My Condolence Messages for Loss of Mother

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If you know someone even a little you can send these condolence messages to a friend who lost a mother, you know everyone hates asking for things, only in case of a mother's loss, everyone deserves a little assistance and a few words of sympathy.

A mother is the most influential person in who we have become and how we live our life. She loved her kid’s life more than anyone else I know even now. She taught us it’s ok to make mistakes, and be silly and swear sometimes. I know everyone believes different stuff, sometimes I don't know what I believe either. But if you manage to send a prayer, good vibe, happy thought this way, it'd be appreciated.

Words of condolence for loss of mother!
My condolences for mother loss

  1. I will say a special little prayer for you, and send you lots of hugs hope you get the peace and comfort you need.
  1. People say time will heal our wounds but when losing our loved ones that wound in our heart will be scared for life. Only you know where you stand and know she'll always be by your side even though you can’t see her.
  1. I'm so sorry, I know how much you loved her, my thoughts and prayers are with you. She has found her peace and can watch over you.
  1. Sending prayers your way that you find peace in the memories and comfort in what you were taught over the years.
  1. It’s always hard to lose someone that means so much. Good thoughts coming your way.
  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Many positive thoughts and vibes are being sent your way!
  1. Awe I'm so sorry to hear that! I'll definitely be keeping your family in my prayers. I hope I can be that great if a mother to her kids.
  1. So sorry! Accept my hugs, good thoughts, and prayers all coming to you and your family during this time!
  1. She sounds like a woman who love and lived her life. She is at happy place.
  1. I only met her one time but I had a good time talking with her. My prayers are with you and your family. Sending hugs and peace to your heart, I'm sorry for your loss sweetie.
  1. You are indeed a special person with an unforgettable smiling heart that makes others feel nurtured & loved. If that's any indication of how your Aunt lived her life, she will always live in you and through the lives you touch. My prayers and thoughts are with you & yours.
  1. My condolence to you and your family, your mother in law was a good woman. I remember those days when me and Tony used to be over your mom going between your house and her house.
  1. Just remember that she is always watching over you. Keep your head up dear.
  1. It's so hard to believe that your mom passed away close to eight years ago to be exact. My heart still aches as if she passed yesterday.
  1. I offering my deepest sympathy to you and the rest of your family, I offering prayers that God be with you in your time of need......God bless you and the family.
  1. I am so sorry for your loss; you and your family will be in my prayers. Love you girl and remember she knew how much you loved her also!
  1. Your mom taught you well, you take what she has given you and continue to live the way she want you to ,stay strong and keep her close to your heart and mind and she is always with you and may God continue to bless you and keep you in perfect peace and be blessed.
  1. Condolence to you and your Family and yet be strong always... we pray for your Family.
  1. I’m very sorry and, it's okay I'm sure she is in good hands. You will go to see her again in the next life. Our citizenship is in heaven and not in this world.
  1. I can feel the pain you are going thru. I have once lost my own hero, the first man I loved. Be strong dear. My prayers are with u and your family. Your aunt is now in a better place. Hugs and kisses from me.
  1. One day, when I decide to settle down, I would portray your actions in my children so that they grow up the way you have raised us. Don't worry aunt; I would definitely take care of your family. I will be strong for them and protect them the way you do. I will love you to eternity and beyond...I love you with all my heart...and my life. This isn't goodbye but...till we meet again.
  1. I sympathize with you and your family condolence, strengthen your courage and get hold of yourself.

There will be a day when all you have left are the kisses you had, the hugs you gave, the best bottles you shared, and songs that still make you smile out of nothing. She would have wanted that. 
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