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Explore the best collection of funny cat pictures with captions for your Instagram account. Our pet cats are cute, rude, nonsense and so sweet sometimes, many of animal and pet lovers believe cats as their family members. There is no doubt, just like dogs and horses, cats are also very loyal to humans and always appreciate their master’s kindness. Cats cannot express their feelings and emotions in wording, but their actions tells us a lot, for example, if you have a cat in your home for a long time, then you must know when she is feeling happy, sad, emotional, angry or craving for a special food. Instagram is a fun place to share sweet moments of our cats with cute captions with our friends. These pictures of funny cats with captions, sounds bit clever and you are free to add any caption to your cat photo.

Funny Pet Cats Captions for Pictures on Instagram!

When I go to bed, I just carry my Russian cat to the bed. She waits until I lie down and farts down in the same place every night.

That cat reminds me of my shadow that we said a pretty goodbye to last December.
Yes my cat loves my Tumblr page. She will bite me and scratch me, but this is how she falls asleep every night, cuddled up, purring, in my arms.

At last my poor little cat surrendered for 'scratching a child', it sounds like she will be safe and loved by someone with experience and a huge heart.

When it comes to children and their precious skin and some parents, nothing matters and a pet can immediately go from pet to pest.

My cat decides to get on the "treadmill" occasionally, for no reason I can figure. I bet there are a lot of other cats that use the treadmill.

Have you tried feeding orijens cat and kitten my kitty had the stinkiest poops until we changed to it.
Careful, cats like cheezburger and ice. They can be killed by them.

I think they know that about people. My mom was never much of a cat person, but she fell for my new girlfriend instantly.

It’s funny when she has this look on her face like the kittens are still sort of a surprise to her.
I've seen it all too often that a child is too rough with an animal, causing an outburst. Then, idiotically, the parents will blame the animal.

My cat's grandmother was a pedigree Persian with brown hair. But she look a liking for street cats so the mother of my tortie is black, white and brown. And my cat’s father was a neighbor’s ginger who used to hang around the garden.

My cat is the smelliest cat I've ever had, honestly smelled dead birds and mice that were more appealing.

My cats were always enjoying lavender compact litter and cheezburgers. We tried to switch to pine scented - they didn't like it. Once we tried to trick them into using compressed wooden shavings (you can flush it in the toilet, etc.) and the result was poop under my desk.

I am celebrating cats in sunshine, even if they'd rather be left to nap instead of being photographed for my Facebook Timeline cover.

I gave my kitties raw liver before I heard I shouldn't. So when I tried giving it to them cooked, they batted it around the kitchen floor.

If there's no one else in the house my black Burmese cat gets very upset and cries if I don't leave the bathroom door open, also for showers.

I have two black and one gray and orange and one light orange and dark orange and my mother Siamese is chocolate and blue seal Siamese.

If we could only read cats minds, then again, maybe not!

While cats do not eat as much as they age, if this is a "sudden" change in her eating pattern I would encourage you to get the baby vet checked to make sure that there is nothing wrong.

My two babies on top of their tower napping and I am standing on a chair hoping not to fall taking a picture.

I haven't requested or given advice to anybody. I took my cat to the vet first and then I shared the information here in case somebody wanted to add more useful information.

My tortie, Cartoon, likes to sleep or lounge in my crochet bag, and anywhere else she can slip into...boxes, under the covers, whatever. She's the cuddliest of all our cats; also the most curious, stubborn, quirky, and all around precious. I named her Cartoon because she reminds of me of my ex girlfriend.

Why do you have two cats with kittens? Shouldn't these cats be fixed?

My cat last night literally freely stood under a steady stream of water for 3 minutes and got her head dripping, dripping soaked. I think most cats don't like water forced upon them, even if they actually want it too.

I thought she was beautiful the minute I saw her! I hadn’t realized how much her coloring has changed with age.

What are very surprising to me are the white whiskers coming out of her black fur. The two other torties have whiskers the same shade as the fur around them.

There is wisdom in the eyes. We do not know what cats know that we do not know.

If she is anything like my Bengal cat, she will be an adventurous bundle of fur that will forever be implanted in your heart.

Both my kitties are fascinated with water in the sink and the toilet. One is my tortie and the other my black and brown tabby. All my Siamese cats regardless of color have loved the bathroom and it’s very funny to me.

I love how white they are when they're young, such a contrast with their points.

I love her little face, she could be shy. I had a shy cat that was more of a loner, her name was Olive, and she was a blue point snowshoe. She was the prim and proper lady of the family.

I wish I had a fenced in yard so my kitties could go outside. My last two loved the outdoors. My one just went on the deck & would love to just lie in the sun. The other one just ventured to neighbors & always stayed near.

When my first Siamese was a kitten, and I was only about five years old. A dog chased her into the garage. I felt so scared. The dog was huge, and she was tiny. Well, after a few tense moments, they both came running out of the garage, except this time was a little different. She was chasing him, probably a full grown Golden retriever and even riding on his back part of the time. After that, she chased every dog she saw.
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