I Miss You Quotes for My Girlfriend Long Distance

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Here you find marvelously crafted collection of long distance miss you messages for her.  These are the best cute things to say to your girlfriend when you miss her but a long distance stops you to meet her. Text these I miss you quotes to your girlfriend. Your heart has not yet been broken. The world, small enough to fill your bedroom window yet large enough to stir your imagination, is all yours. This is a cute selection of LDR miss you quotes for her; best messages for a romantic long distance relationship a guy could send to his girlfriend.

LDR miss you quotes for her

I Miss You Quotes for Her Long Distance!

  1. Guys hug your wives today and hug your girlfriends extra tight, whether they are 25 or 55. Tell them, without hesitation or restraint, how very much they mean to you, how they make you whole. Saying I love you is always welcome but don't stop there. Tell them what those words mean when they are spoken between a girl and the man she loves.
  2. Sometimes I know I dream to big because you're still part of my dream.
  3. One of the secrets to great happiness is being contented in what you have and what is given to you.
  4. I can't wait for the moment when I will catch you again in my arm, touch your sugary lips and hold your hands gently so that you will never leave me again.
  5. I constantly think of relationships. We don't consider objectives in our decision-making process. I realize how selfish and self-absorbed we are when it comes to making decisions and sacrifices in our lives and relationships. I value and cherish personal and professional relationships when those real people consider that it's not about them.
  6. I am trying; you know I am but it's hard. There are no words for it except to say that I love you and miss you.
  7. It's not that you haven't been on my mind - you own my mind much of every day, and what's left of my heart, too.
  8. I can't sleep; I can't quit thinking about you. Reality has finally caught up with me. Wishing you were here or I was there. I am missing you with every breath I take.
  9. Does distance matter? No, I can't say that it does, my love. It's just another form of distance, another type of separation, another way to experience the most horrible pain any lover can know.
  10. I miss you, and I think of you and your beauty everyday. You're so missed and so loved. I wish with every part of me that I had known you were living with care. You'd cross my mind frequently and I would have loved to see you and laugh with you just like when we were together.
  11. I need your help. I need a hug from you, sent long-distance. I need a smile and a giggle and a colored pencil drawing. I need to know that you're OK. And I need to know that, someday, I'll see you again and that we'll never be apart.
  12. I wish you could be with me. I wish we could all be together to embrace, to laugh, to be ourselves again. I miss the person who was me when you were here to help make me whole.
  13. I want to reach out, up to the sky, perhaps, and hold your hand with mine, if only for a few seconds. I want to give you something, a red rose, a warm hug, a chocolate bar, what's left of my heart.
  14. I act like I don't miss you sometimes but deep down inside my heart really long wait you.
  15. You are my goal my sweetheart, and just few days to reach it. But when I get there I'll dust myself off, rest a bit and look forward to being with you again.
  16. I feel you all around me and have constant memories of all of the amazing time I had with you. I love you and look forward to the day that we will meet again.
  17. Is it possible to miss someone you have only met once and talked to only through texting? It must be because I really miss this person.
  18. I'm weary, I'm just drained and I miss you and the smile that could light up my entire life on a day like today. I wish you could talk to me and help me figure this out.
  19. You are living in my heart like full moon wandering in the space.
  20. Your untouched love has totally changed my thoughts, my view, my feelings and my soul. Living far away from you is like breathing in a jail. Come back before long and set me free.
  21. Two years, two months, two weeks, two days, two hours, two minutes, two seconds are too long to be without the smile of the most beautiful girl I’ll ever know.
There is a point in your life when you imagine yourself to be alone or loss or unimaginable sadness. We walk through that door into the real world at slightly different times and in somewhat different ways, but the sound of it closing behind us sobers us all. It is resolute, firm, and final. We join over 7 billion other people on a journey, each on our own path yet never truly separated from the others, traveling in the same general direction from youth to adult, carefree to care burdened, each step taking us further and further from that door and the person who once lived on the other side. But a few of us fight so very hard to keep that ember of a memory glowing, tucked away deep in the heart, protected from the bitter winds of new realities and the cold, driving rains of apprehension.

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