Cutest Love Poems for Him from Her

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The following short and cute love poems for him from heart by her are invented to encourage and challenge every girl who wants to express her emotionsfor a boyfriend in sweet words.
Love Poems for Him 

Cute Love Poems for Him from Her!

Random thought!
Emerald carcass
Racing confessions
Yet kisses and touches
So impossible yet possible
Dark hair, light eyes
Why would I?
I can
Token of gratitude
Such insecure beauty
Boa, strangulating pleasure
Dance, dance
Pin my desire with neglect
Pierce me with green vistas!
Ruler of my kingdom
Abandoned by you
Magnificent symmetry
Would I?
I would set my passions aside
For you
Precious stone
Carved perfection
Do I?
Kiss my pleasure
Ebony mistress
Wooden figurine of artistic features
Goddess of my dreams
I would open my arms
Halt my sword, come in
This is me
Perverted aristocrat
Sweet magician of words
Kissable superiority
Accept this lily
And do not let go if this frailty
By: Ariel Miller

Do me!
Did I propose?
Carnal calamity
I shed banal prose
For you insanity

I don't want money,
I don't want a fancy car,
I don’t don't want the moon,
All I want is you
I love you!

Listen to the heartfelt tune
Grease lunatic
Madness across the moon
Insensitive and pragmatic

Forced incantations
From posing monkeys
Sing the voices with emotions
See? They are keys

Hold on tight
Sinking ship, somatic synergy
Birds with flightless fright
Ecstatic, empty energy

Precipice profound
Ignited burgundy wine
A lost coffin found
A maroon dinosaur mine

Huh? There are lies
Cruel intent, malicious!
And flesh-eating mice
Dining with the monstrous

Chanting sonnet
Stygian chorus
Inferno reminiscent, quiet
And the sun? Hours!

The dark shines!
Nightingale exclusion
The light in the mines
Inhabitants of the lone mansion...
By: Ariel Miller

You plus me!
I am you
I am your prolific pro:
I narrate your disenchanted dreams,
I translate you sympathetic soul,
I sing your void voice,
I write your nomad novel
I build your crazed castle,
I design your elusive ego,
I paint your incredible insight,
I describe your heathen heart,
I am you!
By: Ariel Miller

I Love (You)!
Tell me how to (feel) wolf
Order a descent into (madness,)
Or gift me an (incurable) illness,
(Succubus,) of mine!
Rejoice with my (fallen) pieces!
Heaven exiled your (angel,) beauty,
Perfect delusion that (ignited) me,
Swift (torture,) that consumes my soul,
(Drink) me and piss me, but love me,
Hold me tight in (the) sandstorm!
(Poison) dart straight to the mind...
Love me (and)
Do not (vanish.)...
By: Ariel Miller

Again roses are red!
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Four years ago,
I had a crush on you.
Now we're here,
Now you're mine.
My other half,
My partner in crime,
Tonight's another night,
The sky's no longer blue.
But in the darkness of the nights,
Is when I get to lay next to you?
So as the darkness creeps in,
And the day comes to its end.
I just want to say five words to you,
I love you my boyfriend.

How I feel!
Writing a massive note explaining everything
I feel towards you but not having the balls
To even consider ever sending it to him,
I just want him to know how I feel
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  1. Ladies, never chase a man! Once you show you are interested in him. A man will court you if he genuinely feels the same. But if he doesn't? KEEP IT MOVING because your future husband could be right around the corner.


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