Inspirational Tattoo Quotes for Instagram

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Post selfies with inspiring tattoo quotes is the hottest trend on the Instagram now a day. If you search for the #tattoo hashtag on the IG, you will get a million of original stunning tattoo pictures and the tattoos with short quotes are getting more likes and followers as compared to ordinary styles.

Inspirational Tattoo Quotes for the Instagram!

Inspirational Tattoo Quotes

  1. Life isn't fun or good when you don't have someone to share it with.
  1. Never be shy to correct what you always thought was correct once you discover it is not.
  1. When I am down I step out of the crowd but when I am up I am out of the way and try to stay on the hook.
  1. There's so much fun in having good friends sharing good stories, good food, good milk tea and good laugh! Life's too short to be lived in misery!
  1. Stop looking and focus on making yourself better and the right one will find you!
  1. Remember you only have control of what is in your circle. Don't sweat about the things that are outside your control.
  1. Don't be afraid to have imperfections, weaknesses, and errors. You must know that you are human and take one day at time.
  1. Smile at a stranger no matter what they look like, you never know what's going on in someone else's life!
  1. The brightness of this full moon makes me wonder that if the creation is so beautiful, how beautiful must be its Creator.
  1. Don't get caught up in the looks; they don't last forever.
  1. Do not choose a wife/husband based on where you are now; let your choice be based on where you are going!
  1. Never trust a man who can't look you straight in the eyes!
  1. On your way to destiny, there are many attractive parking spaces; do not park until you get your destination!
  1. Those who pursue greatness never get it but those who pursue service are overtaken by greatness.
  1. It may be impossible to find a perfect friend but it's possible to love an imperfect friend perfectly.
  1. No woman deserves violent treatment; whether domestic, industrial or otherwise.
  1. Once you renovate the way you believe, then nobody can change the way you act!
  1. Keep those circles small, especially when it started from a dot.
  1. Don't trust the hype! Experience it!
  1. Only a chosen few will become a millionaire! So enjoy whatever you might have already! For you are already rich by having life.
  1. The people, who are for you, grow with you!
  1. Don't burn your bridges! If and when you do, you may never be able to get back to the place where you want you to go.
  1. When you are dirty just to get ahead, you may have to come back that same way again!
  1. Just as you would keep your grass cut low to keep snakes away; keep your circle cut the same way to keep disloyal friends away.
  1. If you have to lie, cheat, steal, and be immoral just to get ahead, you have already lost!
  1. Some people will step on anyone and are willing to do anything just to feel like they are doing better than the next person.

Short funny tattoo quotes about love!

  • Love is a constant theory of pain.
  • No love, no injury.
  • Love stands for you.
  • Absence of love is dangerous.
  • My bus train is on the way.
  • Don’t disturb, I am a love bird.
  • Keep calm and love tattooed.
  • I am brushing my heart.
  • I need your love to charge my heart battery.
  • Before I die, let me hug you.
  • Life is short, let me kiss.

People just want to put others down and crush others dreams to make them feel better since they're not achieving their own. They just envy you for your hard work and success. Let them hate they are feeling jealousy from your awesome tattoos.
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