Meaningful Love Quotes for Him

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You can text these meaningful love quotes for him from the heart because you have to do something special with a special person. I gave up poetry but for some reason thinking of him bring it back! Well here it is!

Inspirational Love Quotes for Him

She will never leave you come what may.
She will long to be your wife and have your babies.
She will give her life, make sacrifice just to be with you.
She will value the little things you do for her.
She will build a home with you and love you without conditions.

When you find love:
Never hurt him with your past hurt, because she didn’t cause it.
See her differently, accept her as she is lest you hurt & kill her love for you.
Never say you love her in present when you are not ready to love again form past hurts.

How do you know she loves you?
When you find true love, you know it and you start living.
She strengthens and shows you, she truly loves you.
She will call you & long to be in your arms forever.
She will obey & respect you & value you more than her job, her past & everything.

Blessings of heartbreak:
It takes away the wrong person form your life.
It opens your eyes to se the right one who will cherish you.
It teaches you to be strong and to be more careful before you give your heart away.
It teaches you to love and hold your soulmate strong.

Till I'm with you!
The days go by so slow and the urge grows strong...
To touch your face to kiss your, lips to embrace you!
Feeling my head spinning, blood boiling pressures rising,
Till my eruption the pleasure!
I'm in ecstasy the feel of you inside intense...
Till this dream comes true,
So for right now!
I'll keep dreaming of us and our escapades.
And I'll keep soaring high to the other side of my mind...
Just to dream about the things that, can happen between you and I....
Till I'm with you!
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