Funny Life Lessons Quotes for Instagram

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In our daily routine, we learn funny and sometime hard life lessons in some way. These are the bit hilarious quotes about life will also teach you some great messages to live by. We get too emotional and, at the same time, happy every time we remember things that we have been through a lot. So giving up from any of our most passionate acts can give us and bring us nothing. If we can't help ourselves do those things we miss the most, just wait till they come again. They will come, for sure, on time at the right place with the right people.

Funny Life Lessons!

Funny life lesson 

  1. The process of registration and retrieval of account with a slow internet connection taught me of an important value the patience.
  1. Only a fool looks at the burns of another person and still jumps in the fire to see if it's really hot.
  1. You can't buy the anointing but it sure will cost you! It might sound oxymoronic but you'll find it to be true.
  1. Using a scripture out of context is like using a television set to iron your clothes.
  1. Make sure you have the facts straight before you attempt to correct someone! Unless of course you like foot sandwiches and toe jam. Don't put your foot in your mouth.
  1. There is no such thing as privacy anymore; if people can post a picture of your headless body on the Facebook they are as sick as the person who murdered you.
  1. Let's go brain cells we can do this together! We'll reward each other soon!
  1. A fine person with a bad attitude or a smart mouth is the most unattractive person ever. Looks am not everything.
  1. Don't try to dive into shallow people; you'll break your neck.
  1. Don't dance on the line and then be surprised when you cross it! Stay away!
  1. Sometimes maturity calls you to hold your peace so your life won't end up in pieces.
  1. Procrastination is the killer of opportunity! Don't fool yourself into thinking you'll get the same chance tomorrow. Get up and do it now!
  1. A person's effectiveness should not be metered by their fortune, fame or following but rather by their fruit.
  1. So I just need to show you something unusual for you to take a moment and appreciate my beauty? -Moon.
  1. People who don't have control of their own lives usually try to rule everyone else's.
  1. If you try to make everyone your best friend you'll end up with no friends.
  1. Sometimes I stand around grocery aisles waiting for a tall guy to walk by and grab stuff from top shelves for me.
  1. Attempting to establish a doctrine using one text is like trying to build a house with one brick.
  1. The effects of fear itself are many times more harmful than the manifestation of the things you fear.
  1. Don't just deal with the fruit of your problem, deal with the root!
  1. We must be man/woman enough to admit when we're wrong! It's not a sign of weakness; it's a sign of maturity.
  1. I just realized there are a lot of good things I’d like to do right now, but i can't because they're not a part of my assignment! Good things become bad when they take you off your post!
  1. Isn't it funny how nobody comes around until they need you, but isn't it even way more funny how nobody comes around when you need them.
  1. Making the right decisions, eating the right foods etc, doesn't always guarantee you longevity but it most definitely will impact the quality of your life, while you're alive!
  1. Sometimes wisdom says shut your mouth and let your life do the talking!
  1. Most of the time, we just have to listen to understand what's really behind everything.
  1. Life is like a GPS it does not show you all of the obstacles you are going face on your journey it just shows you how to get to your designated destination!
  1. Sometimes, you see worthless people worthy because of love that, somehow, makes everyone stupid.

Most people that think the grass looks greener on the other side, they only consider its current appearance! However, they fail to realize that this same grass in a week or three will need watering, mowing and weeding. If you maintain/enhance your own lawn it can be greener than it is now! Mess with someone else’s lawn and you'll have two lawns to deal with! Think about it!
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