Happy Thanksgiving Quotes for Family Friends

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Post these happy Thanksgiving Day quotes on your Instagram bios, Whatsapp or on your Facebook status in the whole month of November and pay a special gratitude to your family and friends. Thanksgiving is a time to be around friends and family that you love with all your heart and soul. And it's all so a time to think about other people that really need help in life the people that have no family and friend or clothes to we're No home to go to and most of all no money. Thanksgiving is a time to give back and think if others that have a really hard time in life it's all so a time to be thankful for what you do have in life .
Happy Thanksgiving Quotes

Inspirational Happy Thanksgiving Quotes!

  1. I am thankful for all of my amazing friends I specifically met through the internet. It's weird because I have never met most of you, but it doesn't really matter because you're all still a huge part of my everyday life. I view you no differently than I do my "real life" friends.
  2. To me thanksgiving mean to take time to think and to be thankful for everything that you have be thankful for your family and friends and be thankful for being able to wake up every day.
  3. What an interesting holiday.  People were giving thanks to their creator as well as bountiful harvest.  I enjoy the fact that it is now a secular holiday.  I think everybody of every faith should give thanks.  Although, I believe that should be year round though.  Not just Thanksgiving.
  4. I'm thankful for our ability to love.  Not just to love, but to hate, to admire, to be happy, to forgive, and all other emotions that consists of our everyday life.  I couldn't imagine life without the pure emotions behind them.  They are what makes life interesting, exciting, and keeps us in anticipation.
  5. There are many other things to be thankful for, and that I personally am thankful for....but, I'd be here all day trying to get it all down.  Just one specific aspect at this particular moment in time I'm not sure if I should be thankful for or not...but, I've been writing about for years.  I could write pages and pages and pages on.  As are many others, so I'll save them for myself.
  6. Let us face it, we have so many chances, so many opportunities but we have never made it happen: giving thanks to those who've been on our side. As we all know, tomorrow is not guaranteed and therefore there is no excuse for not saying thank you, taking few minutes to call your friend, forgiving someone who sincerely apologizes right now; there is simply no reason to postpone the important till tomorrow. I appreciate all people who help me. Who is there for me, who see that I am vulnerable and just don't look away. God bless you.
  7. I don't celebrate Thanksgiving but I would like to thank all the policemen, marines and everyone who are doing their job, who are on duty today, so that others can celebrate. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving day to all my friends!
  8. I'm thankful that every second is a new a one and tomorrow holds the promise of anything and everything.  I'm thankful that life goes on, and the things that bother us are what we ourselves let bother us.  We have the precious gift of thought and individuality.  We all have each other whether we realize it or not. 
  9. One of the greatest gifts known to man next to love is gratitude. One's gratitude reveals his or her appreciation for all that's received. Let this Thanksgiving be about more than food. Tell someone thanks; especially God.
  10. Because this is the month of Thanksgiving, I am going to be thankful for at least one thing each day! That's hard for me to do, I mean pick ONE thing each day, but here goes:  First and foremost I am Thankful for my deliverance for without it I would be nothing.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I just want to thank everyone who has been praying for my family. Thank you for your love and support. Please continue to pray for my daughter for her recovery, she had to have a c-section and has been such a trooper through her labor process. I am so proud of her she took the pain like a champ and is still taking it even more now. So again, please continue to pray for her to recovery fast so she can enjoy her new baby girl.
  12. There are people in my life who respect me, understand me and treat me like a family. I may be late but you mean a world to me.

There's much more to give thanks for than my friends and what I've obtained and will obtain over the course of a lifetime.  I'd like to give thanks for the breathe of life, for man being blessed with a conscience.  I'm thankful that our backyard (as far as WV goes) is a scene of beauty year round.  I'm thankful that we have domesticated animals that are in tune with our feelings and emotions.  I'm thankful we no longer stone wives and excommunicate people with diseases (although, that is quite arguable).  I really am thankful for my friends though, but also thankful for every single person I encounter good or bad, because everybody in one way, shape, or form has contributed to my life and who I am.  I'm thankful for the existence of music.  Not just music, but the arts in general.  I'm also thankful for the kindness of human kind that I think we very often lack due to our new sense of we think "success and happiness" should be.
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