Funny Graduation Quotes, Greetings, Meme and Captions

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Graduation is the most pleasant moment for all family members and friends. On this occasion, everyone tries to wish the graduates with awesome funny wordings. Now you could use these hilarious graduation quotes and memes to express your thoughts in a cool way. Post these captions on Instagram or Facebook with grad ceremony photos. I just got the news about my college 10th graduation ceremony happening today, I am happy for it because once again it is about to welcome a new generation of ethical entrepreneurial leaders who have been adequately equipped to lead the change that we all aspire to see. My high school students are trained to be critical thinkers, ethical entrepreneurial leaders and people who have concern for others.

I strongly believe America needs such graduates to move a step further in development. To the class, go out there and make an impact on your continent because you have been privileged to experience great education. I wish you the best in life but please remember to give back to high school so others can also access this great education.  Enjoy this wide range of cool graduation quotes with a lot of interesting meme pictures.

Funny High School Graduation Quotes

These graduation quotes are full of both wisdom and fun, lets your grads choose the sharpest way for their bright future.

These champs are growing up so fast and making me old. Congrats, happy graduation! I wish a great successful life on your career and earn much dignity beside your weird college friends. I am happy to quit watching your school uniform photos on the Instagram.

Thank you for inspiring me that we still have brilliant students in this country - so much so to be active in Youth movements again. The battle has been won a clown graduate but the war to achieve clown crown must go on. This victory goes to all of you from the bike riders’ leadership, every university, every student and every person who supported this call to action.

Senior pictures baby! I still can't believe you've made it this far feels amazing. I am happiest as I can be. Keep calm and make my bestie proud. It's official. Now you can stop updating your Facebook status about your high school banking.

To be the best you, you are making good grades and busting my mind at school, waking up in the morning to have a good job for a best friend. College can be hard sometimes and stressful, but as long you will be done it to make the money for a lazy girlfriend, you need to work hard. Hope your high school friends could make a new girlfriend too.

Today is the date that represents bizarre youth stood together in the peaceful graduation ceremony and mobilized itself and changed the future. I have been part of many youth movements in the past but become despondent because of false leaders with self-agendas. But today it was amazing to see young freaks using the new tool of social movement and mobilization.

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Finally, today is your graduation Day; I am so prideful that you were able to make it. It was a wonderful journey that you will treasure forever! Thank you to my family and relatives that always there for you no matter what. To your Best friends, thank you guys for everything for my son. To your Brain Storming Team who were there for study sessions, prank sessions, overnight sessions, and picture sessions, thank you guys for that bonding moments that we will never forget.

I wish to remind you today that as a matter of fact, you are where you are, and wield great power because we the people of this nation trusted in your competence, and ability to deliver.

To your professors thank you for teaching you all the information to take into your next phase of life. Also thank your nonsense friends for making no sense in your future life. Thank you son for bringing this day in my life and I thanked God for everything He has done for you and the strength he has given to you.

Funny College Graduation Quotes
The following grad quotes are full of motivation and encouraging words, let your grades build a shining career in real life.

Today is the day all of you have set your hallucinations on, the day when you to end with taking one gigantic jump forward from softly education to slapping career. As you put on your graduation gown and hold your cap, memories of the flirty give ups reach this day filled you with suspicious passion.
There is no doubt that you accomplished so many congrats. Only one thing left to do. And that is growing.  I love you my little friend enjoys your day.

I always knew you would do it, we talked about this years ago, now start that taxpaying business you have always wanted.

I am so proud of you. You have definitely showed what it means to dig in and not let go. Let me know when you are ready for your celebratory happy hour with your crazy friends. You represent more than yourself in this journey, so the responsibility is huge.

Life is like a bicycle. You do not fall until you stop pedaling. So is your studying journey. If you stop studying, you will fall for the world, and all the blessings that your girlfriend promises shall elude you.

You, my boyfriend from kindergarten are the besties. You are a best boyfriend ever I couldn't have even known to pray for a best friend like you. Thank you for ensuring that my day was so special and thank you for your awesome heart of artificial gold! Love you forever!

At some point, you said, at least, you've tried. You never give up. Always keep moving. Set goals, it would never be too late. Years are just numbers. Above all, keep the faith.

Today is a day of mixed emotions. I'm excited to see our 1st born evolve into a Woman, but I remember when we brought her home for the 1st time. She has made us proud with the decisions and mistakes she continues to make because it's all a part of the Growing Process. Know that Daddy and Mommy will always Love You. It's our prayer that God prospers you while keeping you covered and protected.

Endnote: After 5 years of being in a committed relationship with the school, I finally graduate today with honors! Going through this bumpy road and experiencing first-hand rejection wasn't easy, but with the grace of God I was able to get through it all! And no, although I won't be having a graduation celebration, I plan to celebrate harder when I finish my graduate degree someday.
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