Funny Holiday Quotes and Captions

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Have you ever met people they have no depth to them. Just looked in the mirror, I often question what's happened to me and why I no longer feel like myself, as I looked back on some poems and things I wrote way back when I realize my depth, passion, love, joy and some other things have faded. I feel my heart and emotions have become calloused I often feel bad because I believe this holiday season has come along during the beautiful state of being I could be in yet. So guys update your holiday fun photos on Facebook and Instagram with these cute captions.
Funny holiday captions

Funny holiday quotes for Instagram!

  1. I could never understand what was scaring my little brother so bad but then again, I didn't actually notice its Monday today. Not until it was too late.
  2. Hi stupid Facebook, are you at work? Or busy, I was going to say I could ring you for five if not, can't be too long as I have to sort out hutches and work out measurements.
  3. Before the lights went out, he has counted thirteen dolls in his late grandmother's bedroom. Now, in the dim beam of the flashlight, he only counted twelve. Happy holiday’s season!
  4. Your reflection is always the same as you, but when you look away-even for a fraction of second, it transforms into something old, something demonic. You better keep careful watch the next time you see your reflection in weekend holidays, for the demon in the mirror knows you know its secret now.
  5. A Random Sunday photo with some cool filter trying to sound super cool by adding a quote and ending the description not with a full stop.
  6. Facebook just suggested to me that we (me and Facebook) can stop Monday, forget any doctors forget any scientists, forget everyone who actually knows what they're doing, what the people need is a bunch of computer geeks and a chick who's eating that much crap that people think she's stoned, to put an end to this outbreak.
  7. If we are friends and you pass by me on holidays in a car you bought from somebody else. Please don't call me when you are stranded. Call your salesman to take you to work at 6:00 am in the rain.
  8. If you're sad then you are an idiot. The miracle of life is as amazing as it gets. Happy holiday!
  9. Some of these men make time for the next female and have perfect attendance at a concert or club on holidays but rarely see their kids.
  10. In New Year holidays I finished watching every season of house, but still can't watch Doctor Who until I have them all. So I guess to watch again from the beginning, every episode of Supernatural. Now I think I need a life.
  11. Today is first day of December holidays and in bed right now I am wishing someone can come over and bring me some breakfast in bed. Ribs or steak with chips and some hot chocolate would be good right now, and then we cuddle and watch Twilight. I'd be the happiest girl on earth.
  12. Where do we draw the line between looking inappropriate and embracing your flaws in summer holidays? There is nothing wrong with cellulite but it’s very nasty seeing someone showing it off at church or work. Embrace your body in a tasteful and respectable way that you won't feel shame.
  13. I need a man who isn't going to feel insecure when I become powerful, successful and really amazing. He either needs to catch up to my potential or take the back seat and become my biggest fan and don’t enjoy these Christmas holidays.
  14. A true girlfriend doesn't need to go through her boyfriend's phone or smell his clothes after weekend to know when he is cheating. His Facebook will tell you everything you need to know.
  15. The way I see it, don't make promises and then break them because whilst I've been relying on you and your promises, I've missed out on actually getting what I needs to be done, done! Let me enjoy my holidays.
  16. At the top of the hill to hold a little holiday flag, people probably will think I'm mad when they see me. Yes I want 6 month holidays twice a year.
  17. A part of me wants to wear red lipstick, a leather jacket and booty shorts and be a bad girl who breaks boys heart, another part of me wants to wear cartoon shirt and be shy and giggly. Another part of me wants to be beautiful, smart and mysterious, and then another part of me wants to lay in bed, watch twilight while I eat wings. Truth is I am all of that because I am a woman and I want to enjoy these holidays.
  18. So they told us we can't sleep with the stuff in working days, but no one told us we can't sleep with the hot French tennis team who are staying at our work place. There is always a loop hole in life.
  19. I wish on this Halloween there was a Japanese game show where you carry a cat through a room full of dogs.
  20. A rebound is not your new boyfriend, not your future hubby; he's just someone there to bang the sadness out of you. Have a nice holiday moments.
  21. Everything tastes smells, feels and looks better when you're in a new relationship in winter holidays.
  22. I've always wondered what people think about during holidays, there's no way your mind can just go blank.
  23. Life is too short for cheap wine, fat free food, Facebook drama, bad relationships, fake friendships, bad hair days, aching hearts, tears of sadness, hand-me down clothes! I lost the point I was trying to make, long story short, life is too short so enjoy your holidays.
  24. I'm the type of person who doesn't like bothering people with my problems, but love helping people with their. So just don't cry in front of me, I have a fear of seeing people cry.

If midnight snacks are so bad, then why is there a light in the fridge? So that you can snack better! Hope you will make your holidays super.
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