Daughter Happy Birthday Quotes from a Mother

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This a neat accumulation of happy birthday wishes for daughter from mother and dad. All happy parents can post these quotes and special greetings to their daughters on the Facebook and Instagram. It’s a mother who loved you and supported you through everything. When I'm working through my toughest time I know I can just holler and have a shoulder, the unconditional love I get is crazy. There’s nothing better or more precious than a mother's love and for that I thank her for that.

Daughter birthday quotes from mom!

Daughter birthday quotes

Today I would like to wish my beautiful daughter Happy Birthday Baby! I love you so much and I thank God everyday for allowing me to wake up and be with you. You made it to your first birth day with many more to come.

Sixteen years ago today, we were blessed with a beautiful daughter. Happy Birthday my dove, we are so proud of the lovely young lady you have become.

Before the day totally goes by I want to wish my oldest daughter a happy 14th birthday day. It seems only like yesterday you were born but 14 years have come. Wow! Mommy loves you and hope to see you soon. Happy birthday and enjoy the rest of your evening.

Today 9 yrs ago I was blessed with my first child. She was a beautiful baby girl with blonde hair and baby blues. Through the years we have had our ups and downs and knock out fights like you were in your twenties but we have always been able to work it out. I'm very proud to call you my daughter. Happy birthday honey! Mama loves you.

Tomorrow is our daughter Dana’s birthday. We love her wisdom courage as a mom. I wish her to never quit and always do her best and to always trust God to help her through difficult times.

20 years ago today my baby girl was born. It seems like just yesterday! The 20 years went by way to fast! I love you baby girl! You're a daddy's girl and you are mamas while world! You’re our favorite youngest daughter! Live now and forever! Happy birthday!

Today is our oldest daughter's birthday! She turns 34 today! We are so proud to call her our daughter! She is so special! She puts everyone before herself to include us! She has and continues to take the best care if us! She is the true image of Honor Thy Father and Mother! We love you very much! Enjoy your special day!

Happy Birthday to my favorite oldest daughter! You are amazing, a wonderful mother, wife, daughter & friend. Enjoy your B-day & snow day with your babies & husband. I love you so much!

To my little Rose, Happy 13th birthday to the most amazing daughter, friend, and a cute and attaching girl! You are an inspiration to me and to your dada and everyone around you! We love you so much. Enjoy your day!

32 years ago I gave birth to my only child. Happiest Birthday wishes to my best friend! You truly amaze me. You're a wonderful wife, mother, home-school teacher, protector, intellect, and I'm so proud to say you are my wonderful daughter. Happy birthday & happy life!

My Daughter Ashley's 12th birthday is Friday the 14th. I think she is her age b/c of the way she talks to me at times. Still though...I remember her as a baby that seemed a little on the unhappy side. I hope she has a decent party without any outside interference.

Happy birthday to my wonderful, beautiful daughter Hannah! She is 14 today and it seems like yesterday I was being rushed to the or in a hurry. Love you little Girl!

Three years ago we welcomed a gorgeous bright eyed baby girl into this world. She will never quite understand the impact she's had on our lives. She's the apple of my eye and I couldn't be luckier to call her my daughter. Happy 3rd Birthday Tweety!

Whew, let me start by saying God truly blessed us 29 years ago today. He has blessed us tremendously over the years, but that day we were blessed more than we had ever been blessed before and we realized what true love really is. Our first born child was born on this special day. She was a very stubborn, but beautiful, baby girl. Let me tell you folks, if any of you don't believe in God, then you've never experience a new born baby. The minute I looked into that sweet face, I knew without a doubt she was sent straight from heaven above. She was quite a handful at times, not always an angel, and sometimes I felt like I could choke her. But, she is mine and now she is that sweet angel once again that I described at birth and most of all she is raising my grandchildren in a favorable home. Yes, I am proud of my daughter! Happy birthday dear!

I cannot believe how fast four years has passed by us! Our little girl has been such an inspiration to me in so many ways and I cannot believe how fast she has grown. You make your mommy so proud at how smart and how clever you are. Every time that I look at you I still cannot believe that you are mine. You and your sister are the most beautiful things that I've ever seen and I am so proud to call you my daughter. Happy 4th birthday! I love you so very much!

Two years ago I was in the hospital delivering the most beautiful little girl. Mommy and daddy love you so much I can't believe how much you have grown! You make us even prouder everyday to be able to call u my daughter. Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl, we love you and can't wait to see what the next years bring us.
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