I Love You Quotes For Instagram Photo Captions

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The following I love you quotes could be use as love captions on your Instagram photos, this is a new way to express your feeling by using a social app. There are different levels of love; love between friends, love between parents and their child, puppy love or crush love but I think you are referring to what most people in a relationship mean when they say I love you. It is selfless, effortless, and blameless. It is giving up you "heart" to one as they give up theirs for you. It connects on all level soul, body and heart. It is passion, lust, mushy feelings, friendship and selflessness. You would die with that person or for them. It is not however the end all to be all. That's just my take.
Post these the love captions on your Instagram photos to show your love for your boyfriend or husband.
I love you captions

I love you captions for your boyfriend photos!

He is the only one I can trust.
He is also my best friend.
I cannot live without him.
My love for you cannot be complete in this life.
Your love is the only source of my life.
He is very special.
I have no life without him.
Your pictures are perfect even without songs.
He loves my inner beauty more than my face beauty.
My every day becomes a Valentine's Day when you look at me.
He cares about my likes and dislikes.
He is my only star in the sky.
You cannot be the best without me.
He is very honest to me.
He never lies to me.
He prefers me over all his important tasks.
He is cute, handsome and caring.
He buys little presents for me.
He can understand my feelings.
Love is a precious moment,  make sure in this lifetime you actually soaking up every second.
He always read my mind correctly.
Sometimes I yell at him and he still loves me.
You and I are full of affection.
He accepts me with all my right and wrong qualities.
He wants to marry with me.
We are incomplete without each other.

I love you photo captions for your girlfriend!

Doesn't worry, now you’re all worries belong to me?
You always know what to say; and you rhyme too!
You are my real power.
I love the way when you say “everything will be OK”.
Your presence always gives me a strange satisfaction of security.
I always feel myself safe with you.
Sometimes when everything is so perfect and happy, I feel scared that, what if this is just a dream.
Wake up and kiss your partner with morning breath. It will let you know it's real.
You can hug me without my permission.
I angry at you for many things but I still love you.
You are the only hero for my Facebook cover photo.
You are a world of happiness, sweetie I love you.
You are cute just in what you are.
I can’t help it if you are better than me.
You are so mean, you are super sweet, you are really funny, you are so obvious and ... I really like you.
Talking with you for many hours is my favorite hobby.
Your love awakens my soul.
That date with you, couldn't ask for something else!
Your kiss tastes like a cheeseburger.
I am your guy, never leave my heart.
I am not sure which is not as good as, missing you, or actually there's nothing I can do about it.
I love when you memorize something I told you a long time ago.
With you I am always ready to take any risk.
I don’t know why with you I become happy for no reason at all.

Sometimes it’s hard being a life partner. You want to protect your partner from being hurt or let down by others but you can't. When you see your soul mate being hurt, it can be a natural reaction to get mad or upset with whoever hurts him but in all honesty, it just saddens me and leaves me feeling disappointed. I wish I could fix or change the situation but I can't. What I can do is continue to be there for my partner and love him through any trial or challenge he face.
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