Funny Life Changing Quotes That Make You Think

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Your life depends on your thinking and most of the times your thinking depends on your mood. These are the best funny quotes that surely make you think twice even if you update a status on your Whatsapp or Facebook. Some people treat their loved ones worse than their enemies. I know I am not perfect and I have been guilty of this myself but I wish we could all recognize what it is actually doing to our loved ones when we speak of them in a negative light.
Think twice
It make you think

These are the witty life changing quotes for people who struggle to believe in the unseen, yet have no problem believing the lies put in front of them every day by the enemy. They feed us lies through school, in history books, in politics and about our freedom, in relations, in social media, about vaccines, fluoride and health care issues. The enemy has been at work for a while now to distract people from the truth and lead them away from the one truth that really matters.
funny quotes that make you think 

Funny life changing quotes that make you think!

  1. I can either get this money and you with me or I can get this money and you not with me, no matter what, I'm going to get this money so Stay Tuned.
  2. Every organization Manager ask for experience before giving any job I wonder why they don’t ask for experience before giving their daughter's hand as well. Why Fresh candidate for that?
  3. A man never remembers his first love because he never knows which one was the first.
  4. I wonder why some girls go upload picture of a hotel room on the Facebook and write like, good to be home.
  5. Blessed are those who seek handsome guys like me without money and blessed are those who never give up! Be content with yourself and just believe.
  6. Self-esteem isn't given by self anymore. It’s given by Likes and Shares on Facebook and Instagram. If they took it away tomorrow a lot of people wouldn't know what to do with their lives.
  7. The reason that I don’t post negativity on Facebook anymore is because there is a world after high school that I must face alone. I don’t want to go for a job interview and hear the job owner saying, I saw that funny post about that girls that you posted last night.
  8. A woman of any race, who radiates good energy and has nice assets, will have success in whatever she puts her mind too.
  9. My next big purchase will be a 3D printer, and then I will print a 3D printer and then return my 3D printer and make more 3D printers to print and sale.
  10. It’s funny how Valentine's Day is a holiday for people who aren't mess the rest of the year to their boyfriend or girlfriend.
  11. Fix your eyes on the things of your spouse and don't look back. Take your eyes off the things of the world and look to the unseen. There is nothing more important in this world or worth more than spending eternity with your partner.
  12. A reminder to those who don’t like seeing my Facebook posts and report them please DELETE and or BLOCK me. I will not be changing my status update quota to satisfy you.
  13. Being a ‎leader it takes time, self-control and exertion, but what good is it if you ‎achieve the world and drop your own ‎family.
  14. I don’t care what your goals are. As your friend it’s my job to support and make sure you get there. As friends we come up together. No one gets left behind.
  15. It’s funny if you make a mistake more than once, it’s not a mistake it's a decision.  If you can’t change for the ones you claim to love don't expect to be forgiven.
  16. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, I think its .messed up that some of you Tweet and post that you want someone to text or hit you up. I wouldn't even want to be in a relationship with someone who does that.
  17. Don't lose sight of what lies beyond. Don't risk an eternity of separation from a wealthy girlfriend. She loves you and knows everything about you.
  18. It saddens me so, that people would love the lies of the enemy so much. People are not lovers of the truth, for if they were, they would seek it with all of their heart. But the lies of the enemy are sweet like sugar and make the people feel good about themselves. They are puffed up with human pride and earthly wisdom and yet are so blind.
  19. You're a real 90's kid if you learned the middle finger from Stone Cold Steve Austin or how to raise your eyebrow from The Rock.
  20. If you're at your girlfriend's cookout and her ex shows up, you got to start doing some unbelievable things like flipping burgers on the grill with your bare hands, let him know she upgraded.
  21. Blood is not always thicker than water. Just because someone is family, does not make them more important instantly, blood does not determine one's importance. Every relationship needs to be built upon.
  22. Soon there will be silence. Soon the voice in the wilderness will be gone. Soon the alerts will stop ringing. Soon your pride will be taken away. Then you will cry out! Then you will give anything to see me once more! You will wish you heeded the warning of Facebook policy violations.
  23. I always wished I had some Niggas to talk to about everything all the time.
  24. While a woman with a brain and great body most likely is going to have to fight harder to be taken seriously. But on the flip side people won't stop giving her a chance, ever.
  25. Dear Facebook, I will immensely appreciate if you could stop suggesting male friends to me because I am straight, please randomly suggest female reasonable friends and that will be appreciated.
  26. That is the crazy and selfish moment when I am in the toilet and I am constantly slowly falling asleep. I am enjoying some peaceful sleep when someone just knocks at the door.
  27. I have a habit of laughing at stupid things for stupid people so if you talk to me and I’m laughing it's not because you're funny it's because I think you're stupid ha-ha.
  28. If we can't live longer, let us all start living deeper. I knew the quote for years but now it has a true meaning to me. It should mean something to everyone. We all deserve it.
  29. See, I'm not saying I'm in love with you or even like you all that much. What I am saying is that if we were the last two people on Earth, I wouldn't mind populating with you.
  30. Vehicles are equipped with a horn so you can alert other drivers in traffic, not so you can sit in a driveway and alert the entire neighborhood of the fact that you are too lazy to get out of the car and knock on the door.
  31. Facebook: it is now used as a social dating network because everyone now and then they are telling us how much they love us through the inbox.
  32. I hate when people have kids and every status, photo and posts are all about this child. I follow you, not your kid.
  33. Popping the bottles is just an attention setter. If you know me, I would rather have you read and care than a Facebook like but a like never hurt anybody.
  34. People think I'm weird all the time and that's okay. I'm me and I'm happy. The end of the story!
  35. Putting your personal business on Facebook doesn't make your situation better. It only gives people more ammunition to use against you.
  36. Happiness is when your best friend doesn't know drawing, but she draws, just to create a smile upon your face.
  37. Life is common sense, treat people how you want to be treated; it's as simple as that. If I treat you how you treat me, I'm just giving you a taste of your own fart, so hopefully you can handle it like I do.

In a household you can have many different people. Each parent and each child has a unique personality and they don't always do things the same way or think the same as you. Sometimes the things our loved ones do irritate us but the fact is, it's often our own problem because we can't accept their uniqueness or that they don't do things our way.

 It's you that lets it bother you. It’s YOU that lets it irritate you and it’s you that thinks its OK to talk about the other person's differences in a humiliating light. Guess what? Often the person who is listening to your complaining, just feels sorry for your loved one and the only light being shed, is on the darkness inside of you. Love and acceptance really should start at home. Show your family you really love them by your words and actions. Do you honor them or drag them in the dirt.

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