Sad Goodbye Quotes For Him

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Saying I love you or goodbye needs a great deal of courage, these sad goodbye quotes may help to transfer your deep feelings for your boyfriend or husband. You can post these sayings on your Facebook status or on Instagram bios.

Goodbye quotes for him from heart!

Saying goodbye quotes 

  1. My heart torn but I'm not broken. I want to cry but I can't help but to laugh. I feel like giving up but I'm holding my head high. It's definitely hurts but it's time to say goodbye.

  1. How I wish you could visit me often in my dreams till I can finally get over. It was so hard for me, I have always been looking forward to see you one day and you said that you will wait for me...I am not prepared to let you go so soon, but I have to.

  1. I always worry about you but you are just so good in hiding your pain, whenever I see you on the Facebook, Skype or Instagram you wouldn't show me that you are in so much pain. Instead you make funny faces, smile and kiss me. Every day you make me feel loved with your hugs, kisses and would tell me how much you love me. I'm going to miss your early morning hugs and kisses wherever you go into my bedroom.

  1. Its amazing how one person can hurt you so much but you still love them. It’s hard to say goodbye to someone when they are your best friend and the love of your life. It’s even harder to know that they may never forgive you and you may never forgive them. Why does love have to be so hard?

  1. I will keep your love in my heart forever and use it as weapon and strength in my journey. I am so sorry if I may have hurt you, I didn't mean it. We may argue a lot but that's because we have different opinions and we try to protect each other. Goodbye!

  1. It's time to say goodbye, hope you take risks and learn to trust, learn to love, follow your heart not your head.

  1. People would see you as strict and tough on the outside but deep inside, you have the warmest and softest heart. I can see and feel how deep your love for me. You are very thoughtful and you always humble yourself before me. You've taught me a lot of wonderful things and your legacy will remain.

  1. You are my favorite and the best friend I've ever taken care of though you get stubborn sometimes that you think you are better than me because you have your own theory and explanation. It was a pleasure being your beloved one.

  1. My heart is broken and heavy. Someone that is a big part of my life has to go away without saying goodbye and I really don’t know how to deal with it. How do I cope with what feels like such a big loss in my life?

  1. Wherever you are now, I hope you'll get to read my message. It pains my heart to see you go away; it feels like I'm dying inside. I'm sorry if I couldn't keep my hurts and hold back my tears every time your memories flash back in my thoughts.

  1. I will miss making coffee for you in the morning. I will miss your soothing voice when you sing your favorite songs. I will miss everything about you. I wish I could find a man as sweet, as passionate, as romantic, as loving and as good as you are.

  1. Your hug, your voice, your touch...all seems so real. It wakes me up and made me cry. Saying goodbye is so difficult when you're too far away.

I thought I am strong enough to let you go...but I am not! I wasn't prepared and I will never be. You have been my source of strength and now that you're gone...I've lost a big part of me, a big part of my life. It's too soon, but I guess it is best for you to go than suffer. I miss you and I love you so much.
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