21 Funny Ways To Say Happy Birthday

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Are you looking for other creative but a fun way to say happy birthday to your beloved friend on the Facebook status, texts, Whatsapp statuses or through Instagram captions on photos? The best occasion in everyone’s life for making fun is their birthday. There is no age restriction, socially or legally for hilarious things, even a simple act or a funny quote is enough to anyone’s day. You only need to avoid offensive phrases, use your sense of humor in a positive way to amuse your dear ones on their birthday parties. Hope you will enjoy reading and sharing these funny birthday wishes.
Funny way to say happy birthday

Another funny way to say happy birthday!

  1. Oh man you are very tall and I am searching for a tower to shout out birthday song for you.

  1. I strictly against obesity and avoid all fatty foods, by the way where is your birthday cake?

  1. There wasn't so much ridiculous food on your last birthday but a welcomed food that I’d love to eat on your 18th birthday.

  1. If 40 is really naughty then what the heck you are doing in a sober dressing on your birthday party?

  1. On your birthday, it’s a beautiful sunny day, so I decided to gift you a planting shower. I hope you will make the most of it and start tidying up the garden. You must pruned, tree in front of driveway, pruned shrub in front of front door. OK enough gardening for today.

  1. Your Facebook timeline is too short to receive birthday wishes from me, let’s meet in national park.

  1. Happy birthday my super amazing best friend! You've always been nice to me, even though I give you a hard time 70% of the time  You've a lot of knowledge of different things most people wouldn't guess you'd have, which I like (since I can relate). You try to see the best in people, which is a rare quality for someone to have & you're never the dull one. You're smarter than you give yourself credit for, which was evident when we played WWF. I want to hang when I come down, if for nothing but to kick your back!

  1. My dear wife, I know some 20 men and 39 women from your high school who are going to freak out as an early birthday present for you. Consider this warning as a birthday gift from my side.

  1. A more fitting food would be 'eat your own body weight on your birthday or so called cake' day.

  1. Diabetes is not a laughing matter so you shouldn't sugar coat the birthday cake.

  1. Happy birthday sweetest brother, I guess you cannot get your birthday present until you return my 50 bucks.

  1. Happy birthday sweet sister! The Truth is, you're awesome. I miss how close we used to be, and even though you're VERY shy, you're fun to hang with  you act all cold but really you're just a massive softies behind those walls  Hope to see you again and hope you're doing great!

  1. Today is your 5th birthday and it's like one day being turkey day, the next being turkey sandwich day...and the next after that being turkey soup day.

  1. You are the same age as the Dinosaurs of Amazon. I consider that an honor and a blessing for you.

  1. Just choose to be happy. Choose to see life in a more positive perspective. And you'll be happy. Watch the stupid activities of all guests invited on your birthday. You might get something very beautiful out of your special day.

  1. I got cheese souffle for your day. I don't even know how you'd make a cheese souffle so don't feel too bad

  1. Happy belated birthday! And it’s all good, Raisins are yummy!

  1. Alright so you were born on National Deviled Egg Day during Peanut Butter Lover's month. Anyway happy 20th birthday, you little devil.

  1. A, way cool, we’d say it’s your first birthday. I hope you are starting to feel better by watching a dozen of jokers singing birthday poems around you.

  1. From the core of my heart, I am wishing my beautiful girlfriend a Happy Birthday! I thank God for bringing this strong woman in my life! She's not the average women...for those who know her know what I'm talking about and the ones that don't you're missing out a craziest girl of the world.

  1. On your birthday you not just need to be more responsible but I think you need to change your whole frame of mind. And apologize to everyone who was hurt by your weird birthday song because you are obviously part of the problem, not the solution.
The most common prominent words used in witty birthday phrases are fat, lazy, age, gender, wrinkles, makeup, job, diaper, drunk, vision, etc. On the other hand using insulting words in birthday wishes is the worst way of greeting someone. So guys if you don’t believe in your good sense of humor, better you stay away from creating birthday quotes for your beloved ones. You can choose a cool birthday message both for boys and girls and make a little edit in the message according to your recipient age.
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