Funny Birthday Quotes for Best Friend

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Happy Birthday to one of my crazy-beautiful-wild-short-freaky-totally weird to be around best friend! I love you so much. I don't have to wish you to have a good day; I already know you’re awesome buddy makes most of your day special. I am not sure what I would do without you! I love you so much.

Funny birthday wishes for best friend!

Funny Birthday Quotes for Best Friend
It’s pretty hard to say happy birthday when he doesn't allow people to write on his wall... What a weird bloke! Ha! Happy birthday dear!

It's so cute that I didn't have my best friend yelling me saying 'Anna, the birthday fairies been!' But I guarantee she's wherever she is getting everyone to sing and drink bucks fizz and generally just being awesome. So far everyone's made today pretty gosh darn amazing and I know my mums proud of us all.

Wow, that's so creepy that I had to read Facebook to remember that it was my birthday...I must be old! Thanks y'all.

Happy birthday twerk buddy! I promise to always love you and miss you when you’re not around. It's been so bizarre not living with you anymore. I miss you so damn much and love you with all my heart; I couldn't ask to have anyone better than you for a friend, you completely the best. I hope you’re ready for a good day and yummy dinner, love you so much and I'll be seeing you soon!

My new nameless friendly niece will be sharing a birthday with the family! How weird, I have been here for about 7 hours and she won’t be here for probably another few hours.

I Just found out my girlfriend had her 30th Birthday Party at the same venue as me with the same DJ! And she walked in and walked back out again!

I have 3 friends on my birthday list on Facebook today and all 3 of them were born on the exact same day. There are days I have 9 or 10 birthdays. It was just really weird to me that the 3 girls (and they were the only 3 today) are all the same age.

Happy Birthday to my 11-29th friends, especially my Facebook friends, Tony, Zane, Barb, Mary Ann, and Michelle and any others that I may have inadvertently forgotten! Out of 244 Facebook friends, to have 6 of us having the same birthday is pretty weird to me. Also, I want to honor and remember my deceased Father in Law, Edwin, who also shared my birthday, but only made it to age 61.

I couldn't ask for a better person to be my best friend, naughty soulmate, devil husband, and just general partner in crime. Happy birthday!

It’s your birthday you are a beautifully crazy person. I wish more than anything I could be with you to witness your behavior this evening, because if the last few are anything to go by tonight is going to be ridiculously messy. You are one of the most important people in my life, there are very few people in this world who know me as well as you do, you are the type of friend I can turn to for absolutely anything and know you will always be there.

Happy 30 birthdays to the most beautiful friend in the world! I can't believe how time is flying it still feel like you should only be like 10 years old, I don't like this whole you growing up thing. I promise to always be here to protect you, stand up for you, laugh at or with you, fight argues and annoy the fun out of you because you are my best friend and it's my job.

I can't believe my little sister is four tomorrow, she has grown up so fast. I remember coming home from school and she was a tiny baby and me just to hold her was my dream come true. I finally had a baby sister anyway ill be writing all this again tomorrow lol.

Do you find it weird that when people wish someone a Happy Birthday on Facebook, they write Happy Birthday...? I suppose they must feel very passionate about someone else's birthday!

Happy birthday to the first friend I ever had in this life (even though I told my mom & dad to take her back) here are too many more adventures in this life baby sister, love you!

Happy 13th birthday to my beautiful little sister and best friend Claire Cano! It’s been so fun watching you grow into a young woman. We might fight like crazy sometimes, and we don’t always agree on things but ill always love you! I remember holding you and giving you your first bath when you were born. 4 yr old me even punched the nurse to make sure she wasn’t hurting you LOL. No one messes with my baby sister. Anyways this is getting rather long but I love you and I hope you enjoy your teenage years.

Happy {belated} birthday to one of the naughtiest minded person I know! I am so fortunate to have you as not only my brother, but one of my dearest friends.

Happy, birthday to my dear teddy bear! You've been one of my inspirations to reach these dreams. The stories of life you've shared have been my strengths as I journey through life as a wife, mother and a career woman. I wish you all the best and wishing that I could see and chat with you too soon. Have a joyful birthday with hugs and kisses.

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