Happy One Month Anniversary Poems for Him

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I appreciate if you post these happy one month anniversary poems with your boyfriend name on your Instagram and Facebook statues. Just when you think things can't get any worse, life deals you the cruelest of hands. It really gives you a wake-up call and makes you realize how precious every single day is because when you think you have all the time in the world it's taken away from you. Life’s too short to make the most of what you have today because there may not be a tomorrow to fix things.

One month anniversary poems for him!

one month anniversary poems for him

One century in one month

Distance lost the value, where there is love
Spaces get lost when it comes to love
One moment could be equal to hundred years
In the lock of love
I feel a century of happiness
In one month with you
It’s all about you
Time, space and my eternal love
You are my century
You are my year
You are my month
You are my week and days
And you are my moment
Stay close to my heart
With you I can live forever

I call this "Imperfection"

Follow your heart not your eyes
Listen to one voice not the rumors and lies
Imperfections are important and so are mistakes
So live for the moment doing whatever it takes
Keep those you love close to your heart
And never let haters tear that apart
Real love is precious and so rare to find
So if you have it hold on cause there is no rewind
I am truly sorry for all the pain that I've caused
I pray you'll forgive me for all of my flaws
I may be imperfect but I'm real

Forget your Ex

I know, I am not that girl you are looking for,
but I can love you more than the girl you are waiting for
I want that Once Upon a Time Fairy Tale Love
In which we attract each other souls through our eyes
Forgot about your ex because I'm the one you're thinking of…
Let’s lost there is no other source of love except my heart
I'm your number one, you’re my one and only
No more pain, no more breakups
My Beast will never get tired of Sleeping with his Beauty

One month is equals to…

Today we perfectly completed
One whole month
In each other hearts
In each other arms
In and out of sweet home
Up and down of emotions
Silly one liner and long movies
On TV, on radio and on phones
The world is same as before
The world of my heart
Is changed for forever

How we met was odd but memorable

And will always be Unforgettable
Dishonesty is Objectionable
Perfection is Unattainable
Our actions seem Inexcusable
And sometimes appear Inequitable
I'm sorry is Unacceptable
Yet our feelings are Undeniable
Mistakes are always Inevitable
But my love was never Questionable
And my truth is forever Creditable
I may not be perfect
But I’m the realist girl you'll ever meet

When he surprises you with paper flowers

He gave me paper flowers at 1 AM
He stayed up making them
He is ridiculously adorable
He made for a traditional ‪first anniversary

Soul mates

Eyes opened, yet I couldn't see,
That you were my soul mate,
We're destined to be.
Destined to live life as one unselfishly
Destined to walk hand in hand,
Strolling along bare feet in the sand!
My soul mate, I had no clue you see,
That you and I were destined to be.
It was you, who stole my heart,
With your loving but confident smile right from the start
After a while I realize you had penetrated my wall,
The same one tried but couldn't get to fall.
Your method was a very simple one,
You asked God for His will to be done.
My heart spoke and said you are the one for me,
This is how I know we're destined to be...
Soul mates!

Crystal dreams

I visited this place in crystal dreams.
I showered in it's waterfalls,
And drank from it's streams.
I gazed into it's pearly skies,
And breathed in it's humid mist.
I danced atop it's feathered branches
With a joy my heart could not resist.

We all have our own path and make our own decisions. But following our heart shouldn't make those who you once called friends start separating themselves from you even if they don't understand nor believe. They shouldn't leave your side no matter what. If that's the case they weren’t your friends from the beginning! One month is a big space to discover each other’s true love, so if you really find a lovely life partner than don’t hesitate to sing these first month anniversary poems for him.
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