Funny Attitude Quotes for Facebook

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What’s on your mind? What’s your attitude towards life? Are you kind, funny, good or bad? Has your attitude change towards people because you lost something dear to your heart? Has your attitude changed because you lost your job? Have you sat down and ask yourself, has my attitude taken me where I want to be in life? Sometimes we need to say the things that make people mad. Sometimes we need to say the things that hurt their feelings. Just remember why you're doing it. It's not out of anger or negative emotions, but it's because it's what people need to hear. Because they'll listen and we can all learn together. The following are the coolest attitude quotes you can post on your FB status.
Funny Attitude Quotes

Hi. My name is (insert applicable name) and I like to ruin shows for everyone. I don't consider other people's feeling when I post things on Facebook because I'm only concern about myself and what I'm doing. I can't just tell you how good it (show, movie and book) is and how much you need to watch or read it; I have to tell you who died, who had an affair, who sucks and who doesn't, where it all happened, what the main events are you know, all the good stuff because after all, you weren't going to watch it anyway.

Cute Attitude Quotes for Facebook Status:

  1. Don't let the exceedingly rude wives and opinionated girlfriends take your power away!
  2. You need to learn how to be silly, lighthearted, and to learn to laugh at yourself in spite of all the things that have happened in your life.
  3. Facebook was more fun when I made people mad and started ridiculous arguments.
  4. I hate how everyone on Facebook thinks they're weather reporters.
  5. Sadness is an enormous weight that you seem to be carrying around with you and you refuse to let it go.
  6. Warning for Facebook friends: At first I thought the Candy Crush things were dumb but now I'm obsessed.
  7. I don’t like the people who post things from websites like "the onion" on their statuses and still haven't realized it's not real.
  8. While overcoming ‪obstacles in ‪‎life our results are not only affected by our ‪‎actions but also by the ‪naughty attitude we choose to bring to the ‪challenges.
  9. Facebook is full of snoops, too many people watching from the sidelines and never contribute to the brain.
  10. With the way technology is advancing and the way society is going... There really should be a way to punch people through electronic devices... Especially through Facebook!
  11. I'm having a hard time keeping a straight face, but really thank you Instagram for cool photo effects.
  12. I hate when people try to pass on messages about my Facebook statuses! I'm not private for a reason “I am not got no worries" People let’s stop hiding behind technology. If you don't like something I said, a picture, do something about it in the real world!
  13. I hate Facebook; the whole Facebook cutest teen is a joke. It’s the most degrading thing I've ever heard and I hope it gets shut down.
  14. I think I've found the root cause to the reasons why I hate this office so much… Colleagues!
  15. Facebook is like a contagious controlled media outlet to promote breakups, divorces and hate.
  16. There is only one job that every human being has, and that job is to live and experience life. Everything else is just a way to make money.
  17. It has come to my attention that the use of Facebook in the workplace has diminished our country's productivity and is impeding our economic recovery. So, as a patriotic American, I have decided to do my part and type your entire day's Facebook feed into one compact post.
  18. I'm thankful to have Facebook. Without it I would have never known it snowed outside.
  19. I hate the people who like to post inspirational quotes and memes as a means of getting attention rather than to teach someone something.
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