Being Single Quotes and Poems

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Being single means you can discover courage, strength, confidence, happiness inside your soul and these poems and quotes about being single women may clear your thoughts. All love stories are the same. When I met him, he promised heaven on earth.  I didn't know we would break up, I can't believe he left me for that ugly good for nothing girl. He stopped picking my calls suddenly but I thought by giving him a second chance. He would change but, I have never been this heartbroken, I won’t love again, then ex came in, I didn't want to let him in but I was like let me give it a try, they are all the same. I won't get married. What have I forgotten? Can you guys come up some new stories? Are you agree with the statement tat Single people are frivolous, irresponsible and hedonistic. They have no focus, selfish and live like freelance journalists. Married people are happy willing to take up responsibilities and live happy life.
being single and happy

Being single quotes for Instagram bios!

  1. Ladies, you’re not single until your get a divorce from all your exes (physically, mentally and emotionally). They're exes for a reason. Don't make the new suffer for the old.

  1. Stop looking at your singleness as a curse and began to embrace it.

  1. The strongest person is to face all failures and challenges in life, rather than avoiding it and keeps on running.

  1. A good girl isn't of a particular tribe. A good girl isn't of a particular age. A good girl isn't of a particular religion. A good girl is of good parentage. A good girl is a good girl.

  1. A confident, respectful and loyal woman is a beautiful woman no matter what she looks like.

  1. What a difference the love and beauty of a woman can make in the heart of a man! It softens even the hardened hearts and makes even the most principled of men, irrespective of age and education, to act like a teen.

  1. Life is sweeter when it includes elevation & expansion. Sticking to the same old stuff may be comfortable but it is stifling!

  1. Singles, our body and soul are inseparable. If you commit sin with the body you damage the soul.

  1. Single ladies: if he's so into you like he says. He will not only respect you he will also respect the faith in you.

  1. Truth is if you are an open minded and understandable, it's not a fault if, then What Ifs take place.

  1. A single woman with few abilities and talents is bound to exhibit weird mannerisms because of insecurity when she chooses to commit. The fear of better people around her spouse will vent odd conduct.

  1. Singles, including loyalty in a relationship teach me how to communicate my thoughts without bitter emotions. Show me how to listen and wait to be heard. Help me not to talk at or over my spouse but with and to my spouse.

Being single poems!

Tired of being single
Ladies, please stop referring
To the guy you date as
My man, boo, babe, sugar, lover, boyfriend
Because they don’t belong to you
The moment he decide to cheat
Leave the country
You cannot be upset
You’re the dummy
You let him get off easy
With no ring you cooked his meals
Wash his draws
Iron his clothes
Paid the bills
Treated him like a king all for free

Happy being single poem
In my singleness
I’m learning the good
The bad and the ugly about me
Ridding myself of the old
I and that can only happen
Through prayer & meditation
Its reveals what's under the surface?
Ladies making your face presentable
Is not the attraction
When the beauty fades what's left
short being single poem
These young girls who expect their young boyfriends to be as loaded as their 50 yr old fathers might miss out on the right men if they don't change their attitudes. Do you girls know that at the age of that boyfriend you are despising and looking at as an ATM, many of your fathers were much broker, not at campus or didn't even have degrees? If you find a campus student or fresh graduate too broke, go and date or marry your 50 yr old dad, but before that, trace your father's success story!
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