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Wish your beloved ones with these have a safe journey wishes and quotes, this way you can show your love and care toward your friends at the beginning of their trip. Life is a journey filled with many ups and downs and for many of us our bad has out weighted our good. Although we have had our share of troubles, we must constantly move forward because quitting is not an option. We must understand that the things that we go through in life are the very things that make us stronger as individuals. As long as we have life within our bodies, we can make our lives better regardless of our hardships. I am a firm believer when God has your back you cannot do anything but win.

Safe Journey Quotes
Have a Safe Journey Quotes and Messages!

  1. Since in this world there are two things involved, I thank God for involving you in one thing today, that's a ‪safe journey.
  1. The life is a journey so walks it, it has good and bad memories, move with the good & forget the rest, because forgiveness is the first step to move ahead of greatness & humanity.
  1. Thank you God for opening this door, where you open nobody and nothing can close as long as we depend upon you. You prove that too me out this course and my friend’s journey with you, thank you.
  1. Don't allow your bad travel experience to cause you to miss out on a good adventure ahead.
  1. We do not always get to pick the roads we travel, we do not always get to pick the people we meet, but fate can bring about the most incredible situations, sometimes all we need to do is "just be". Have a safe journey my dear.
  1. Every progress in life is a process, you don't need to travel abroad to UK or USA, all in one your help come from above not abroad.
  1. Start your journey to search for happiness as long as you are free and you found the true meaning of happiness with new places. There are no reasons for me to rob you of your happiness... best wishes for a safe tour, I love you!
  1. Life is a great travel trip but the problem is that, it doesn't come with a map. We have to search our own ways, to reach the destinations.
  1. There is opposition, competition, and negativity throughout your travel. Opposing views build the mind, and competition strengthens the warrior. Never make negativity to your loyal companion. It will trap you in an endless cycle of regret and self pity.
  1. Life is a journey and a battle but we must fight through it and try are best to overcome all obstacles to achieve life's dreams. Giving up is what the devil wants us to do, stop allowing him to have favor over you. Have a safe trip and back home safely.
  1. Life is a pure science, every wrong variable placed in an equation or a problem, results into wrong calculation, wrong calculation results into wrong solution and wrong solution results into wrong output or answer. Therefore, be careful of you applied to your life as you travel through life journey.
  1. Sometimes The good and bad moment of a journey help us discover more about whom & what we really are. Have a safe journey.

  1. Allow extra time on preparation for your journey, you are not one of the speed racer that feels the need for excessive speed on the roads, be safe not sorry. Have a safe flight and sleep tight! 
  1. Life is a medium in which we must all travel and in this medium there are many obstacles; obstacles of the past, present and future. We can get past these obstacles if we learn to care for one another. Have a safe flight my sweetest boyfriend in the whole plane!
  1. Life is a journey where you end up in life is up to you, who you want in your life is your choice; the mistake you make on your way only makes you stronger and better for the next lesson. Have a blessed day.
Life is a journey and everything you go through in life has a purpose so never blame anyone for your misfortune. Remember that temptations are there and God will never tempt you beyond your strength. He will provide a way of escape that may be able to endure you. Life is a beautiful struggle oftentimes we disagree on people who doesn't please our eyes. But we have to learn that every individual does have different struggles. Our experiences in life determine who we are now. May it be positive or negative outcome? We are not in the position to question his being. We just have to understand that we are never in the same shoes in exploring this big wild world.

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  1. I love #10.......I always remind myself the devil always hits the hardest right before the God given MIRACLE!!


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