Thank You For Your Friendship Letter and Quotes

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It’s time to pay a humble appreciation and admire your true friendship by sending a thank you letter or quotes to your best friend on his birthday or Friendship Day. This is a sample letter example and quotes of a thank you for your friendship to your best friend, but you can make changes according to the nature of your closeness. Communication in friendship isn't about talking. It’s about self-expression; a lot of people may be very talkative but may have issues expressing themselves emotionally and mentally. A time to time communication, texting and posting the letter isn't about the words, but it’s about how we sit across. Indeed its one of the most important karmic lessons. It’s through our communication we can recognize and express the full potential of our inner being and to our best friends. It’s important for every relationship to create a space of communication for constant flow of energy. 

If the communication breaks, there is an energy lapse within the relationship creating more damage than needed. Writing a letter was the most suitable way of communication for far living friends in past day, but in modern day’s people just limited to text messages and Facebook statuses, the importance of a detailed letter cannot be ignored, yes you can use e-mail instead of ordinary postal service. Be wise how you make friends or find love ones because the fake one are all around.

Thank You For Your Friendship- Letter Sample

It's good to know that there are still a few good people left in this world. Whenever I talked to you that I haven't talked to in a while, and it felt good to hear from you. Thanks for being such a great friend, and for being there for me. Friends like you are hard to find. I thank God for Wisdom and Knowledge and to know the difference between real friends and fake ones. Just when you began to trust someone they turn around and hurt you, but it's OK, because I look at them like the devil. He may knock me down, but he didn't knock me out, so therefore I can still stand and move forward.
I always enjoy seeing pictures of my childhood buddies, classmates, college friends, and other people I grew up with. It shows how far we have all come in life and what we have been blessed with. Although I must say when I see your pictures on the Facebook or Instagram, it makes me feel close to you. Thank you all for sharing pictures of your blessings. I am really thankful today for a good friend like you. Thank you for being such incredible blessings in my life. Your friendship, encouragement, example, attitude, faith and love inspire me.

If I had the choice to choose you again as a friend I would. Thank you for allowing my spirit to be free. You always told me that I can do anything as long as I am happy. By following your humble advice, I am presently happy and at peace with myself. We are and always will be part of the same exploding star that burst millions of centuries ago. Happy friendship day always!  I Love you, Thank you for creating me that everybody loves me.

Friendship Thank You Quotes and Sayings

  1. A true friend will always be your friend even if you don’t see and hear from each other because deep inside the both of you knows that you will never lose each other whatever it takes. Thanks for being my true friend in all hard and soft moments of my life.
  2. When you face the problem of life, the lucky thing that you will find is that true friend. Thanks for your rare friendship.
  3. One thing is very difficult to find in this world and that is a true friend, but some arrogant people don't understand the value of a friend. As a result, they feel very lonely. So, don't live with arrogance and learn to respect and love your friends. I truly appreciate a golden friend like you.
  4. A real friend is not the person who is nice to your face. It is the person who is nice to you behind your back. Your friendship is the most precious thing of my life, thanks for being here.
  5. A true friend is somebody who you call at 3 a.m. and say "I'm in a prison” and you replies "No worries, I'll be there in seconds. I just can’t wait for the Friendship Day, to thank you for your friendship.
  6. Friends are really hard to find so when you find that friend or friends make sure you find friends that will be friends for a long time when friends are close there more like family and so you want to treat your friends like their family. Thank you, my friend, for being a part of my life.
  7. Finding one true friend is like trying to hit the lottery. The odds are seemingly too great for it to happen. I am so lucky to get a true friend like you, thank you.
  8. A true friend wouldn't publish their laugh when the other sequestered.
  9. Each time you fall in your life is really an opportunity to learn, grow, and get ready for the next level of success. I am so incomplete without you, thank you for your companionship.

We should always be happy and thankful with everything we have in our lives. There is nothing to be sad about or complain about when we're breathing and living. What more is there to ask for? Ups and downs are just a part of life, and even the worse shouldn't bring us down because it only shows our ability and potential to overcome these challenges. I am thankful to have my best friends, every one of you that loves me and supports me, and also the blessings from God. Let us enjoy life, cherish the loved ones around us, and be thankful for happiness and health. Happy Friendship Day everyone! Remember to be thankful not only on this day but every day.
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