Short Sad Goodbye Poems

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There is little fun, little sadness and a lot of love and emotional feelings in these goodbye poems. Do you know what I love? When someone holds anger for what seems like forever yet somehow are unaware of the shortcomings and wrongdoings they did to that same person. Also, you know what's funny? when the reason something was done to them was directly in reaction to something they did first, yet they conveniently forget what they did and stay irate and point the finger you want to know when it makes me snugger? When they are forgiven and atoned for what they did even if their act was more damaging but they still have hate in their heart for what they felt was done to them. You want to know when it gets hilarious. When everything has been done to seek forgiveness and attempts were made to make things right and they're still mad! All I have to say to those peeps is ‪‎goodbye and have a great life.
A sad goodbye poem

Short goodbye poems for Instagram!

Maybe time to say goodbye poem

On this life’s boat I row,
Standing at the crossroad; which way to go..?
Too much pain, this life is full of woe,
It seems there are no friends, all are foe.

I know not what is amiss, what went wrong;
It is ridiculous to carry on; shall there be an end to this life’s song?
Am i made for pains or pains are made only for me?
Ah i see someone playing-who is she...?

She is so happy, is she God’s own child?
Even the wind is pampering her, for her even the nature becomes mild...
She did smile but there were tears in her eyes,
No one is as happy as me-was all she sighed!

She asked me why I was so sad;
What went awry that my mood was so bad..?
I said I dun feel good...Too tiring is this life lane
I don’t understand y God picked me for all the pains!

She told me; it’s just the way we see,
Even if a slave think he is independent; he would feel free..
She told “my father n mother died soon after I was born..
I had a brother even whom God called last morn...”
She had promised him that she will always smile;
Ah brutal destiny-how could u carve a fate so vile!!

I said”So much of Pain and you still love God!!
What good has he done to you , why u still respect the lord..???”
She said”when He calls me up, i shall meet everyone again,
I am never alone He Always cares for me in this testing life’s lane”

Never shudder from pain, never think u r alone,
God’s Always with you in ways-known unknown...
On this life’s boat I row,
I have crossed the crossroad anywhere I can go...
No more pains, no more woe...
God’s my friend; there can’t be any foe....

Dear past...

My mind may remember you forever, and I know no matter what deep down I will always treasure you...
As that precious experience that made me grows today...
Dear I am sorry but I don't regret a thing about letting you go giving us wounds because you were not written in my present or future...!
I don’t miss you anymore but it’s like I have been jailed by you...
I miss feeling free happy and confident...
Because everyone a while I plan to move on with my life again you make me feel sorry that I am replacing your memories....
Don’t shake me anymore because I am really going to move ahead now...
Bless you...
Be happy.....
Love u...

Baby I Miss You Poem

Baby I miss your company
I miss your charm
I miss your warm
Believe me I really miss your love
I wish you come back once more
And never leave me again
I wish you were here to stay
You know what
You are far away but still you stay here
Here in my mind
Here in my heart
Here in my soul
I need your physical existence here
Because here I am
Just love me again
I promise you
I will bring back
Our good days and hearts together
You can’t let this love of mine
Keep longing for all the time
Trust me same like old
Don’t say goodbye this time
You and I can bring our love forever!

I am Sorry

Forgiving it's easy but to forget
What she has done to this relationship
I tried forgetting but I can't anymore
Pretend to be in love with you
I'm sorry but you did this to yourself,
I'm no longer in love with you
I moved on long ago but
I thought the spark would come back
But you gave to much space
I shifted my heart away from you,
Things you done won't leave my mind
So just quit loving because
I don't and won't never ever again

You are blocked

You are in my block list.
Because I don't want to see you all in my life
‪‎I want to forget everything about you
You are just part of my worst nightmare.
‪At last
‪for almost 3 years
I've totally move on

I am free

I'll set you free not because
I don't want to fight
My feelings towards you
I'll do it because what
Makes you happy
Really matters to me
If you're happy, I am kind of happy too.
Although, it hurts
I love you ‪
Thank you
And ‪

Funny how you can know someone and wake up one day and they are practically strangers. Life keeps moving whether we move in that direction or not. Sometimes our greatest pain is caused by trying to keep people in our lives who are only meant to be there for a season. Sometimes we grow apart and although we don't feel differently about them, it's just time to let them go and wish them all the best. You can translate this goodbye poetry into Hindi, French or your local language.

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