Funny Goodbye Quotes For Instagram

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Saying goodbye is not easy but by posting these cute and funny goodbye quotes on your Instagram bios, you can ease your emotions about your coworkers and best friends. Life doesn't always show its bright side. Dark side also blends with life. Dark side represents sadness, frustration, pain, sorrows, grief, goodbye, farewell and downfalls of life. Through it, we'll know what LIFE really means.

Funny goodbye quotes for Instagram bios!

Funny Goodbye Quotes

I said goodbye to a dear friend today. I wish you could have seen all the people that loved you! You were beautiful inside and out! Keep sending me cyber kisses on my Facebook and Instagram accounts until we meet again.

I need to say I’m so sorry and I’m leaving. That would be the best choice that I have now.

So the process of throwing away and saving the things I need has begun, now its time to pack up and say farewell to my 5th girlfriend.

Never say goodbye, right now I am listening my favorite songs on headphones.

When you’re in a relationship its normal to have arguments with your love ones because it’s a part of it, but when you let small problems ruin your relationship that’s the beginning of the word ‪GOODBYE! Which I don’t want to happen to us!

I missed you honey like crazy, goodbye the perfect place to escape from the hustle of the city life.

I bet even a goodbye hug cannot fix an idiot.

Letting go a person means loving the person twice as much and if one day you'll realize you've stood the test of time.

Sometimes we needs to say goodbye to keep things better because not everyone will understand the truth and not everyone can understand why you leave!

Friends come and go, simple as that, so if you feel some type of way stop smiling in my face like everything is okay, just move on.

I'm waiting for myself to say '' I miss you.’’ but my mind gets dry and so my heart.

It's a perfect day to shine some light on the darkness. It’s time to remove those without purpose in my life. I won’t reveal you, but delete you. Have a blessed day, everyone! I hope to see you later, goodbye.

I hate when my guy is trying to say goodbye to me and I purposely avoid him and he won't stop.

I’ll just forget the feelings I have for you! It’s the hardest yet the best thing to do!

I don't want the person I love to be scared of me that breaks my heart that you are scared of me, so I will leave us in the past. Goodbye my love.

In every situation there's always a choice, if it's not mean to be then so be it! Just be positive and smile!

It's amazing how much I love you. All I wanted was to be in your arms! It's not a ‪‎goodbye it's a ‪‎see you later.

My fighting, crazy and mad mood is going to activated, so better you say goodbye and get lost from here.,

My phone cost more than your paycheck so you’re disqualified, goodbye.

Iphone can never replace friendship...just because you have a Smartphone and I don't, doesn't mean you have to break our relationship and say goodbye.

Well after many years the door to you has closed and a new chapter shall begin.

I am going to start staying away from people that don't care about me. Be here for me and I'll be here for you.

I don’t need more explanation, do what you want. Everything’s going to be fine, life is life so set me free.

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