Words Of Wisdom Quotes For Women

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These are the wisely chosen inspirational words of wisdom quotes for women both married and singles. It’s funny, many rate themselves by the amount of knowledge they accumulate during their lifetime, but God rates individuals on their ability to apply what they know to their lives. Knowledge is what one knows; Wisdom is what one does with what they know.

Words of wisdom quotes for women!

Words Of Wisdom For Women

  1. To all the graduates, knowledge is the acquisition of information which increases your level of intellect but wisdom is the application of what you acquire. Being knowledgeable is good but being wise is Godly. Don't just know it, use it.

  1. Entertainment isn't education and education isn't knowledge and knowledge isn't wisdom. Subliminally is the way they do their messaging if you aren't aware you can be controlled easily.

  1. Excuses are socially acceptable ways to say I didn't do what I promised I would do. Word of wisdom: Be slow to make your promises and quick to keep them. If all you have to offer is excuses then excuse me, I've got better things to do.

  1. Words of wisdom to all of those out there who use Facebook to re-invent themselves, falsify their resumes' or suddenly become spiritually inclined; WE KNOW! For better or worse, it's easier to be yourself.

  1. The bright side of taking your eyes off your goal is that you can always establish eye contact. We have two choices; focus or sink.

  1. If you have a dream and you stop believing, was it really a dream or just a nice idea? Ideas fade but dreams wait on happily ever after.

  1. It's difficult to distinguish the difference between making self a priority or just being selfish. Be careful not to blur the line.

  1. Our characters are not defined by how well we are but by how well we handle adversity. Trials build you up. Work through them.

  1. Remember, that your trials are part of the plan for your life. How you deal with them is a test of your true character.

  1. A caged tiger is still a killer but he is contained. The tongue can't be tamed but like that tiger must be contained. Watch your mouth.

  1. Accepting a reality that goes against your desire is painful but humbling. Maybe next time! Tomorrow's another day.

  1. Arrogance is the assumption of one's own knowledge and intelligence where it disregards the feelings and beliefs of those they simply do not understand.

  1. If you really want to know what's going on or know the truth, don't investigate; listen. The guilty usually tell on themselves.

  1. Although others can't see or don't acknowledge your contribution, take rest in knowing you gave all you could and keep your head up.

  1. When I was a child I loved to play with other kids but when I grew up, I quit playing games. Let’s move on because tricks are for kids.

  1. The mysteries of what you don't know today will be revealed through the promises given yesterday. If you don't know, maybe you don't believe hard enough. If you believe, it won't matter what you don't know.

  1. The road behind is steadily fading and the road ahead is sometimes dim, but the road currently traveled will lead to your destination. Check life’s map and review your planned course so you will end up where you want to be.

  1. The magnitude of today's successes depends heavily upon how you handle yesterday's failures. Failures are like elevators; they can take you up or bring you down. Reflect, learn and grow.

  1. Contentment with situations is important because although things evolve they rarely change. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  1. The line between gratitude and greed is thin so give from your heart and you will never suffer from regret.

  1. When you are torn from the garment you think you need, God is fitting you for a new custom made garment. Let go the past and embrace the future.

  1. Hanging in there through thick and thin is admirable but knowing when to hang it up is wise. Know your limits.

  1. The pain of rejection is quickly removed by the power of re-assurance. If you know who you are; who's you are; and feel good about yourself, get up, brush yourself off and try again. Every answer won't be no.

  1. Life is precious but it's also fleeting so slow down, enjoy the scenery, honor the relationships and cherish the moments.

  1. Trying to determine the truthfulness of an individual can be difficult. Don't stress. Fruit will sprout soon then you can see.

  1. What appears to be a failure in our eyes can very well be an opportunity in God's eyes. Let's try to see it His way.

  1. Ever want something so bad that you rushed to get it? And once you got it, it wasn't as good as you anticipated? I've learned that a slow pleasure is much better than a quick disappointment.
  2. Funny how just when you think it’s all bad something wonderful happens to make it all good. The right perspective changes the entire picture.

  1. It’s funny how one can light up a whole room with as little effort as clicking the light switch. If applied to our lives, we can brighten our whole day by simply declaring; it is done. Rediscover the power of choice.

  1. When your great expectation turns into a greater disappointment, don't lower your expectation; keep hoping for an awesome outcome. Good things come to those who wait, believe and don't give up.

  1. No matter how much you smile, pretend, and hide, disappointment and hurt will always find you. Be strong and trust God.

  1. It's always nice to have a dream to extinguish the flames of realities pain. Hope for the future will get you through your present.

  1. Being content with what you have is difficult when what you want and need is within your reach.
  2. Crying purges the emotions of a person but at some point the tears must stop. I encourage you to pick the thing that has robbed your peace and declare today that, I'm not crying over THIS THING anymore. Now move on.

  1. When your reality drowns your dream it kills your hope. Keep the faith, and keep swimming because when you stop hoping; you die.

  1. A promise made shows intentions but promises kept defines character. You may be known for what you say but you’re remembered for what you do

  1. Re-inventing the wheel can be a lot of work and time consuming while refining the wheel so that it runs better has proved to be wise and beneficial. Sometimes it's easier to work on what you have instead of always starting over.

  1. The difficulty of starting over new is getting over old. Perspective and priority will lead to peace and prosperity. Get over it and move on.

  1. This is a good time to slow it down and allow self to rest so that all the positive energies can flow. Rest allows renewing and renewing leads to empowerment. Let’s reflect on what was so we can handle what's to come.

  1. If you want your today to better than the day before, don't contaminate your new opportunity with the poison of yesterdays pain! A new perspective brings positive results.

  1. Dealing with pressure is hard enough but when the pressure is being applied by the one's you thought was down for you, then the stresses are magnified.

  1. Sometimes you can want something so bad that you can taste it but when you finally get it you can't enjoy it the way you want. Some dishes are best served slow. When you work for it you will appreciate it more.

  1. If you remove the tights, the cape and the word S on his chest, Clark Kent will still be Superman. No matter how you dress it up, it is what it is. Just do YOU!

  1. We make many changes trying to impress others but the most significant impression made is the one on another's heart. If you change a heart then you can change a life.

  1. If you get something new and as soon as you learn it, something newer pops up and you have to start all over again, maybe it's not such a bad idea to stick with what you already know or have and perfect that. Contentment is golden.

  1. The amount of options we have may reveal our capacity but the choices we make will define our character. Choose wisely my friends.

People speak of purpose but never address destiny. Purpose is the road designed by God for you to travel but destiny is where you will end up. Work through your purpose so you can celebrate your destiny. Joy is your destiny. 
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