Never Give Up Quotes for Instagram

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Life gives us easy and hard time but brave hearts never gives up and work harder to achieve their goals. The following sayings may boost your self esteem, motivation and spiritual powers deep inside.

Never Give Up Quotes for Instagram

Never Give Up Quotes

  1. You may have gone through challenges or are going through them, but don't lose heart and give up because the Lord is taking you to a great place, where you will no longer remember those hardships. Don't worry He is with you always!
  1. People always do sour-grapping when it comes to financial matter. Some thinks, money is bad, the root of an evil. Money is not bad, greed and love of money is bad. Lack of money is always the root of crime.
  1. We only have so much energy, and it needs to be directed in a positive way. That is an excellent way to lead your life. Even when pointing out problems, painting a positive picture of the solution open a faster road to turning things around. Hate and blame turn on you, even if you are right.
  1. If you want something bad enough you'll get it just wish hard and dream big it will all fall into place. Don't give up on the things you want.
  1. In a lonely world, you will be thinking how you can make something or people around you believe in your dreams but all seems to be complicated. Don't give up, just try again and again because the more you try the more your faith grow up in a better position...
  1. Don’t ever stop praying and hold on to God for only he can lead you right. Never give up on him! Be strong and never give up on yourself! Keep pushing on.
  1. Clarity is 95% of success and it is so easy to give up on that which you don't understand.
  1. The whole world can be against you even when you are right about it; believe in yourself, don't give up, trust in God and keep working... No matter how long it takes, one day you will prove them wrong!
  1. You must be a fool trying to copy someone else when God know who you really are. The greatness inside you is bigger than the one you are emulating. Find yourself! You are wasting your days trying to find the Lil Wayne, Nicky Minaj, Drake, and Kanye and so on inside you. Wake up!
  1. I think a lot about the best way to influence the world, and I am more and more convinced that it comes down to thinking positively, finding things to be joyful about, treating everyone, with whom you come in contact, with cheerful good manners, and directly aiding those you know in need.
  1. No matter how much you want to vent, shut up. Karma will handle the situation. And, if someone treats you poorly, you don't need to talk about it because you don't need to think about it.
  1. When others help you, please make them feel good about their contribution to your life. It is difficult enough putting yourself out there for another without getting dead silence or a sense of entitlement in return. I'm not saying you should grovel, but a little encouragement goes a long way and pays off for you in the end.
  1. No matter how people try to take you for granted, don't give up on love; a loving heart remains the wisest policy!
  1. Watch your steps then work hard and don't give up. Always appreciate what you have and don't forget your parents and family even if they from rural area.
  1. Clever people make mistakes and learn from them but the intelligent people learn from other people’s mistakes.
  1. If you feel that things are getting hard for you it means you must work even hard. Success is always close to you so never lose hope.
  1. People have reason to smile & laugh but majority of people smile for happiness and many laughs for success.
  1. I refuse to let a backstabber put me down and throw me off from my game I am just take it in the hands of the lord. I am not got time for its either you are or you are not and if you’re not LEAVE out of my life!

  1. How un-sophisticated is it to declare you know what motivates people whose opinions are different than yours? Especially when you have never spoken to them, don't associate with people who don't share your opinions and never, ever read the opposite opinion.
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