Happy New Year Poem for Instagram

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As most of you will know, I write a wee poem every New Year to let people know what we've been up to throughout the year...well here is my New Year effort:
Happy New Year Poem

Happy New Year poem for your instagram bios!

For the third year in a row
I'm writing a rhyme
But I'm starting this early
It'll give me more time
I don't know how I'll go
But I'll give it my best
Though it's quite late at night
So it will be a test

Well this year's been a biggy
So much has occurred
Looking back on it now
It seems quite absurd
We had IVF treatments
At the start of the year
The first didn't take
But don't shed a tear
The second was better
The suspense drove us wild
We got told that in October
We should expect our wee child
So that meant some planning
And saving some cash
No trips oversees
Or buying anything too flash
On a Monday morning
It was October 7
Our second son was born
Just after 11
Lachlan’s his name
And he was heavy at birth
At 4.5 kilos
He sure had some girth
My mum came from Scotland
To help us all out
She made things so much easier
A blessing, no doubt
And Calhan’s been brilliant
Showing Lachlan his love
Giving cuddles and smiles
An awesome big brave

So what else has happened?
Well I found some new work
But after 1 term away
I feel like a jerk
The new school's so different
The kids all act tough
They swear at you, ignore you
So enough is enough
I'll be glad in 1 week
When my time here does end
A year here would have had me
Going right round the bend
So it's back to the old haunt
In late January next year
Not long till term ends
It’s getting quite near
Then a well earned break
Which I'll spend by the pool
Well what else should I do
With 6 weeks not at school?

In July we went away
With the whole Cathode Clan
Down to Yelling in the south
I've got to say, I'm a fan
Of log fires in the evening
And loads of red wine
After 5 days of that
I was feeling just fine!
But it was back to school
And back to the grind
On the whole school is good though
So I really don't mind

We've had Donna's folks out
For quite a few weeks
We've had insurance claims galore
With breakages and leaks
We've had Lions Tours and Ashes
Some were lost, others won
But all in all I'd say
It has been great fun
Calhan’s still playing rugby
I tried to play too
But injuries and age
Means I think I am through
With the tackles and hits
The training and fitness
So I'm telling you now
And as god is my witness
That to the golf course I'm going
So you might think me a bore
But at least after a round
I don't find myself sore
No concussions, no bruises
No limps and no pain
My love of the brutal sport
Has started to wane
But with golf, things are easy
Just go out there and play
And without all the injuries
I can play every day
And with 2 kids now at home
I'm sure Donna won't mind
Wait a minute, no way
I'm out of my mind
Twice a week will suffice
Or at least with my wife
Any more than that
I'll be gambling my life

So to Donna I'll go now
Well she's had a big year
Pregnant for 9 months
Whilst I sat drinking beer
Morning sickness, fatigue,
But she came out of it fine
Whilst I sat there beside her
Consuming her wine
When her late nights and socializing
Had to come to a halt
I kept the party going
With some good single malt
But that's all done with now
She has regained all her health
With the baby delivered
She feels her old self
And for those who've met Lachlan
You'll agree she did great
To look at our family
It's been well worth the wait

To Calla, well he's a good lad
Though he can be a pain
But I think that you'll find
All 6 year olds the same
He's stubborn but playful
Always wants his own way
If he doesn't get it, he'll tantrum
And make sure that you pay
He loves adventure world and sky Lander
It's a game for his Wii
He's improving with chess
And soon he'll beat me
He's a natural at maths
He must get that from mum
I can't cope with algebra
I struggle with sums
He's happy and confident
He's smart and he's strong
With attributes like that
Well he can't go far wrong

Well that's it, I guess
For this years update
Looking back now I think
This year has been great
So if you are family,
Colleagues or friends
Our love and best wishes
The Barclay clan sends
We'll catch up soon
Just give us a call
Or just come on over
That's no problem at all
So have a great festive season
May you fill it with cheer?
Have a safe and happy new age
And a brilliant New Year
A poem by:  Lee Barclay

I've been told by some people on Facebook that I should not share when I am upset, or have problems, stress, etc. but then I see the same people who tell me not to decide to post whatever they want. I am human and have good and bad days like everyone else, if you don't like my posts or what I have to say either ignore me or delete me. I am strong, although I would like everyone to care; I realize this is not always the reality. I care for others that sometimes don't care back. But it’s all good. God is good.
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