Happy Father’s Day Poems from a Daughter

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I am a happy daughter and I want to wish Happy Father’s Day with these cute poems to all the awesome men who are fathers! There is no manual that comes with fatherhood so we all do the best we can and pray for the best. I was blessed with such a wonderful dad and I miss him so much. May our children forgive our mistakes and remember our love. May you all be blessed! Your father is a blessing that should be appreciated everyday and not just on birthdays and holidays. They say that the thing that we will experience that will most closely resemble nature's love is the love of a GOOD mother and father, so appreciate them every day by being a good example of what they have worked for. You may use these poems as full captions on your dad photos on your Instagram or Facebook account.
Happy Father's Day Poem

Poem for father on father's day by daughter!

Message for my dad
A few years back
When I was small
I knew nothing at all
That's when you came in
And taught me
How to become tall
Today whatever I am
Is all because of an angel
Called dad
A few months back
When I grew a little
You taught me how to skittle
And that's when I knew
That you are the one
Who would help me again!
Knowledge very brittle
I love you dad
With a feeling
This can be defined as smitten
A few days back
I heard you talk to dad
About your daughter
Who made you proud as punch!
But this wouldn't had been possible
Without parents
So prodigious
This is something
That makes me very
In the future I promise
I promise to love you
And care for you
The same way you did
To make me a person
So successful
I love you dad
With all my might
And wish you
A happy father’s day
With all delight

Don’t forget your dad
Please look up and see the streaks across in the morning sky,
Please notice the suffering, and bother to ask why.
And when asked to lend a helping hand please be willing to try.
When dancing to the musicians beat with laughter in your heart,
Please give thanks to the talent that gifted this joyful art.
While nourishing your body on mans labor of the earth
Remember to give thanks and recognize his worth.
When you find yourself discouraged, angry or confused,
Please consider all tears from those who have been abused.
No matter how elevated you are, please remember you are not alone,
Endeavoring to lift up those beneath you before the day is done.
In your daily routine, as you go about your business,
Please take a moment to breath and consider your existence.
Give thanks for this day, regardless of your stature,
Then respect the delicate balance of man and Mother Nature.

Every day is Father’s Day
Father's day is 365 days a year...
Not just one
Remember that if your dad is still here
If your dad has passed on
And gone to heaven,
Remember that in his physical absence,
Your conduct represents
Your dad's skill as a parent,
So act accordingly
If you are a father,
You are a true BLESSING and we need
To let you know that you are appreciated
On a regular basis and not just one day

Return to me!
Return to me my child's heart, my dad cares me and full of laughter.
Take from me these troubles thoughts, that haunt my ever after.
Lift me up and shake me free, and open up my eyes.
Comfort me in loving arms, and shrink my worries down to size.
Return to me the joy I knew, when life was filled with promise.
Take from me the fears I have, and offer me some solace.
Return to me the simple things, that free the soul and lift me higher.
Free me from this gilded cage, where its members do conspire.
Lift me up and shake me free, and push me toward the sky.
So I may recall my child's heart, when I dreamed that I could fly.

My dad
The only guy I trust in this whole world
The only guy who is my first hero
The only guy who always fulfills my wishes
The only guy who bring light in my dark moments
The only guy who loves me more than anything
The only guy who could do anything for me
The only who will never break my heart
The only guy who never let me go
The only guy who will be always there for me
The only guy is my dad

Presence of my dad in my life
In quiet desperation I hunger and need
The awesomeness of you to come and change me
I long for such a moment when in my eyes they will see
The revolution that you have brought forth in me
It's all about your presence
It's all about Your Grace
It's all about your plan for my life
Being manifested in this place
All I really long for
Is your presence to overtake in my life!
Nothing less
The image I want to reflect is
The beauty of your memories

This man beside me accepted me with all his heart since when I was incapable of everything. I could not even walk my feet, speak a word, feed myself and live in my own. I could not even figure out who the people around me. I am blessed that someone like him embraced me and treat me as his own. He nurtured me to become a better person as I grew older and guiding me all the way. He taught me how to become independent, to live in my own, support any decisions I have in life. He never failed to remind his daughter, how God is good in our lives and to thank and serve Him. Thank you for everything, dad, I am grateful to God that I have someone like you in my life. I will always make you proud. Happy Father's Day!
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