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Your Instagram bio is the best place where you can share About Me quotes with the whole community. You may also share these clever and cute about me sayings on Facebook and Tumblr and let the world know about your likes and dislikes.

Quotes about me for Instagram Bios!

1)      Basically how I feel. I'm a completely different person than I was a few years ago and it feels amazing. I'm sorry some of you are stuck with your opinions on me. I don't know anyone well enough anymore to judge. It'd be nice if some of you could let go of the little bit you think you know about me, I'd probably prove you wrong.

2)      I don't care how thick, big, slim, dark or light skinned you are but if you were Converse(all-star) there is a 99.9% chance that I'll like you.

3)      If I like you, it's not gonna be hard for me to tell you at first. I'm not always good with putting my feelings into words.

4)      I always bottled up everything that makes me sad or mad but when I let it out, I get in trouble or lose a friend.

5)      I'm not much of a suck up, so if I like you or something, appreciate it. That is not come out easy.

6)      If you've send me a text and I don't reply yet I'm alone, Go and count sugar particles or something.

7)      Freedom alone is not enough and it will not carry you far, it's very difficult to live on freedom alone.

8)      Sometimes you just have to make a courageous leap to change what you don't like about your circumstances!

9)      Follow your kind heart... What ever happened at least what u did is the right thing!

10)  We learn, from the authentic sources, that God the infinitely merciful finds ways to forgive us and give us absolutions. However, we find those who try to find any reason to consider us heathens and blasphemous! A crazy as the world is getting, some of us are never clearer on which direction is the path of truth.

11)  Homemade remedies are often ignored. Maybe they don't always produce miracles but they can help.

12)  I was not raised in a rich family, but I was embraced with unconditional love by my mom, aunty and grandpa, that taught me how to ‪LOVE and appreciate women.

13)  You can't hate people for what their parents have done for them. It's not their fault that your parents didn't hustle for you.

14)  We live in the generation of not being in ‪love, so if you are holding that thing with both hands and be true to it.

15)  LOVE is such a high dosage to intake. Understand it with dear responsibility. Not for sale to person under the age of 18.

16)  Girls will never stick together because they put love first and that’s what they are competing for.

17)  You know we can actually learn more about relationships by observing animals.

18)  I don't understand how some guys have mothers and sisters but still have ZERO respect for women.

19)  You may insult women all you want but you don't call them right in their face that they are stupid.

20)  Birds won't get pregnant until they finish building their own house, unlike most of our teenagers in this country.

21)  some people are just here on Instagram to attack you & disagree with everything you post, most things I post here are jokes, opinions & my own personal view of things, you wasting your own time by attacking me because I'm not going to stop, better use that energy to introspect yourself why they bother you so much or simply unfriend me.

22)  It's not you beautiful ladies, it's us, there is something about you that make us lose touch of who we really are, it’s a male disease.

23)  If the person you are with is in a relationship and they are cheating with you don't expect anything different when they get with you. A person can only do to you what you allow them to do bottom line.

24)  If only you could see who's running who, you'll understand the politics that lies ahead. Listen to yourself, do what you think is right, stand by what you say and see the wonders!

25)  You are not going back on your word; you are going back where you belong!

26)  You'd be surprised what people you trust would do when they think they don't have a choice.

27)  They say, by all means, the best are truly the worst of their kinds. It's just a matter of time when you see the goodness and the badness.

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