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In life we all face love relations, breakups, sad moments, happy moment and awkward moments but successful people do not lose their hardworking spirit and these sunny inspirational quotes memes and sayings will give you a new passion about a struggle full life. Sometimes in life, it doesn't matter how hard you work, how many people you help, or how much good you do. There will always be people that criticize you. As long as I know who I am, and what I do, that's all that matters. Because honestly, it's none of my business what others think about me.

Funny Inspirational Quotes for Instagram bios!

Funny Inspirational meme
  1. I lost someone so dear, I'm having mild gastritis attack, I had to stay in the office for another hour to finish something, and I almost had an accident. I just got home after extra 2 hours of travel. What else? Life, you've been so bad to me. Give me a break. I'm so exhausted.
  2. There will stand no one to support you. You'll not be able to trust any! So, just trust no one and ignore everything because people will always be there to pull you down. But, don't worry, live your life, just move on! Fly whenever you want to, do whatever you want, without thinking about what others would think. Because, when life offers you lemons, take it and post it on eBay for a sale.
  3. I stopped using Swarm when I realized how sad my life is. It’s always home to work or work to home and like only one coffee each day.
  4. There is a Bill Cosby in every bar, club, restaurant, etc. So do him a solid and let him get your number. Please don't upset him.
  5. If they wonder how you became so awesome, tell them that you don't become awesome, you're BORN awesome.
  6. You are not fat! You have fat but you're not fat! You have fingernails too but you're not fingernails. You make a stupid decision but you're not stupid, oh wait, some people well
  7. Evil loves the company of good. Be mindful of that and remain good and let your light shine.
  8. Timing is everything. If the timing is wrong just be patient because what's meant for you will be yours if it's your destiny.
  9. It makes me laugh that some people have nothing better to do than to stalk my Facebook, then post statuses about me. If you're really that bored with your life, how about you get a job to occupy your time, I honestly don't care what a low life thinks of me
  10. It's amazing how some people come into your life professing so much passion and hope yet fail to deliver.
  11. Its funny how people think that the rich and wealthy don't pay taxes or should pay more in taxes, in reality they pay taxes just like everyone else but they're just smarter about it. They rack up the tax deduction so they don't have to pay as much in taxes.
  12. When people show no appreciation, don't help and act as if you're obligated to do, stay humble and let karma work.
  13. Things don't happen the way we want them to happen. Stupid things happen the way they are supposed to happen.
  14. I'm waiting on the day I can build our legacy with my queen, my forever. Until then, the grind is stronger than ever.
  15. So I told someone that purchased a clock to not waste time. I'm so damn corny.
  16. Where is your inner drive that tells you that a normal 9-to-5 will not have you wealthy but subjects you to just living paycheck to paycheck? People that are wealthy and rich do not work for money, money work for them.
  17. Headache, sore throat, aching body, and the start of a cough, umm, yeah, I bet I'll just be a bundle of joy to work with tomorrow.
  18. I may be against the grain when it comes to the typical dude. Then again, I'm not the typical dude.
  19. No matter how cool you think you are in are not as cool as the average inconsiderate person with headphones on, hood up, shades on, rolling a carryon bag behind you and stopping abruptly to change tunes. ‎get a life I know famous people who don't act like that!
  20. Since my birth, my gift is my curse. Now it's time to take the next step in this journey. I accept nothing but excellence.
  21. Having children doesn't necessarily "RUIN" your life; for some it’s a minor setback, and being childless doesn't mean your future is going to turn out bright!
  22. I realize I'm a bit odd and different so some people might not rock with the dude and stop following me on the Facebook and Instagram. But who the hell wants ordinary?
  23. Wake up and get out of the front of the bed and grab the key that opens your mind to new ideas. Remember, you're too awesome for the average.
  24. Some folks will never learn. Live within your means. Stupid Facebook or Whatsapp statuses don't make the person; your actions make the person.
  25. There is nothing messier then a baby who thinks it’s wildly funny to flail and kick their legs as fast as they can when you're changing a diaper, especially when it’s full of poop.

Endnote: I'm a very loyal person. I believe in empowering people and not enabling them. If you're a true friend I expect you to be there for me the same way I'm there for you. I will always tell you the truth when everyone else is just trying to be nice. I don't mind helping people when they're down but I will not enable you to success. If you cross me, shame on you, I never forget. I will be your biggest cheerleader no matter what field you decide to play on. If you're looking for someone to buy your excuses
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