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These quotes about money and happiness are going to famous when you get inspired by reading it and dare to share these motivational money quotes with your friends and haters on the Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook statuses. It's funny, but it's true! Don't deny it, we all just want money for whatever reasons we have, that's why we work hard. There is a huge difference in being comfortable and being happy. If I had all of the money in the world, I can live comfortably, does that make happy? That is something to think about. With my family I find the greatest of happiness. Does that make me comfortable? No doubt, I love them that's why I continue to climb this mountain with no peak. Quitting is easy and that's not me. Every bad thing in my life has already happened. Find happiness in the next moment, in the things that we strive to be. We fail by choice. We overcome by faith. If you have faith, you have no choice, but to believe.

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Inspirational Money and Happiness Quotes!

Money doesn't buy you happiness. I've known miserable people that had all the money they wanted. Happiness is a state of mind. You hit the nail on the head, my friend. I may be poor as a damned mouse but I am happy as hell and wouldn't change anything for the world.

Studying is not a matter of beginning when we already have sufficient money at hand, but beginning with the end in mind and determination that no matter what happened we will still pursue it and find ways to achieve our dreams through education.

It's really hurt and upset when your family and back home really need your help and you have nothing to give, medical support, rice, electricity, tuition and your own problems here too. Why all of this needs money?

I’m not that type of person that is partying everyday or neither every weekend. Every second counts for me just like every cent. I make sure I stayed on my grind.

Life teaches you various lessons, utmost important one being, don't trust anyone in money matters because people really do change.

Time is money so stop wasting time and oxygen. The time you spend complaining about how bad things are, would be served finding a solution. Quitting is easy, but should never be an option.

We cannot dismiss the fact that having money doesn't make life happy but not having it makes life miserable.

Opposite shifts are seriously wearing thin! I wish we had weekends or just one day off together. No amount of money makes up for any quality time together.

Money cannot buy everything but you should pick the money that has value and hold on to it. Don't wander through life with aimless money.

Money can't buy life but it can buy many other things and it gives you a lot of fake friends, just be careful because some of these fake friends can kill you for your things and a lot of these greedy girls will like to kill you for your things too, so just be careful.

Money is the rule of all evil; everyone knows that. That's why there isn't any point in fighting over it because the bitch just comes and goes.

Money doesn't buy happiness but there are good things in ourselves that sometimes, it has to be appreciated by other people before we do.

I swear I put almost $200 on my lights every month, and I never run out of money, i just add more onto it, I might as well get a monthly bill. Pretty sure it'll be cheaper! I just don't want to pay that $280.

If we were perfect, the world would be dull. Learn from your mistakes and do better.

There are So many things to do, so many places to visit, but the problem is, I don't have money so I just need a wallet with unlimited cash.

We go to school to make better money and then we spend the rest of our lives using that money to pay for your kid schooling. So we really don’t make any money, it’s just the circle of life.

Don't waste your money on negativity. Wish I could say that everyone's heart was as big as mine. Keep pushing through.

Happy moments won't stay forever, but happy memories can stay as long as you want it to remember.
I got mess without money in my life. I got stress with money in my life. Sometimes I feel depressed with life. Its some things I need to confess in my life. I fight being suppressed in my life but most of all I'm blessed for the rest of my life.

Sometimes we are purifying by life. The relation between money and happiness isn't realized until you are raised and see the old mistakes that are removing from us from. Just fight and hold on. I know. I'm learning daily.

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Life is simple. Win every day! Yesterday's losses are gone. Being rich and have a lot of money can't be this exciting. I have my family and friends and I won't let them down. Obstacles are just what they are. Overcoming has been a part of who I am. I'll see you guys at the top again. Have a blessed day.
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