Long Distance Love Poems for Boyfriend

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In these poems you will discover inspirational words to deal with long distance relationship with your boyfriend. Sometimes love meant to be fun nonetheless its opposite, loving someone is like trying to identifying a brand new world.
A love poem for him from a long distance

Love poems for him from the heart!

A few days ago I had a dream
In this dream I had a boyfriend
So it was clearly a dream
Well this boyfriend of mine turned green
And grew an elephant trunk
And he was all like Whitney
We can’t be together because
I’m green and turning into an elephant!
And then I was like I still love you!
Then he died...
So that was my dream,
I hope it inspired you

What is right!

When you love somebody
You don’t put them in positions
To get hurt, right?
There is so much running
Through my mind right now
That if you asked me my name
I probably couldn't tell you
It hurts when you love somebody
So much and you would do everything
In your power not to let them
Get hurt but then you step back
And look at everything and you realize
They are putting you
In every position to get hurt
I don’t know how much more
I can take of this. I love you
I probably always will
I really don’t want to leave you
But I don’t know how much
More about you I can discover
Before I finally say I’m through!

I miss you poem!

I know it's been over a month
But I still wish that time heels
All and that we can stay close
I know you don't want anything
Like a relationship I respect that
But you are everything that I could
Ever ask for I had to say this because
You been on my mind something crazy
Lately damn I miss everything about you

A sad love poem!

I allowed you to open a door I slammed shut
And promised to keep that way,
But you were totally worth re-opening that door
But you left and you are never coming back
They say things get better with time
But it's not even getting a little better
It hurts more now than it did then and with everything
That’s going on in my life right now
I start missing you even more
What I wouldn't give to hear that ringtone
Causing the butterflies to stir up and fill me
With excitement that I could never express with mere words
Wish that I could hear your voice saying my name
 But I’ll never get to hear those words ever again
All I have left are pictures, texts, voice mails, and memories
I read and re-read and I listen to your voice-mails
Over and over again, but all my attempts failed
 Listen to the music you introduced me to
And I laugh when I remember how you used to sing
To me and then I cry knowing that I will never hear
Your sweet music and sweet voice ever again
I thought keeping our conversations was like
Keeping a piece of you with me always but sometimes
Its sheer torture because a piece of my true happiness
Was ripped away and i will never get it back

Let's grow up!

I know I've said this many times before
But I'm for real done this time
You've manipulated me way to many times
You put me down like I'm the rug you walk on
I have supported you for so long
And I don't even know why
You have me blocked on here because
You’re not man enough to stand up for your actions
It'll catch up to you one day though
Good luck to you and wherever you’re going
Because at this point your future
Don’t look very promising
Hope it all works out for you
Do me and you can do you
This is the last time. We're done!
I'm done, for good.
I can make it in this life without you.
I deserve better, right?
Sorry I stayed an hour later at a friend’s
And you didn't like it
Do me a favor and grow up!
Missed the single life a little bit I think!

For  real love!

The way I feel right now is indescribable
Baby tonight has been more than
i could ever ask for
You mean more than life itself to me
Tonight was just like when
We first got together
I got the chance to fall in love with you
All over again and the feeling is more than amazing
I love you and you are the love of my life
Thank you for this amazing night
And more importantly thank you
For loving me and not giving up on me

Love me right now!

I'm so beyond confused right now
I’m hoping everything works out for the best
And my love comes back home
I have so many regrets now that he's gone
Just to kiss him and for him to wrap his arms
Around me again would be most
Definitely the best feeling in the world
I love you, Even though you can't see this
Mean and goodnight
I love you more than words describe

I am happy with you!

I'm so happy I finally heard
From the man of my dreams
Hopefully you are coming home
To be right back where you belong
I love you; you know I will be right here
For you when you get back
It was so good to hear your voice again
I love and miss you more than
The words can describe
Let me hoping for the best
Love you to the moon and back

Get over!

Trying to get over someone
Your love is very difficult
I keep telling myself that life is never
Going to go on,
Because everything that happened
Is holding me back
I realized that the only thing
Holding me back is myself
If I tell myself that i can move on
Then I can! I think I’ve found the strength
To move on with my life!
I think that it is best if I just let things go
As hard as it is going to be
Wish me luck and thank you too
 For helping me though this
I'm so blessed to have
Such amazing boyfriend

A romantic I love you!

Hi, I absolutely love you!
I’m so proud of you
You know I am ALWAYS here
For you and you practically
Tell me everything
You’re my best friend, no wait,
For me, you are my everything
And I’m so glad you found the strength
To move on, I’m here and I will
Help you keep your head high
I’m here to get your mind off
Of what’s going on, so if you ever need
Anyone who you just need to laugh
With or tell anything to,
I’m the one you come too. I love you!

All I want is love!

I want a love where there are no limits,
I want dependence where there is no fear,
I want the growth of this relationship…
Without any command,
I want recognition for who I am.

Love in your arms!

In your arms I found myself, strengthened and renewed.
In your loving embrace I vowed, to remain faithful and true.
Your dreams became mine as we became one,
My doubts removed, paid by loves generous sum.
Be there no greater value placed upon this earth,
Than the intimacy shared between two souls, that push forward new life,
New love, new birth
Seeded in our fertile ground we've planted tomorrow’s dreams,
And with loves light we will harvest, mountains oceans and streams.
For you are the planets, the stars and my universe,
With your love to steer the way I have found my steady course.
Might it be that I am the wind beneath your wings,
That we will soar on dreamland's love and hear the birds sing.

You my light!

The light of the sun shines on your hair
One always wondered what clothes you will wear
When people look at you they can't help but stare
But this is because you do what they don't dare
I know life may not be fair

But you my dear are something rare

Beautiful places and things are a result of someone else's creative urge and expression and remind me of infinite possibilities. When I'm in a place of beauty surrounded by the outward expression of someone's imagination, I feel connected to some part of me that knows I too am capable of creating cute love poems in this world. It maybe be through relationships, objects, words or spaces - my goal is to create beauty in my own heart, in other people's homes and business and ultimately in this world.
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