Funny Quotes about Sadness

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Sometimes some old memories of golden days call to mind a sure sadness that is loaded with craziness. It happens when you close your eyes and dreaming about your school bunks, teenage affairs or old friend fights and it takes you on a journey back to the land of joy and happiness.

Funny sad quotes

Funny quotes about anger and sadness!

  1. Sometimes sadism wants you to post something funny on Vines or Facebook but your face is uglier than a horse smoking weed.
  2. When I was 10 years old, I loved going through the family album. I got sad and used to think that during 1800's, the world was black and white because you know, the pictures are black and white and uh, I'm pretty stupid.
  3. That moment made me sad when a cute stranger locks eye contact with you for more than 5 seconds and leave.
  4. Don’t waste your time. The ones who care will show it, if they love you they will prove it. Stop living a sad life. Life is too precious and short for that. If you want something or someone go for it, if it doesn't happen it’s because you dropped the ball, somewhere somehow, figure it out, learn from it and move on.
  5. If you ever want to see me run and scream like a little girl just show me a worm. Well I don’t want the worm! They freak me out.
  6. If you're a heartbroken and feeling sad, eat as much as you want. Trust me; I just ate an entire Domino's pizza by myself and I felt a lot better.
  7. Sometimes I feel completely disgusting looking the way I look. I just see everyone else getting compliments or hit on music and I am just over here like. Umm hi!
  8. Life is a garden so dig it, plant beautiful flowers just don't be a hoe or I think I'm going to get a shower and watch some Game of Thrones before bed.
  9. I need to learn the art of calming down and relaxation, instead of freaking out about everything.
  10. Sometimes I just need someone to talk to, just to talk. You know, contrary to popular belief, I spend most days, nights, weekends by myself if I am not at work. I just want someone to listen to me like I listen to them, because I do everything for people, but I get little to no love back. Until then, I am silent.
  11. You can't be a looser because you have Whatsapp with 150 friends that love you and a Facebook with 1500 friends so forget the past and move on.
  12. We live in a world where we are told to be ourselves, but then judged for it.
  13. So I just told this very creepy guy to stop staring at me. I swear if he stared any harder I would have holes in my face.
  14. You know the law, but the last grade you completed was 9th grade and your school was doing that no child left behind crap. Fool, you don't know how to say half of the words in the law book that you claim you know and you don't know what the other half mean.
  15. I wonder how long it’s going to take until she realizes we are no longer friends on the Facebook.
  16. While at court for a traffic violation, I am amazed by the ignorance and misconceptions of traffic laws, along with the vibrant details provided in testimony of a three month old ticket. My favorite part was ghetto rendition of the court scene in, which yielded no benefit other than my amusement. In contrast, it is sad to see these outcomes of our educational system and parenting techniques within our society.
  17. So, if anyone tries to contact me from midnight to noon today and I do not answer that is because I am sad and my phone is temporarily off.
  18. The strength of man is not defined by how they look when they succeed, but in how they process, fight through, and recover from their sadism.
  19. When you face situations beyond your understanding, shocked and confused and you just keep crying, I gave it my all, I focused. I know that I can make it, I know that I can stand, no matter what may come my way my life is in your hands.
  20. It kills me how the most opinionated and judgmental people got the nerve to want to be the most sensitive to. Pick an emotion how you going to be all high and mighty, but then want to play the victim at the same time.
  21. If you are giving me advice and I see that the advice you're giving benefits you more than it does me I'm probably not going to take it. I'm a son of THE KING not the pawn of a FOOL.
  22. Some females portray a bad girl image of themselves then cry for days when they not found by a good guy.
  23. It's crazy how people will try to get everyone to believe that you wronged them instead of being an adult owning up to their junk and apologizing.
  24. I've finally reached the point where crying is all I can do, it hurts so badly! I would rather stop breathing than to cough like I have been.
  25. All I can say is everything happens for a reason and I am not going to sit here and say I am not sad because I am. You would've been different and got over yourself just like I did but that's too much to ask, so what is done is done.
  26. I hate not being able to sleep at night. Being alone with my thoughts are just not good. I did find more of my husband today that was about the only good thing that has happened in awhile.
  27. Sometimes you need to be alone for you to focus on what you are thinking and on what you wanted to focus with because after happiness sadness comes next.
  28. I don’t like the sadness works when I think my haters has no talent but happiness is super hot and it's old enough to be my buddy.
  29. I hate confrontation. I just want everything to go away, especially this headache.
  30. Have you ever seen a beaver run across the street? It’s pretty funny and kind of looks like a fat guy running after an ice cream truck.
  31. It’s scary when you are sitting in the back seat of your car while your underage sister drives! And then find out a cop was following you.
  32. Go with your sad face elsewhere. You have time for social networks you have time for anything. Yes you can repair your mood if you have time to quit Facebook for a second.
  33. Some days I know are better than others for everyone. On days when I struggle to keep my head up, I find myself really missing my ex boyfriends when I come home. Sometimes I break down and drown in my tears. Nothing says true unconditional love like coming home to a loving an ex who acts like he's been waiting all day to see just you. I miss that so very much.
  34. I love those people who care much more about looking good than they do about being good.
  35. Tomorrow isn't promised so be happy with who rides with you. The others will be crying at your tombstone.
I can't tell whether there's a difference in generations between people who aren't curious about anything except what is immediately and obviously important and people who figure almost anything should be observed and thought about. Those of us who are interested in about everything do play well at trivia as long as the questions are not largely about pop culture. I am used to seeing blank looks about questions on government, literature or geography, not because the answers are hard, but because people don't understand why anyone would care about such answers more than, say, the name of the dog in the latest Meg Ryan movie. Sadly, nothing I care to waste much time thinking about; I have to get back to reviewing the names of the wives of the British prime ministers.
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