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If you're too damn lazy to come up with your own funny captions on an Instagram selfie or Facebook picture that is eerily similar to someone else's, maybe you shouldn't have it as a sponsored post. On this page, you will discover hundreds of great cute ideas for picture captions and also enjoy a dozen of images with hilarious captions and quotes. Both Instagram and FB are the places where people who aren't intelligent try to form a complex thought. It's funny to watch. Read the crazy captions, share and go see with zero knowledge or research. Be careful what you spread. Make sure you actually know the who and why. Look into the facts. I've seen more tall tales spread via ignorant memes in a week on Facebook and Instagram than any time in my life. This isn't school. Yes, you can learn anywhere but like anything else in life you need to put the work in and study. The answers don't just drop from memes. Facebook scholars, Facebook critics, Facebook social activists, al are simply ridiculous. Life is not all about giving funny captions to your selfies or friend pictures or funny animal pictures with captions but also looks and walks into reality.

I am going to post a funny sequence Instagram captions. The characters were real. The captions are from the deep recesses of my imagination to those involved, smile, laugh and go with the flow. No harm meant.
Funny Photo captions

Funny Picture Caption Ideas!

1- Now, all the beautiful models are viewing Instagram. Four million followers like and share their pictures. They forgot there was a part of three million followers have died.

2- Can you go to someplace and take your picture? You always take a selfie at the same place.

3- I want to shoot you with my gun or give some good quotes for selfies.

4- It's in a female’s nature to be emotional and open up, it's also common to shut down and be cold for females, as well.

5- I'm not interested in you because your legs are too short.

6- Be a human who has a smart thinking! You are among those who have Instagram or not? That's what distinguishes us from others. Without a selfie stick, we all are same and sometimes level of animals also is the same as our level.

7- Can I join you? I like to see the stars because we can see Luke Skywalker and Jedi.

8- Taking selfie without friends is the new style of meditation. Can you teach me?

9- Do you know what the true meaning about Facebook is? The true meaning about Facebook is Facebook and Instagram is Instagram.

10- I fell in love with all your flaws but you left me because of mine.

11- To all women and celebrities, when I put my picture here, please do not scramble to take my heart.

12- Do meditation at 2 am until morning and after that, go to YouTube.

13- I have the greatest respect for the men and women on the Instagram. Especially my co-workers and many have no idea what we do.

14- This is something I had never thought about until now but it's pretty damn funny.

15- I had a good idea, this photo needs a caption. So let's see what you all have, it should be a fun.

16- I don't have a mansion. My house is too small. Have you seen the movie a little house on the prairie? Actually, that is my house. But, I know, you lie.

17- I saw this photo and thought you'd like it. Ignore the caption, it's just the photo that matters.

18- Facebook is getting more and more unusable. It's using some weird algorithms that result in my seeing the same stories over and over again and very little new content. I'm told that they are trying to force me to be more interactive in order to influence what happens. Instagram is becoming much more interesting to me.

19- Yes, stand at attention keep your mouth shut your head straight and don't look the drill instructor in the eyes.

20- Who interested marry with me? Put your hands up.

21- I found a picture on Craig Babbitt’s Instagram and he posted a picture of his dog in a hot dog suit. I looked at it and said to myself as if you copied off Ronnie. Ronnie did it first with Charlie.

22- I've been stalking our guitar player's Instagram to figure out what the mess he's been doing that made him too busy to go on this tour. Tonight he posted a picture of himself playing a legit role playing game.

23- Install girls, give me a last chance. I will put my photo on Saturday because now my eyes are too small. My appearance changed every day. Every day, my appearance turned by his own without control! So, give me a last chance. I want to give the best.

24- I cleared everyone’s name from my bio because everyone literally tricky at me when I put someone else first instead of them and I don't have the energy for that stuff anymore.

25- Humiliating death is not due to your fail selfie but it happens because you have a thought and trait which is not intelligent.

26- Do not fall in love with me because it is very hard to conquer my heart.

27- Thank you for showing me pictures of the person who put me through love two years ago. For showing me captions on pictures from snapchat because I thought it was a good idea to post them.

28- What I am doing? I ask myself to do meditation, but I always selfie and sleep.

29- Look at the picture before you read the caption and tell me who you thought this was at first.

30- I heard from many people said that you fall in love with me! Is it true? I'm very famous! You are just an ordinary person. How can I accept you? I'm sorry! Don't cry.

31- We were talking about cats today and when I saw this I thought of you.

32- No need to befriend with her, a friend with me only.

33- Black and white or light and dark, the better you color your hair become white like twins in the movie, The Matrix. You know who is Neo?

34- The World almost come to an end because of the exceptional events have taken place, like my haters following me on the Instagram.

35- Be a model, singer or actor is a profession. It is not an offense. When you have a trait who considers yourself nobler than other people without a real basis is a huge mistake.

36- Now I'm afraid to enjoy coffee in the restaurant because many women fall in love with me. They smiled happily when looked at me. I'm afraid they will arrest me if I do not love them.

37- I thought it would be fun to invite captions.

38- I Just now I want to buy bread but something exceptional happened! My money has no value! The money was used 300 years ago.

39- I saw this photo and thought the caption was added by a satirical Facebook page, little did I know it was the work of this buffoon.

40- When something terrible incident occurs, the celebrity would urge us to pray ! Do they know how to do real prayer? People who have a great spiritual like Dalai Lama is not asking us to pray as recommended by a celebrity because he knew something. The nature of these celebrities is like the old saying, more tablespoons from the gravy.

41- Hi friends, we are still waiting for the best caption idea in the comment. Please show your innovative idea.

42- If you want to shoot somebody, you must have a gun! If you don't have a gun, you can borrow my gun.

43- What I don’t understand is how my phone is off but I can still get on Facebook and Instagram?

44- Now that I don't smoke like that anymore I realized how much people do and a little too much especially. When you post a picture on Instagram of your smoking every day like who cares and why is that cute that's how you know people do it just because other people do. Everybody smoked out can buy weed every day but can't get a job? Wow!

45- I hate when awesome videos have dumb captions.

46- There are people who forget very easily. My prayer is read this caption as food for thought.

47- Maybe I should get Instagram. I mean, what else I am going to do with all of these pictures of me in front of my mirror, food I'm eating at restaurants, and me in front of my mirror again.

48- Alright now that I've succumbed to the siren call of social media I just have one question. How the hell do you take a picture on Instagram?

49- I am teaching my mother how to use twitter and Instagram. I have no idea how to explain hashtags to her.

50- I just don't understand how a girl can get 1000 likes on Instagram when I do not even have that many friends. I think all credit goes to a simple shot of her taught sheen, shapely tattooed legs, the mini skirt, her perfectly trim physique and goddess shape.

51- I have made my return to Instagram after 3 months and I am already greeted with a 'rate limit exceeded' error. Go to hell you Instagram.

52- I hate Instagram; my life has been so much more productive without it! I think it's time to deactivate.

53- What is up with all the weird stuff I'm seeing all over Facebook and Instagram? What the hell have people been up to since I've been busy as hell?

54- I finally got Instagram. I've finally figured out how to roll up my chinos and use picture filters in the correct manner. Just to top it off, I'm using my real last name.

55- After a few months of avoiding updating the Instagram app on my iPhone, I accidentally hit the update button, now I want to hit my iPhone too.

56- Seriously you're going to hack my Instagram too; seriously I had over 1,000 followers, please get them off my account.

57- What happened to the old Facebook where it was cute pics of kiddos and funny drunk posts on a Saturday night? Now my Timeline is filled with sad animal photos and ugly and childish political banter. Now I’m taking my business to Instagram.

58- You must color your face like the Facebook. If you have Instagram, no need to coloring your face because the people who have an image on Instagram are same likes the witches.

59- Many of the celebrities die in disgraceful conditions. Why? I have told everything to all of you! Before it is too late, get rid of your arrogance.

60- Jet ski only for kids the better you ride a horse. The horse will die.

61- There is no need to talk until the day of resurrection.

62- You do not take any action when people greeted to you. Your dream does not provide any benefit to the world. Now the earth is watching your behavior.

63- We must eat from daylight until night and we must sleep in 2 days.

64- Don't waste your time! You are same like other celebrities, always selfie and wasting time.

65- I put my head in the drawer because I cannot see the sunlight because my eyes will blind.

66- Today is Saturday! If you still on Friday, it means you miss one step. The real meaning of miss one step is Outdated.

67- When you reviewed seriously for a test but realized you reviewed a different subject alt caption: when you thought you were ready for the test but they give you completely different questions instead.

68- I never got a call from anyone. I just got a call from ghosts and witches.

69- I know you do not know how to swim? I do not know either you are beautiful or not? Now, I cannot see anything because I do not want to use my camera because I want to use my eyes.

70- Stay classy is not like that. That is like you want to eat me! I never heard holy coffee,  I only know about holy hearts.

71- You can arrive at the right time because you do not encounter traffic disruptions because you ride a bike.

72- The real meaning about the true self is you managed to free your soul from imprisoned in your gross body.

73- Now, I'm very scared because many girls fall in love with me! My waist will be broken.

74- This world which is very beautiful, no need to be changed, but human who destructive the humanity values need to be sent to another world because of their arrogance.

75- That awkward moment when you post something about someone indirectly and they like the post.

76- That minute you update a text message from someone as a status then realize that you got the person on you Facebook.

77- That Awkward Moment When you are chatting with 10 friends and sent the wrong ‘I love you’ message.

78- That Awkward Moment when the person you've wanted to delete from Facebook, but you didn't want them to get mad and deletes you first!

79- Now I'm very fear when looking at women. I look at them like I seeing a ghost. They are very selfish. They just want to be adored and they will grow old and die stupidly like chicken.

80- If you have the power like Scarlett Johansson in Lucy, the world is very beautiful. You can do whatever you want to do.

81- Clearly I need more pictures with friends. I thought I had heaps but having said that these pictures fit with the captions.

82- First off this seems a little extreme, but I'm not sure what's going on here no caption actually explains it. Any idea what's going on?

83- Sometimes our eyes can see all around the world and sometimes we cannot see anything because at that time we are sleeping.

84- It's time for issuing a bad trait that exists in the human heart especially the celebrities. Arrogance will be destroyed eventually.

85- I thought the shot was very artistic and the caption was witty. The internet has allowed for folks to be mad about anything.

86- Your body is very beautiful but I cannot see because I'm blind.

87- Now in my country is spring. There are a lot of flowers. The most fragrant flower is a flower of chicken manure.

88- The caption of the picture is a deep thought. But the picture is not even and far way not related to the caption.

89- Not one to share stuff like this, but sometimes a picture tells more truth than any story.

90- I always want to send our video and pictures here but I think it's too dangerous.

91- Those who know the secrets of time will remain alive forever. Captain Jack Sparrow tries to search for immortality wells. Finally, he managed to find the secret of that swells and smiled.

92- It was a long struggle to change human to the real world. Forgetfulness of the origin of the incident of human has been rooted for centuries.

93- If anyone needs someone to talk to, for any reason at all; just know I'm here for you.

94- the Sometimes best caption is when you think something you can’t think but you thought it already unintentionally.

95- That awkward moment when to want to post a selfie but you have no idea to what to caption it.

96- This is one part of what I do at work and I agree that most people haven't a clue what happens.

97- That moment when you think you see your cousin and you walk all the way up to him cheesing it only to realize nope, not him!

98- That awkward moment when you get ready to run because something moved from the corner of your eye.

99- Awkward moment when your fiancé loves wearing sockets and says he feels like a ballerina.

100- That awkward moment when your son calls you baby and his fiancée almost pee's herself.

101- That awkward moment when you fall asleep on the phone with someone and the next day you deny it and say they fell asleep on you first!

102- That moment you are from work, so tired and hungry then you fry some eggs but you finish them from the pan before serving and you have to take dry tea.

103- Another cute video for my friends, the caption does not apply, but thought you might like the video.

104- When I first saw my name my girlfriend photo caption I immediately thought this was going to be something very bad.

105- The only people who can look at this and still go to the next person and hear all about chronic pain with a straight face!

106- Check out the each caption to have an idea of what's happening. There's more, but I think this is enough to get you interested.

107- I have had so many of these days and plenty more to come. I am so lucky to work alongside so many great people every day.

108- This is beyond true. Weird how there is nothing like that feeling of leaving the room after it went down.

109- If you ever wondered what I did for a living...this is what you leave behind to move onto the next tragedy.

110- Now when I look in the newsfeed, my heart is always waiting for something from Maria Sharapova.

111- In our cell phones, there is a secret point which prevents us from communicating with Instagram directly. So, our job is to find out the secret point by doing the weird selfies and it will open up the follower’s eyes and we can see the secret point.

112- Why do we always sleepy when night? Only owls know about this matter! Do you have any idea?

113- Though I don't currently work in a bank, I have, and I have participated in this scene more than once. Shout out to my entire fellow this week!

114- I can be honest to the chicken but I cannot be honest to a dog because he always wants to eat me.

115- Just send your photos. No need to send pictures of other girls who put their nonsense captions.

116- What has happened to me is the story of the journey of my life bitter and sweet! I hope the sweetness will come eventually.

117- Let me just say I have no idea why the caption says that, and I don't agree with it! But the man speaking in the video has so many good points.

118- You evaluate the person just in one hour. If it does not satisfy you, you will change your mind and will give the opportunity to another person that maybe is better.

119- In the knowledge about the trait and form of women body from the knowledge of human origins, what you have is the best.

120- There are celebrities who never directly answered my comments or like my comments. But they will be happy when people shared their image! Why not you make the people who share your image feel happy?

121- Shut down and they say you're cold. Open up and they say you're emotional.

122- There is something very interesting to look at, but my view blurred.

123- I have seen some pretty bad stuff before. It's a stressful job but so rewarding. We know we can't save everyone but we will do our best to ensure they have the best chance and we gave it our all. Remember to thanks a model, actor or anyone who works in the fake field. They do amazing things.

124- The other day I was going to check my Instagram and Trying to look for it on my photo. I didn't even find it .so I went to the app store to see if I might have deleted it .nope I didn't it. They just changed it a different color. I thought it was a game.

125- Happy birthday to me! I hope I always give a good response to my Instagram followers and fans.

126- When life gets me down, and my outlook seems dire, all I have to remember is that there's a video of an otter eating lettuce.

127- Well I'd rather be lying on a beach in the sun but I guess this has a point too.

128- You are the reason why I created Instagram and a Facebook account, to stalk you endlessly.

129- I can’t stop looking at your Facebook, Instagram refreshing it all day, every 10 minutes hoping this is all some horrible dream.

130- Instagram is the application where you upload pictures and does not mind if it is being liked or not.

131- Salute my first photo from the most amazing day! So much love around friends and family.

132- No dog or cat should be kicked or hit or shot or stabbed or have any kind of abuse or tortured done to them what so ever! Only cruel evil subhumans would do this to them.

133- I am tired of the neighbors' cats fighting in my garden; it’s time to fight back.

134- I believe I have a number of people here who would be able to come up with better captions for this cat picture than I do.

135- It's imperative I see videos like this. It makes me feel less bad the times when our cat roommates decide to stroll across on the table when we have company. Of course, now I kind of want a giant Iguana.

136- Two cat psychologists trying to talk a suicidal pigeon off the ledge.

137- This is really unusual when a bird protecting and feeding a cat. The closed captioned on the photo doesn't match well, but it's neat to watch.

I've decided the cat we met today is the next meme sensation. Please caption her for me.

138- Guys, I think my cat might be an alcoholic. Caption this, please?

139- I'm not sure about the caption, but the cats are cute.

140- I think if Gizmo were on some sort of cat dating site, this would be his profile picture perhaps with the caption, Meow.

141- Only a few more steps until we can have a much better power source than the ones we currently have. Maybe, if things go right. And then from there, The Future can begin.

142- Don't spoil things or complain because content creators did something to bring you content in your fandom. Just enjoy it (or not) but don't ruin it for others.

143- This was cleared yesterday after the last picture. Now look at how much we have.

144- How many mailboxes must a man have destroyed before you call him an old man? If it's two, then call me an old man.

145- Boost the signal on trying to save this precious landmark that is an integral part of a city's history and my own history.

146- I suppose this makes me smart in something quite unimportant.

147- This is just terrible if it's true. There is a very thick line between civil debate and tricking supporters into harming themselves.

148- Last summer every Sunday was spent at the beach enjoying the sun. Curse you weather, curse you.

149- Summer is just around the corner and gets ready to have fun and BBQ, enjoy fireworks in July and go to the beaches. It’s going to be another good summer.

150- I just realized I get to sit on the beach this summer and actually enjoy life with my family.

151- We are so close to several wonderful beaches so why would we not enjoy them with our friends. We are not getting any younger so why wouldn't we meet several times this summer for huge potlucks at the beach with your friends, children, and grandchildren.

Now, what did I do wrong on Instagram? I keep getting these weird requests with funny Instagram names and crazy women on them with a bio sort of selling stuff. I am totally not into women never requested anyone like this to follow me but I get these weird requests almost every day and it’s starting to tire me off. I only briefly made my page public and I had one of them like my pictures. Now how can I stop it? Blocking all of them so far but they keep coming back. 
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