Cute Good Morning Instagram Quotes for Pics

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Use the following cute good morning quotes on Instagram pictures to wish morning to your followers. You can also use these morning wishes with morning# hashtags to spread your message on the whole network instantly.

Another brand new day has arrived! A day that has never been witnessed in my life, a gift from God to mankind because so many went to bed with us yesterday but couldn't wake to embrace this day with us, So forever will be missed by their beloved families and friends.

So do you think it’s because you’re so careful or smarter or even more beautiful than those had been missed by the kids, mother, father, husbands/wife, friends, brothers and sisters, lying in the mortuary. No!! It’s simply by the grace of God that you’re still breathing. Thousands of Facebook accounts have been labeled Ghost account because the owners are dead!

But you’re still alive! Breathing and doing your things

Why don’t you kneel down and say a big Thank You to God who have been protecting you!

He never sleeps nor slumbers.

Good morning friends!

Good Morning Instagram!

  1. Pray heavily today and be very vigilant! Every sweet morning is a very dreadful day time in some kingdoms, be very careful! This world is so wicked and full of mysterious things and 90% is not for your good. Good Morning Facebook!
  2. I'll keep on moving and keep holding on till it works! Nothing comes good so easy this I know. Nothing good has ever been achieved without enthusiasm. Life is a book but who knows who knows what character you’re in. I desire 3 things in my life now but who knows if they're right for me. Have a good Day!
  3. You never know the value of what you have until you lost it. So for whatever thing that is worth it. For whatever that is great. For whatever that is lovely. Hold it fast. Good morning!
  4. They say" The Patient dog eats the fattest Bone. And I laughed so loud... I’m no Dog and where did all the flesh and the meat and the beef go to. I know why am saying..... Because I have no strong teeth to eat the "bone"...talks less of the cutest one....
  5. Patient dog eats the fattest bone indeed.....who ate the meat? Whoever ate the meat should be also punished by giving her/him the bone......and not just any bone.....but the fattest one... Have a sweet morning!
  6. Work to leave a good legacy. Life is so short, and funny enough but its only one life to live, no second chance. Good morning Instagram!
  7. Show love, eat love, swim in love...and don’t forget those in the Motherless homes, the Orphans, those innocent ones imprisoned unlawfully because they have no one to care for them, those in pains in the Hospitals crying and grunting.. Reach out and touch someone today.
  8. Good morning my friends and my haters...? The best Good Morning goes to you because you are the best honest friends I have. You always tell me exactly how I look and how I eat and walk and everything. I called them my mirror... unfortunately I don’t have any hater!
  9. Have you said thank you God this morning? If you haven't please do always say a little prayer whenever you sleep and wake up safe and sound! Thank you God!
  10. So help me God! Help me be the man you want me to be. I just want to be happy. Get married. Have beautiful kids and live happily ever after. My prayer oh lord is to be a Perfect Husband, A Loving dad to be, an obedient servant to you oh Lord, a nice person with my colleagues, friends and clients, a caring son to my parents.
  11. My humble advice to all my friends out here is this: whatever thing you know that is good, whatever you know that is ideal, whatever you know that is worth doing, DO IT!! And please don’t forget those poor fellows around you, they may not have that guts to approach you because of inferiority complex but when you approach them with love, you added that day as a day never to be forgotten in their dairy. Morning Instagram!
  12. Nothing is good or bad, only the heart makes it so. Don't be deceived, what is good is good and what is bad is damn bad, so always do what is good because it’s from your works you'll be judged, right here and after you're dead! Have a cool day!
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