Funny Love Poems for Her

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I just want to let every guy know that your girlfriend could be more precious, funny, loving and outgoing baby if you do not dare to post these funny and cute love poems for her on your Instagram or Facebook status than you may feel broken and empty forever. It just makes no sense, she wasn’t old for a new guy and you still love her.

Funny love poems for your girlfriend!

Funny Love Poems for Her
What Can I do?
Your fashion and my money what else can I do?
Expensive sandals matched with her stunning walk!
Diamond necklace in her neck is like a Mars light,
That visual rendering of my girlfriend gives me so much joy.

She is not beautiful from the outside
She always has expensive ideas inside
With a living standard on my bank balance,
This girl with special skills is creditable to be praised

She likes to live not only in my heart and brain
But she also occupy on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts
Yes I truly understand my appreciation and addiction
I would surely find a way to bankrupt, what more else can I do?

funny poems for wife
You are a role model!
 My girlfriend is my role model,
My best friend too,
She's my solid rock when my pocket is full of money,
Even when she is at her most evil or her mood is rough.
My girl new demands always keep me warm,
They destroy my coolness and enjoy my salary throughout the month.
My girlfriend is the best on every social network,
Her exes force me buying presents & many gifts for her
Although, it’s not just about the money,
She is caring, beautiful and funny.
Oh sweetie you will never be forgotten,

funny poems about love
Why she left me?
I couldn’t have been more than 3-5 ft away from her,
She made no noise, she didn’t choke, she didn’t meow in pain, nothing,
She just walked away on the floor and chooses another guy.
I'm so heartbroken.
My friends and I will post a stupid status about her
On the Facebook
With her with pictures and a poem later

Thank you for breakup!
 You are one of our few friends who would understand.
It was so bizarre.
She was too fat, bright, good coat & skin, active, bright eyes
I don't understand....although it sounds strange
But I know you will understand
If she had to go, it was the perfect, peaceful way to go
No pain, no illness, no confusion... or, the worst
When they get a new rich guy, they must pretend a breakup
If you had thousands of dollars to pay a vet!
It was just so unexpected.
We have sort of been preparing for Fizzy to pass
She’s getting up there, you know?
Thank you again honey for your kind breakup
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  1. Why I Want You in My Life

    Why do I want you in my life?
    It's not because you complete me,
    It's not because I can't live without you,
    It's not because you're my best friend.

    It's because I see goodness inside you,
    It's because I see beauty inside you,
    It's because you make me a better person.
    And you make me want to be a better person I can see the two of us building a life together,
    Blending two families into one,
    Maybe, with God's help,
    Of adding to it one day.

    I can see many adventures
    For the two of us.
    Learning how to live together,
    No matter what comes our way.

    Living together with patience,
    Living together with trust,
    Living together with honesty,
    And most of all, living together with love.


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