Father’s Day Quotes and Captions for Instagram

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Discover the lovely Father’s day greetings and quotes on this single page, post it on your Whatsapp or Facebook status and show your inspirations to your dad. I know I cannot discover a proper message to wish Happy father’s day to ‎my dad the man who knows that loving his children is the best gift he can ever give them, the man who cares for his family a lot. While mothers give birth to us, it's the father who gives us an identity, a source of our being, our divine protectors in human form to guide us, give us space to grow, instill ground principles and gives us wings to fly. It's a father who gives you a pat on your back for your success, who pulls your ear for your failure, a man with a golden heart. Thank you dad for being you, my journey would have not been the same without you. May God continue to bless you dad and to all fathers out there happy father’s day!
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Happy Father’s Day Captions for Instagram!

  1. I am proud of being a daughter to my dad. Thanks for the awareness and respect you always give me.
  2. Today is 21 June Father’s Day, It blesses me so much to see him love on my son. It gives me little glimpses of how he fathered us when we were that small. He's not embarrassed to be silly, knows when to be firm. Sends sweet texts and has nuggets of wisdom at just the right time. He has been an example of steadfastness and a steady stream that we love so much.
  3. If you want to be respected and love by a man for the rest of your life, you would need to have your own self. You must have your own achievements, your very own superwoman stability, the strength to decide for your own and the attitude of a typical dad.
  4. Endnote: Before the day is up, let me say Happy Father’s Day to my dad. You know, it’s been hard these past 10 years to really get over some things and I am not sure when I will but things. I know for sure is that I love you dearly and you are missed. Wish I had those moments like I wanted. The best thing I can say you've done was help make me and my sisters, but stopped at me.
  5. Because of you "Dad", and all the other men and women who served and continue to serve our great Nation, we have the Freedom to live courageously! Thank you!
  6. There are a lot of people out there that have lost someone. Even their parents and it's hard. That's why I'm grateful and I thank God that's I still have my kindhearted dad, take care of them and always show how much you love them while you they're still here.
  7. Father is always the one who waits for your call every day, but says, do call sometimes, your mom is really missing you.
  8. Dad, thank you for being the first man to call me baby, it would always mean more and sound more loving whenever you're the person calling it out to me.
  9. The love, the care, they shower on you, the affection they have, totally true. Their devotion for you, that effortless grace, surely, no one can ever, can ever take their place.
  10. I miss my dad so much words can't explain the pain I feel not having him here he was such an amazing person who deserves to meet his grand kids and enjoy life some more.
  11. It’s a great day today; I am not a sad day at all. Not that I miss you any less, but it is a little easier to just celebrate today and reflect on all the great memories. Happy Father’s Day to my dad, I love you and miss you so much.

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Short Father’s Day captions for your dad photos!
  • You are the one who give me the first training.
  • I could run today because you teach me how to walk.
  • My papa was my first hero.
  • My dad is the one man I that I don't think I will ever be able to live without.
  • All my good deeds belong to you.
  • Father’s Day will be a hard one for me. I remember the real reason for this holiday.
  • Your love never goes unnoticed.
  • I'll advance further, no matter what they say, If there's no way around, I'll make my own way.
  • A man I will never truly know but one that will surround me throughout my life here and beyond.
  • A good daughter would spend Father's Day with her Dad.
  • When I am in mood, I don't need beats to dance on.
  • A mothers status is very high but ask a daddy's girl how high her father is in her eyes.
  • You will forever live in my heart, rest well my angel.
  • It's always a good morning when your dad makes you bed tea in a futile attempt to wake you up.
  • Picking out your dad's casket is the worst feeling you will ever imagine.
  • I still remember dancing with you and riding on your shoulders
  • When you spend a whole day with your dad u surely realize that there's still too much to learn.
  • It never gets easy being here without you.
  • I haven't got a chance to meet you yet, I send tender loving care to you.
  • Meeting your dad after a long time is an awesome feeling.
  • If there's no way around my dad, it seems like a dead end.

There are some things about a person that you never forget. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of your passing away. But tomorrow, I will remember the good things: your smile, pretending dilly whoppers are helicopters while lying in the sun, your hat, you watching me draw with chalk on the sidewalk, teaching me to play softball, and then pink brush you gave me. There are so many things, because you were wonderful to me. We miss you daddy, happy Father’s Day.
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