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RIP quotes cannot bring someone back into life but at some point of life, you realize that you have done so much for someone and the next possible step to do is to stop, leave them alone, pay them a regard in beautiful words on Facebook status or through an Instagram caption and walk away, it’s not like you are giving up, and it’s not like you shouldn't try, it's just that you have to draw the line of determination from desperation, what’s truly yours will eventually be yours and what's not, no matter how hard you try it will never be. I believe the 5 major motives of life are relationship, love, romance, food, and work. You know you're at the pinnacle of your life, when you can do the best for your life when you clearly get your motives instead of wasting your days for unworthy people and give a tribute to fellows who left you in the world.
Rest in peace

Rest in Peace Quotes!

  1. You will never forget the person when they pass away, death cannot take them away from your memories so they aren't gone. They are always in your heart.
  2. Our biggest grief are our loved ones if something happened to them, who would take them, and would people up there love them the way they are used to being loved on the earth.
  3. Rest in peace my dear friend Joan. I am glad the kids and the family you left will be taken care of. God Bless your family and friends and the people who caring for your blood relations. I am praying for you as you go toward your real owner. A special thank you to all who helped make his last wish comes true. May his soul rest in peace, May God bless all of you!
  4. RIP my bestie and God Bless. Your little baby I am sure is missing you but is being loved by many. I just hope that others who are in this situation could get the same support.
  5. Getting over a death of your beloved ones could be the hardest thing in your life. In fact, you shouldn't fail to remember about it, you should just start thinking positive and live your life.
  6. May the Almighty bless his soul, may it'll be in heaven, and may the God award harmony to all his family and colleagues especially his father and also to all who loved him. God bless you my princess, guide you and look after you.
  7. I was looking in a stash of CD’s in my room and I found a video of my father that passed away and I smiled and that made my day, rest in peace dad.
  8. R.I.P buddy, our thoughts are with your family, you was a good friend in and out of work. Sleep well mate. Just remember the pain will eventually go away, but the good memories are forever.
  9. It’s not a day when I don’t think about you and it hurts me to my soul when I found out that you had flown home. Anyone who loves everyone that much is lovable, no matter what! I can say I love you, even now and belatedly.
  10. I love you and you may still receive my prayers somewhere. I think of you daily. You were a beautiful strong woman. Part of you is still here; your three beautiful kids and grand kids. Rest in peace my love, until I see you again.
  11. My love goes out to you and your family may God's blessings overshadow all of your pain. You know I love you and your family and you should know the fact that my love is always with you. I just have my moment’s heavy from missing you.
  12. It’s hard to believe such a beautiful, intelligent, driven young woman was taken from this world. She is missed by many, me included! Life goes on but memories persist. The memory that strikes me as the most vivid was her kind behavior with me. She always had a fighting spirit and will forever be in our hearts.
  13. I am sorry you are gone and I miss you dearly, I wish sometimes we can trade and you still be here. I love you with all my heart and thank you for being the best sister you can be.
  14. You are my brother and you always will be. I will never forget seeing you laying in the emergency room; I lied to them saying I was your brother. They were about to bring you to the operating room and they let me come see you .I told you to fight, fight, fight. That you better not give up. You were going to make it through this for your kids because they need you. You even looked at me with one eye while I was talking to you. I told you I loved you and you better make it through this and fight and they wheeled you off. That moment is forever in my mind and heart, may your soul rest peace.
  15. Accept my sincere heartfelt condolence for your mother; I am thinking of you and your family so very much right now. Always brings a piece of joy and a smile. Even from heaven.
  16. R.I.P pal, my thoughts and condolences go out to your family. You can rest now my friend and there is no doubt you were a good colleague.
  17. You were a pillar of your community, and you will be sorely missed. May your soul rest in peace pretty lady! God loves you much. I will miss your funny sense of humor.
  18. He is better than he was any other day. He is resting now. I'm praying for you. I love you and you will truly be missed, your legend will live thru me forever.
  19. For people that say they hate someone, stop that because you never know what can happen to that person! Spend time with your family as much as you can and do not fight.
  20. I know you never came back from the Heaven but our prayers have been constant. No words can make it better. Just know there are many who love you.
  21. There are some people you love, and you know for sure: I will always keep in love with them. That's how I feel about my husband. May his soul rest in peace!
  22. Sometime in life someone you love passes away! Sometimes in life you argue or fight with them! Then when they pass away, you will regret it.
  23. The tears keep coming. We love you grandpa, thank you for everything you've ever done for me. R.I.P. we love you so much.
  24. Tell him I am so sorry and I know you thought of him as a brother. I'll be praying for you all and the family. R.I.P brother in law I never met.
  25. my one only real best friend, you will always remain in my heart as my number one. There is no happiness in this world without you.
  26. Such a waste too, my heart goes out to their families and friends as they must have been loved by so many. I remember him to, a lovely and polite lad with a naughty smile! Another two stars in the sky.
  27. I'm actually really sad that he passed away. He was the best teacher at school. You were the best tutor and such a lovely and outgoing guy.
  28. Today I just learned that heaven gained an awesome man who I have known since I was in grade school. Rest in peace buddy!
  29. R.I.P my friend! I Lost such a great and real friend today, that I thought a lot of you, you were always too polite to everyone and a good friend to all. Grandma you will be missed.
  30. Damn I love you and I can't stop crying. I kissed your forehead this morning. I will see you again later than sooner. Life isn't certain, but death is. It’s what you put in, and that's how much you'll get doubles out of it.
  31. When you feel sad about a loss, make something to remember him/her by!
  32. Many great times my family had with you. You were a great known legend. You are in a better place now. In loving memory, we love you.
  33. There is a purpose for our lives, and this purpose of life comes from God which leads us to our destiny.
  34. I love you because you make me feel safe and secure when we were together.

R.I.P Quotes

For people who do drugs:
Please Remember!
*You have people in your life that love you
*You should think of how your family would feel if you died from drugs
*Many people who do drugs are very good people, but they made a stupid decision
*If you do drugs, PLEASE STOP not only for you for your family too.

I post quotes to try to make everybody who lost someone feel better. I understand it can't just make somebody feel better, but sometimes they make a lot of people know that that person IS in a better place. A lot of people thank me for posting R.I.P Quotes up, but you don't have to thank me! I do it to help me, my family, and my friends on this page. Thank YOU guys for liking all of my statuses and sharing quotes. If you want me to make you a picture with a quote that is based on someone you lost, please comment here Rip Quotes and I will try my best and I will not post it in public unless you would like me to!

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