20 Positive Quotes about Life

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These positive quotes will give you a lesson of determination and courage in life. Live life to the fullest and take advantage of every fraction of a second that you get to live on this borrowed time. Make every moment count. Live to love and love to live.

By the end of each day the world will give you at least ten reasons to give up, to feel helpless, to lose hope; all because the world can be such a scary place. Yet, by the end of each day the world will also give you countless reasons to be resilient, to never lose hope, to be strong and keep walking tall, to see the good before the bad, to find joy where there's only sadness, to find the solution before you worry about the problem, to see the possibility where everyone else simply sees more of the same.
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20 Positive Quotes for the Day!

  1. The world will always give you the opportunity to see the glass half empty, but it will also give you the fair chance to see the glass half full.
  1. The world will always give you the opportunity to make a choice, to stay still or to move forward, to fall down and stay down, or to fall down and get up, probably hurt and frail, but never broken.
  1. The world will always find a way to bring you down to your knees, not to humiliate you but to make you humble and wiser.
  1. Never judge someone until you've been where they've been, done what they've done, and gone through what they've gone through before.
  1. You must make out what is imperative and what really matters to you, so you do not misuse the important moments of your life for things that are not value it.
  1. The world would never conspire against you, unless you decide to believe so.
  1. Just because people are nice to you, doesn't mean you can trust them. Not everything is what it seems.
  1. The world will always root for you; will always choose to believe in you, the world will always be on your side.
  1. We spend a large part of our lives chasing what we think we need in our life to wake up one day and realize everything we needed was right there all along!
  1. The world will give you a new beginning every time you'll get to see another day and it will let you make of it whatever you yearn to make of it.
  1. The world will teach you that when a door closes, a window radiating light opens.
  1. There will be days when you'll chose to give up, when you'll chose to cry instead of smile, when you'll choose to lose instead of win.
  1. Life is all about learning then you just past down the information to the next person.
  1. With time everyone should eventually grow and notice change about themselves but over time you see no change then you need to grow up.
  1. There will be days when you'll chose to feel sorry for yourself instead of feeling proud and accomplished.
  1. Observe your surroundings because you never know what's going on until you do.
  1. Life has so many ups and downs but the older I get the more I realize that it's best to face both rides with a smile and know that I'm blessed.
  1. There will probably be more bad days then good ones, but it will always be up to you to decide which days really count.
  1. When you are in relationship with God you become a new person, not a perfect person, but a new and forgiven one. There are things you will continue to struggle with and fail at, but now you are not alone.
  1. Make every day a good day, and make every second of each day you get to live be a wonderful and extraordinary life.

Life is so short people just don’t understand how precious it is! You never know what day is your last. Holding grudges just makes life harder to live. Just let go and move on and be the better person!
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  1. I suffer from depression. But I refuse to let it ruin my life because I realize there's an awful lot I can do to control it - I will not go cap in hand to a doctor for pills and expect that this will magically cure me without putting in any effort myself. Sometimes I feel pretty shit but that's only when I've let things go. When I get back on the horse and do all the stuff I know helps, I find I feel a whole lot better. It takes a lot of effort sometimes, believe me, but my health is MY responsibility, not someone else's. In my darkest hour I dragged myself to therapy and practiced the techniques I was taught even though I felt like hell. I force-fed myself fresh fruit & veg even though all I craved was toast and crisps sandwiches. I got my miserable arse off the sofa and away from Coronation Street, and sat it on an exercise bike and listened to dance music... And do you know what? All that plus a load of other stuff that *I* did (without anti-depressants) got me through it, and continues to do so.


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