Sad Love Quotes That Make You Cry

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Time is the only medicine for broken hearts and these sad love quotes for him that make you cry may also give you a new hope for a move on or reunion. Express your feelings with these captions on your Instagram photos or dare to share it on the Facebook.

When you pour your love into a broken heart and watch it leak through the cracks, do you continue to pour knowing that, ultimately, both hearts will end up empty? In a lot of cases we want things that are not there no matter how hard we try or want to believe it will be there. A broken heart has to be mended with time. A person with a broken heart does not have the ability to comprehend love no matter how genuine it is.

Sad quotes that make you cry!

Sad love quotes for him

  1. A relationship doesn't have to start out having to confident, eclectic, self aware & balanced people in it but it should end up that way.

  1. Just because your pain is understandable doesn't mean your behavior is acceptable. Using old pain to stir up new pain is never cool. And I'm a cool kid so you can't sit with me.

  1. Don't allow what you think you want to make you hold on to what you know you don't need.

  1. To be tempted is to be enticed or allured to do a thing by an external force. To be prompted is to be driven or inspired to do a thing by an internal force. Ask yourself, next time you make a decision, was I enticed or inspired?

  1. Continue on when you hear my voice telling you I moved on.

  1. Watch your circle many will come and go some will stay for the fame and games, and some will ride till they die, so watch closely as niggas begin to wait and move ahead.

  1. A game of love composed of lots lovers, fake promises and much trash words!

  1. People who seem to be heartless are the people who used to care the most in a relationship but they got let down.

  1. I don't know if I will ever find happiness every time I think I do, tears come out of my heart and stomped in front of everyone

  1. Get on my level, oh wait I forgot not even cheat codes can get you on my level.

  1. I love you so much, you make my head spin, it feels like I'm about commit a crime even if its a sin, you took me for a ride on your mystery train, it felt like cold rain on a hot sunny day, you confused me and I don’t know what to do, but girl I just want you.

  1. They say life is what you make it, and I make it gloomy!

  1. Each person has just given one heart therefore; you should only love because true love can't be given to many people.

  1. Depression is a glitch, Break ups are heartaches and losing a loved one is life changing. I’ve been through it all so give me what you got and I'll show you my strongest in my weakest!

  1. Take away your mind and heart into this love game and you can be whoever you want to be! When you start from the bottom you can only go up!

  1. There are many people in life that claim to be your friends but they don't even know the meaning of friendship if they can't understand you and comfort you in hard times rather they'll just try to maintain their ego.

  1. He is lucky if he knows how to be happy even in the saddest times.

  1. Where's that person that understands you when you're down and stressed out, that person that you can talk all your problems too and they can reason. Where's that person when you need them?

  1. I miss you and your whole style, when I was actually worth your while, now I walk with a broken heart and a big fake smile, but where am I going.

  1. Sometimes you got to treat cheaters like stair steps, take another step and move on.

  1. At some point in life you have to get your worries together by any means. Nobody is going to hold your hand forever, you got to hustle for what you want and succeed.

  1. Falling in love will never feel the same after I met you, but I really don't regret you, because seeing you broke me down inside knowing you’re not mine.

  1. There will be times when no one understands you but you. You've got to have enough confidence in your decisions-regardless of past mistakes- to be okay with that.

Sad crying quotes

Relationships are crazy sometimes. You meet somebody out of no where, you catch feelings for them, fall in love and do everything for this one person in particular then you go through difficulties, break up and then to just cross by this person again and it’s like you never knew them.

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