Funny Quotes about Haters for Instagram and Facebook

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The following quotes about haters and jealous people are so true. Haters are the people in real life and on the Facebook, Instagram and everywhere who live their lives with constant negativity make me sick! Life is what you make it. Sure, we all have bad moments in life where we think we've hit rock bottom, but there's always a way to turn it around. I always try to live my life positively and surround myself with positive people. The saying is true, if you surround yourself around negativity, then you'll eventually fall to that level. Smile, be happy, and be glad you're blessed enough to live another day, breathe another breath...
Funny Quotes about Haters!

Funny Quotes about Haters
  1. Haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potential. The only people more ignorant than slanderers are those foolish enough to listen to them!
  1. I'm not a perfect person, but if you have something you would like to say to me, say it to my face. Don’t talk behind my back, if your life is so boring that you have to spend your evenings talking about me, I feel sad for you.
  1. The word hater applies to everyone those who do well like me and even those who do wrong.
  1. I need to get back in a happy mood for a happy day tomorrow just because the devil working on you so don't try to send him my way!
  1. Haters are worthless. You give and give to help them and they turn around and don't think twice about how their behavior affects you. I suppose I need to learn from the behavior of haters and start putting myself first.
  1. I wish people would really grow up and stay out from my damn business & relationship.
  1. Haters have nothing better to do than be bitter and angry about the consequences of their own actions.
  1. I hate when people assume my hair is fake, they don't make waves this good boo boo.
  1. You need to focus and stop all of this drama. You need to rise above your circumstances! Choose to not be a product of your surroundings!
  1. We believe that true hate feelings always comes from a true love but jealousy can seem a lot like hate too...
  1. Hey haters if you have NETFLIX, watch the documentary 'HAPPY'. It might change your perspective on life and its meaning.
  1. A good advice for my enemies: Don't judge me or say something about me without confirming from my haters.
  1. Haters are nothing more than jealous cheerleaders who root for your defeat but see nothing but your victories. Let them hate ... It's all they know how to do.
  1. I picked up each stone you threw at me and guess what! I used it in building the mansion you admire from afar and close, so my haters please tell me, what you going to do to me now?
  1. My Facebook Account has lost 113 lbs. in 30 minutes by using the Facebook diet. If you decide to use the Facebook diet, you must avoid hypocrisy, nosy people, gossipers, fakers, and haters. This will allow your Facebook account to be healthy with no toxins. The Facebook Diet is available in a Facebook near
  1. Haters are necessary to have in life because they show us that we are in a happy mood.  Never pray to remove them, pray so that you can be given the strength to continue to give them a reason to.
  1. True Story: Twitter is better than Facebook. 140 characters or less does wonder to reduce drama.
  1. A lot of y'all been asking me, why don't I deal with y'all? First of all, I don't have time for the drama. Second, I don't like fake people. Third, you are a hater? I can't deal with you! So, if I make effort to talk to you on a daily basis or every other day you know I deal with you, if not you just short & know you cut off.
  1. The best way to support your relationship is to have the trusty behavior to being cheering you on the journey of love even when you do have that moment of frustration and elimination don’t forget that you have your loyalty to show it wrong and of course your haters.
  1. Lots of familiar faces made a difference! If I've left you out, don't be too upset. I'll try and compile a full list tomorrow.
  1. The only guy I have left in this world is my boyfriend and I'm just fine. So all the hater can exit stage left or I can do badly all by myself!
  1. Big shout out to my most precious haters! Thanks for following a crazy clock.
  1. I'm done with the drama and negativity during one of the most exciting times of my life. Take it elsewhere or un-friend and block me.
  1. Always check the people you hang out with, you never know they just want you to hate you.
A Shout out to all my HATERS: So to be honest, I don't really know why you haters hate me...but you know what they say, Haters going to hate. If you guys have a problem with me, just tell me...If you guys hate me because I'm ugly, then just punch me in the face, because I'll just punch you harder (haha no I won't, I don't do animal abuse.)...The thing is, if you guys hate me...Fine, so be it. But just make sure you have a reason on why you hate me, if you don't...Then I guess you really have a big problem with yourself. I'll respect anyone who respects me, no matter what age, skin color, race, religion, etc. So, if you hate me...that's cool, tell everyone...I won't care...I don't wake up every day just to impress you, I have my own friends, and my own life, and you haters are just like tiny dust particles (nothing to me, useless things that I encounter everyday). So would you guys please stop getting mad at me for no reason, stop hating me for no reason, try hating yourself and see how it feels.
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