish you all the happiness, health, love, and peace. Enjoy your new world with your lovely family. My message to your arrival is a bit long, but you deserve it, know it by now on. You are, also, very beautiful. Be happy and enjoy life!

To the new mom and dad, my family congratulate you on the new arrival of your baby girl. May God bless your family with love, health, and happiness in your shared life ahead!

You don't have to teach your children Spanish because they live in America instead my child's learning sign language Italian and Portuguese.

You will love when you find pacifiers in your pockets, rattles under your pillows and burp clothes mixed in the sheets yes your kid has full reign of this house. Congratulation for becoming an honorable parent of your second child.

I wish Baby Girl would stop being a rolly Polly in her sleep not only does it send me Into cardiac arrest when I find her on her face but she doesn't sleep through the night since she's learned to roll over my belly.

A little girl needs a lot of little things: like, dad’s new iPhone, mama’s iPod, grandparent’s artificial teeth, sibling’s toys, and a brand new camera for Instagram selfies.

I'm just not really sure why my kid can roll from her back to her tummy and not her tummy to her back when it's supposed to be more difficult from the back, congrats a lot for your third baby.
Waiting for good news, so cross your fingers and toes, send your happy thoughts, say a prayer, rub your belly or even do a dance, please.

I want to make sure you know everything you need to know before receiving a lot of love, hugs, and kisses from your aunts? You are the sign of our first strength. The best blessing God has ever given us! Thank you, Lord, for an answered prayer!

This newborn baby girl is smiling because I told her about Aunt Leslie and pooh bear characters, by the way, she already has a pooh bear, a piglet, and everyone! And the tiger, so yes she's a fan!

I never knew how much love my heart could hold 'till someone called me mom. God, thank you for this another blessing and another part of the family.

I am really happy, thankful and blessed for an angel sent from above and I promise that I will love this angel unconditionally.

Your newborn daughter princess is so good; she hardly cries and always smiles! You are so lucky to have such a perfect like her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to you and you should be so grateful and happy to say she is yours!

I can officially say I've felt my newborn baby sister first smile. It happened a couple days ago, but I wasn't sure if that was the smile. Few and far between, it felt like a glowing star in the dark sky.

Many blessings to such a caring couple and their cute baby girl! You will have so many magnificent years to enjoy your prized child and each other as a family. I wish you so much happiness and love together.

What to write in congratulation cards for a newborn baby? Say the above greetings in a stylish way and always remember that the lack of empathy, the lack of effort, the lack of sincerity, the desire to be better, but just better than everyone else because how would you know you're better if you don't have something to compare it to? Nothing can be better than another everything is different in its own realm and perspective. We each create our own perspective that becomes our world built on experiences feelings and thoughts. It is our past our present the wishes and goals we desire. Keep in mind that your perspective does not reflect another's perspective and only builds on it whether positive or negative.
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