Cute Spanish Love Quotes for Him

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Forget the French proverbs to inspire a guy, Spanish love quotes can convey the cute message of your heart in a more romantic way. These cute Spanish phrases are translated in English, but you can convert them back by using online translator. Sometimes I like to put my TV on the Mexican channel and turn the volume all the way down so I can make up my own story to go with it. This morning there was a man with a mullet dressed in a butler’s uniform running around acting like a chicken. I imagined he had been hypnotized. But then he jumped up on the couch and made all these weird faces. He was laying an egg, people! Why didn't I learn Spanish? I love Spanish language may be one day I could learn it.

Spanish love quotes for boyfriend!

Spanish Love Quotes for him

  1. Every morning and every night and several times in between I thank God for allowing me the privilege of being a girlfriend of a smart guy.
  1. Being there for someone, giving them my attention, love and care, and being treated like nothing after all this friendship I gave. Thanks for making me feel like nothing. You're really good at doing that.
  1. Your love creates an experience that will forever have a ripple effect in each of our lives.
  1. Don't let a girl control your happiness. Focus on you and you can never go wrong. Girls come and go but you and your life choices are always going to follow you.
  1. I learned to love unconditionally because he nurtures me with such a good habits and practices.
  1. When your mind and your heart are in sync, the doors to opportunity are wide open and your path is crystal clear.
  1. You are amazing and a huge inspiration to me. I am one of those women who had no clue why I was there but I knew I needed to be. Thank you for your love and bringing all of these amazing, fabulous, and beautiful moments in my life.
  1. Enjoy life and all the beautiful things life has to offer. We have had enough tears now it's our time to smile! Don't let the devil take your victory.
  1. The love from you is one of the most warming things in the world. Loyalty, affection, admiration, forgiveness, acceptance, comfort, appreciation, and unconditional love all given by such a cute guy, yet with the biggest heart all around. My boyfriend love is something all guys need to learn from.
  1. Love is hard to find and when you find it, you shouldn't let it go. You should fight for it.
  1. When loyalty was more than just a saying and saying I love you was more than just another way saying bye! I wish I could travel back in time and find the few good people that were left before hurt so many times by those they love and loyal to the most.
  1. I'm so happy for you, my friend. I would have given anything to be there! You are the best and I am a better person just by knowing you.
  1. Saying I love you, I'm sorry, and I'm wrong are the hardest things to say but you have to be an adult and say it when you are wrong and when you mean it!
  1. On my way to find the meaning of love I just discover, I have no life without you.
  1. Our relationship is always unique to me, so I can not delete your image from my heart. I don’t know how to sense love but I always feel your love.
  1. I wish I can be your girlfriend the one who don't make you cry but the one who make you smile.
When you energetically give love to your boyfriend in an attempt to better a life, brighten a day or acknowledge him, the more love carries into your soul. If you are feeling lost, lonely or sad, you may want to look at how his life you are trying to improve. I do this to take inventory in my life and make sure I am always doing the things to not only help my guy, but to ensure my heart stays full.
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