Instagram Love Quotes for Her

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Impress your girlfriend or wife by posting these love quotes on your Instagram bios. You can also use hashtags like #love and #romantic to express your lovely feelings.

Grab a love quote for her on your Instagram Bio!

Get in love with someone who is there even when you’re mad or upset, in love with a person of your own choice.

There comes a time in relationships, both right and wrong persons' bring tears. But it's better to have someone right who can only bring tears of joy.

Stories are different, thoughts are parallel, histories are like an eclipse - repeats itself, but life - its no different, neither parallel nor it repeats. You just have only one life. And you just have to live with it no matter whatever it is. For some, life it really short, but for some, it’s too long to take.

Love is like space, it’s always there, it cannot diminish. Never doubt love, know that everybody loves you and you love everybody.

Sometimes, it is important to accept the fate. Even if you are a victim of time, you need to calm down and accept whatever is coming. It’s hard but there is no other way. But be sure for one thing, what goes around, comes around. You will have your time for that. The wound will never be fixed but something will.

You claim you love her and she says she’s so much in love with another man, while the man she claims she's in love with never cares if she's alive or dead. He's in love with another lady in a far away land and she never cares for him because she has another man in her life that never cares for her that she loves so much.

Whatever is yours will always be yours, whatever moves away from you was never yours even before.

I believe in connecting with the people rather than marketing illogically. It’s always better to tell the experience rather than asking them to try to like it.

We have the power to change someone’s day by just one flower picked from a garden can light up their day. The gift of prayers can work miracles, it is indeed such a powerful gift that lives in our heart, we can make a difference in our own lives and those who need to share in our love.

Someday I will wake up, once again, in that place that I left, one day, I will just breath again in that air, will open my eyes to see that heavenly beauty once again, will smile, will cheer and will celebrate. But now, I will sleep for a while, because it’s important.

If he marries you solely for your shape & looks, they don't last forever, but if he loved your character & piety, it can only get better as time passes.

Enjoy every moment you have and never allow an hour to be overtaken by misery.

If you find someone who really, sincerely and truly loves you and its doing all he can to prove to you how much he loves you...Please embrace and value it no matter how little his efforts towards making you happy is.

Loving someone who never loves you in return makes you die faster than having a heart attack.

What is life? Eat, drink, marry, have kids, make money, invest, buy mansions and cars and clothes! Above all trust God and believe in faith! Finally guard all this jealousy with love! Because love conquers all!

I love you because love is the best and the greatest. When you don’t have any money to give and food to give.... Spread some love, a sincere smile, a warm and honest handshake, a rose, even a joke can make that difference.

Life is absolutely a mess without you having someone to love & also spend the rest of your life with. You got just 1 life to live. So love & love REAL HARD like it’s your chance of survival. Distance, color, age & race are invalid where true love exists. So put God first and let love flow.

I believe we can always make a difference by sharing the love in our heart. Someone always needs a hug or a smile, kind words to show you care; to touch a heart in despair.

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