Valentine's Day Quotes for Instagram Captions

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Facebook, Instagram and Valentine's Day now necessary for each other because it is a richest platform for cute love quotation marks and photo captions that everyone wants on this special day! Valentine day is a matter of the heart, especially when genuine, cannot be reasoned by being reduced to some sort of timetable. Why one schedule would be unique. Where there is genuine emotional outburst, there isn't time to schedule a plan for such uniqueness; they just occur: that's what happens when the genuine heart is talking.

Valentine's Day quotes

Valentine Day Quotes for Instagram Captions & Bios

  1. Does celebrating Valentine's Day really matter? Should one wait until 14th Feb to prove their love? Shouldn't there be a constant in these things? For me love must be constant and everyday is valentine.
  2. Love is so special a thing to be seasonal. Where you choose to make it, why should it be on 14th Feb? Why can't it be on one's anniversary? Overall, I believe seasonal love is an abuse to love.
  3. Valentine day is only reserved for lovers, so you need to show some uniqueness in your relationship.
  4. Valentine Day is basically good for people who have problems in their relationships so that they correct their mistakes and rejuvenate their relationships.
  5. Every guy is not the same, you can also find ones with big heart who'll be down to care, cherish and love you like you never being loved before.
  6. Valentine’s Day is not a day to prove love. But rather look at it as a day to celebrate love. So a green light to those who are going to celebrate it!
  7. Though love should be expressed all the time, there are special days that keep you feel like you are in paradise, so is 14th Feb. lets the 'old skull enjoy it.
  8. Whatever the case, Valentine day do not a force you either consider it or simply ignore your crush.
  9. There are so many things we don't do regularly in our relationships so a day like Valentine let you try something unusual for that special person and show them that you really care and think of them.
  10. If every day we stay at home, then on such Valentine day take a trip away from home, be different that's what this day means.
  11. Apart from the screaming, fire-works, burnt tires, time with your lover, and part-time excitement, what has changed in your life? Who says resolutions are made only when the 14th February comes? In fact, real resolutions are made during the whole year.
  12. You might do everything gorgeous throughout your relationship but that one special thing you do on Valentine day might strengthen your relationship a lot.
  13. After becoming independent, it means we have been independent since that time, but we have a day to celebrate it.
  14. A soft heart woman is like an insulator. She not only protects you but herself too from sin and temptation. On the other hand, one who doesn't pray is like a heating engine. It can knock anytime.
  15. Confessing love is insufficient. Acting it is efficient.
  16. I never knew how powerful love could be until you came into my life. You have helped me become a better person and the woman I am today. Love you so much.
  17. I fall in love not knowing why or how. It's because love is a special feeling and it doesn't require much answer.
  18. Some people don't get time to prove real affection to their spouses and if such day is set out, and we must give it an honor.
  19. Most things done these days are done because everyone else is doing it!! Nobody wants to be left out on Valentine Day.
  20. As long as there's love, everyday can be a valentine’s day. 14th February is just a day like the rest because it's going to end anyway.

People shouldn't wait for this day in order to prove their love to others but I think it is just a day to remember like we remember and celebrate other days. There is no problem celebrating Valentine’s Day by show of love to one another.

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