Funny Karma Revenge Quotes

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You can call for revenge by posting these funny karma quotes on your Instagram bios, photos or Facebook status. Karma is something that is true, but when we rely on it because of our own weaknesses it only shows how defeated we are in every way.

Are you really wonder why the bad things happens to you? Karma is a real thing, and it looks like you just got a heaping helping of it. Maybe if you cared about other people instead of just caring about yourself, bad things wouldn't happen to you so often. If you're looking for sympathy, you won't find it here. Like I said, I'm done caring.

Funny karma quotes

Funny revenge and karma quotes!

  1. If you do something good just so you will have good karma, that act is selfish and will therefore ruin your karma.

  1. To whom it may concern... Revenge is a dish best served cold, and I am the butcher. Karma is a b-itch, I'm Karma's brother. Some wounds never heal, but some have yet to inflict. You've wronged me in the past, but I will right you in the future. You've given pain to others, so you will get what's coming to you.

  1. Life is short and people die everyday certain things people just shouldn't say no matter what hate, no one wish death on no one because Karma will turn that all around.

  1. How could there be such a thing called "karma" unless I wanted to be a victim to my past?

  1. Circles, a lot of things I see going on are part of circles, bit the circles are all different sizes. What goes around comes around it's called or karma. Some people can break these circles while others can not.

  1. Call it prayer, call it good karma or just call it damn good energy from having the most amazing friends a man could possibly have. Whatever it is, it freaking works!

  1. If you're really a mean person you're going to come back as a fly and eat poop. Hopefully, this means I need not dispense my own Karma.

  1. Where I'm at, there is no way to stay safe. Just hope my karma for giving that waitress a $9 tip on a $11 bill kicks in.

  1. Sometimes you just have to do things for people and put the past behind you. Not for karma or things in return, but because that's what a good person should do.

  1. Happy New Year! The full moon has just climaxed. Release your last year of karma and pain, and welcome the New Year.

  1. What to say about karma she's either a bad girl or a seraph and mine is a total dangerous.

  1. To the guy that left me for telling the truth, I'm sorry you are such a low life that you have to run from the truth. I hope that one day somebody will give you exactly what you deserve. Going from hoe to hoe isn't cute.3

  1. I wouldn't want someone to cheat on me that's asking for bad karma! Unlike most people I do my best not to screw people over because I know everything you do will catch up to you!

  1. I wonder how much of what happens to me karma is.

  1. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness... I will help you even though you treated me like crap just because I believe in karma. But I know it works both ways.

  1. I don't wish what you're going through now on anyone, but do you think I asked for what you put me through? Everything levels out so think before you act next time around.

  1. Some people are really getting on my nerves I keep biting my tongue karma is a bi-tch keep on running your lips!

  1. I love it when karma does its job! You thought u would have last laugh but guess who's laughing now?

  1. It is confusing when people aren't straight up. Do they like making things harder on themselves or they like bad karma?

  1. It’s sad when people put themselves out there to be the victim. Immaturity at its finest. Karma sees everyone sooner or later.

  1. Boys playing with a girl heart don't makes you a man its makes you stupid but just remember karma!

  1. I would love to say certain things to people but my saying now is rise above it and let karma do the work!

Funny revenge quotes

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