Funny and Cute Summer Quotes

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Are you looking for fun and cute summer quotes for your Instagram bios, captions, Whatsapp or Facebook status? Share these lovely short summer sayings with your love ones. Do you love summer? Enjoy reading and sharing these cute quotes before the end of the summer season.

Funny and cute summer quotes!

funny summer quotes

There's no place in the world it rather is on a summer night then to be in your arms, talking with great passion and listening to the word of love.

You make my heart beat faster with those killer looks. You know just the right words to say to melt my heart. I am always excited and inspired to live life in happiness and love because of you.

Hi summer, you’re amazing and worth it and if the person can't see that in you, that's their bad luck.

I love becoming apparel in summer, it offers me flattering swim dresses that dry in seconds.

I wish Beautiful days like these should be all year around.

There will never be anyone like summer to me; always will be my ‪first love.

In every summer you are doing things that you don't usually do, you are feeling things that you'd never imagine feeling before.

Beaches, fun, vacations, shopping, hanging out and music are the gifts of summer.

When you do the best you can to make life sweeter for someone and it's never enough, maybe it's not what you’re doing that's wrong. It could be that nothing you do will ever be good enough to please them. 

Let's refuse to be consumed by people who only think of us when they need something and show some love to the ones that have proven to be there for us. The best teammates may not be superstars but they are committed.

If during the process of trying to repair something you really love, you discover you have to keep starting over; maybe the thing you love can't be fixed. Know when to give up.

To take advantage of an opportunity to the betterment of oneself is wise but to take advantage of someone who loves you for your betterment is foolish. Time has shown that the ones you use are usually the ones you will eventually need.

Spending time with something you want don't make it yours. Don't hold on so tight that you can't let it go when the owner comes to claim it.

Love is tested by trial, made strong by struggle, builds character through crises, but cannot last with lies. An ugly truth is still better than a pretty lie.

I'm a loner, a quiet soul, and I find a sense of security and safety in my own box. Although this keeps me secure, it also prevents me from growing and expanding.

It takes a lot of trusts to allow someone access to you when you're not sure what they're doing. So it is with hearts. Be careful who you give access to your heart if you’re not sure if you can trust them.

I love the smell of fresh cut grass in hot season but I just don't want to be the one cutting it!

I'm a night owl, but I prefer to run all my errands during the summer days.

I'm a simple dude and for me, it's the small things I pay attention to and that matter. You have always had my back, but I truly appreciate your assistance since the last summer.

Nothing sweeter than to have my hair combed by my boyfriend in summer!

There is a lot of time to go swimming but no one to be with a sad mood. I hope it's not always like this that I have to experience only a glimpse of a pool or a beach until this summer ends.

I am waiting for the warm summer nights with my other half.

My summer break used to be fun, and then it went too alright, now I'm over it. It's so hard to keep my boyfriend when I just want to body slam all the stupid people I deal with.

That moment when you feel like your summer vacation is ending early then your friend’s text you back with a location we about to blow up.

Life is too short to not say what you feel in summer, take chances, be vulnerable, and don't hesitate. Most scary things take less than 30 seconds of courage. No regrets.
It takes a heartless, self-centered, selfish turn to break a knowing summer lover person who was scared and hurt enough.

If you don't accept the fact that he doesn't truly care for you, you'll miss the opportunity to be with someone who does. Someone who isn't afraid to let you know where you stand! Someone brave enough to love you.

It's a new dawn and not because the Sun is rising, its times to get a moving down this summer and see what exciting things are awaiting you to experience.

Flirty guys always say that they're here for you for all the summer, but you can text them 20x and they don't text back. Then a week later they tell you that they're busy. This is exactly why I hold everything in. I'll talk to my damn self.

Summer days needs to hurry up and come and go! I swear I hate summer with a passion.

It’s crazy how people that are big themselves be talking about how it's gross to date a person big too or how they would never do it. You're big your damn self if you mean it's gross to date a big person. So you must think it's gross to date you too huh?  I can't with people during summer days.

People think they're special because they can count their bodies on one or two hands. I only need one finger so try harder next time. A number of stupid people down here is ridiculous. Come at me correct or be corrected.

You guys need to drink more orange juice or something in summer because there are literally 15 or 16 sick people on my Facebook news feed every damn day.

Dear summer, I love when your sweet little memories surprise me unexpectedly. Thank you for being in my life once a year.  I love and miss you until we meet again.

If you could afford love, you afford everything. Love comes with no material cost. It comes from the purity of the heart.

You win some, you lose some but you live, to fight another day and that in itself is always a victory.

In life, you encounter people who are there to show you what certain feelings are. Dear summer, you taught me the right way to love someone.

One word will have you close your books right now. Summer!

I don't care what I experience or go through this summer, I love being in summer. Nothing compares and I wouldn't trade that for the world.

True love will always bring us back to where we first fell in love,

No matter what I do, no matter what I say, no matter how far apart, my love for the summer remains the same.

I may not be anyone's first pick or first priority, but it's good to know that I'm always on summer heart.

When summer is your ‪first love, walking with integrity should consume you.
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