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I hate Black Friday! I hate Facebook discount ads about Black Friday! It makes me want to quit my job and give up for one day! Crawl in a hole! I love retail but Black Friday is my kryptonite! I'm dreading every last hour counting down to this horrible day I even have nightmares about this terrible 12 hour shift at work that is soon to come! But you have nothing to worry because you can still share these Good Friday quotes with your friends on Instagram and Facebook.

Funny Friday Quotes for Facebook status!

Funny Friday Quotes 
It’s Friday night, I am not a strong guy, a good guy or any hard working guy but if you think so then you please get lost from my life.

I cursed with a big heart and small amount of patience.

No negative thoughts today guys. No negative energy. Let's all make a point to think no negative thoughts and see how much better we feel when we fall asleep. And wake up.

All these women complaining about not being able to find a good man still think it has nothing to do with themselves. Good men look for good women or karma might not let you find a good man.

I am still single because girls don't know how to keep their mouth shut.

I just want to do what I want when I want to do it...  That's how everyone feels but most people are too scared to say it!

If you're not saying anything positive, stay off my Friday night please!

Never expect respect from someone that doesn't respect themselves.

If you had seen a curly-headed, bespectacled, handsome man with a tall plump girl jumping into a Volvo on Friday night, that could have been my husband!

Eliminating the ability to become a victim of needless suffering is the beginning of living.

Just because I like one of my coworkers Instagram photos does not mean I want to sleep, dance, romance, or a date with her on Friday.

I heard some guys say they don't like girls with a lot of definition... Probably because they don't want to look at a girl that hits it harder in the gym than they do!

I am in need of a day like Friday between Sunday and Monday where I can do laundry, catch up on homework, clean the house, take the dogs to the park and watch all the TV shows I never get to see.

I have actually made lists of excuses that I wouldn't accept from myself! Excuses are nothing more than giving ourselves permission to fail.

I wake up to no Thursday? Today's going to be a good day.

Chocolates, Martinique, cabana boys, sight hounds, spiced cider, roaring fires, spiced berries, truffles, down comforters, shabby chic furnishings, old world ornaments, white Russians, sleeping in, hot chocolate, cabana boys, cheese less pizza, French lavender, cocoa, cynical humor, intelligence, good hygiene and Bali...these are a few of the things that make me smile when I really could scream!

Friday give you the ability to have wild plans, friends gathering, parties, breakups, reunions and freedom while still being frustrated at work place.

I hate being ill and it's always when you have something important to do on Friday.

I dread the holidays. I don't like them anymore. Black Friday is a joke to me. I wouldn't fight that crowd if they paid me millions. The holidays aren’t like they use to be when I was growing up.

If you want happiness you better go after it! Start right now because you only have one life to live and don’t feel like you wasted it when you close your eyes.

Behind every entertaining weekend there is a cool Friday.

The day you can live your life without worrying what someone else thinks of you will be the day you start living your life. And the day they stop judging you and worrying about what you are doing with your life is the day they can finally realize it doesn't matter and be able to focus and start living their own. Happy Friday!

I hate "black Friday". It is covered with greed, fighting and want.

If I don't work today either that means I will have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Also, be paid for it. That's a positive in my unlucky life lately.
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