Marilyn Monroe Quotes about Beauty

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I love Marilyn Monroe and her quotes about fashion and beauty but for reasons different than this new generation! She was just as smart as the average woman, but she wasn't worried about what others thought and unlike all the photos you see people post on the Facebook and Instagram. She was a full size woman & she was beautiful & that my friend is why I love her! Marilyn Monroe was not an intelligent woman, neither are those who think she was! Especially the people who got her signature or face tattooed on themselves. You utilize all the wrong characteristics. I respect and recognize the genius at work with the fellows who fooled you losers...

Marilyn Monroe Quotes

There are no facts backing up the quotes she says about 90% of the memes you see, she was a home wrecker, a drug addict and a total slob who had bad hygiene. But she was a gorgeous woman, who had a strong personality. That's all good, but I idolize the common women. I appreciate her as an actress because crazy people make the best actors, but there's a person behind the camera and the makeup and a story that's sad, not happy. Girls idolize her for the wrong reasons and usually don't know anything about her life. I think they should not idolize her because they don't even really understand what she was about. They just see oh pretty dead movie star and a quote that!

Marilyn Monroe Quotes about Beauty!

  1. If you say a woman is gorgeous is not the outer beauty but the character that makes her beautiful.
  2. There are no white people... No black people, no Chinese, no Mexican, no European American. There is only rich people, and poor people.
  3. God has a reason to create you the way you are.
  4. Fix yourself because of yourself not people! Stop thinking negatively about your appearance! You are special! You are different! You are beautiful no matter what others think of you! Do not let this world define you! Accept yourself and know that you are beautiful just the way you are! Therefore, give the world your big smile!
  5. Beauty without inner character is worthless.
  6. To those that have eyes, you have no option, but to take the advice, and stop lavishing your money on makeup and fashion, work on your inner beauty.
  7. The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express and you thought beauty was the outward show, but now you know the truth my Love, it’s always been the inner fire.
  8. A girl can be more stunning on the heart than on the face. A real man will consider the inside first, then the outside.
  9. Remember that you have people who love you and are here for you no matter what you may think. Remember that the enemy wants you to think that you are alone and that no one is there for you but you need to cast him away and never give up on that.
  10. Inner beauty at the conscious level should be improved upon, but what about the beauty and understanding the beauty of the sub-conscious level? How can you control that? Because that’s what actually manifests into the reality! Our Subconscious affects us more that Pro- conscious elements.

When people decided to Photoshop her images, they destroyed her! But I was in love with Marilyn before most of this new generation had even heard her name. I hate to break it to everyone who looks up to her for being a full figured woman, but Marilyn at her heaviest measured 37-23-36. So she doesn't really have much in common with plus sized women of today either. I'm still a Marilyn fan and I was long before the Internet even existed and don't much care about what anybody else's thoughts are on it. I know from life's experiences that one person wrecks no home..... It takes two!

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